Abuse your illusions : the Disinformation guide to media mirages and establishment lies / edited by Russ Kick.

New York, N.Y. : Disinformation ; St. Paul, MN : Distributed by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution, 2003.
350 pages ; 29 cm


Summary note
  • "In these pages, a line-up of investigative reporters, media critics, independent researchers, academics, ex-government agents, and other experts blows away the smoke and smashes the mirrors that keep us confused and misinformed.".
  • "You'll learn disturbing hidden facts about the diamond trade, child protective services, government-sponsored anti-drug ads, the Orwellian PATRIOT Act, fluoridation, the Resurrection story, Mormon racism, the CIA's nuclear dreams, the malleable definition of "terrorism," the forgotten personal lives of great scientists, the murky death of a leading microbiologist, and much more."--BOOK JACKET.
  • Preface / Richard Metzger
  • Media Mirages
  • Exile on Mainstream: Why an American Reporter Had to Leave the Country to Report the News / Greg Palast
  • Watergate Redux: The Washington Post and the Party Line / Jim Hougan
  • Mainstream Media: The Drug War's Shills / Michael Levine
  • Unanswered Letters: Setting the Record Straight Regarding Tailwind / April Oliver
  • Why UN Inspectors Left Iraq in 1998 / Jim Naureckas
  • Not on the Nightly News
  • The Pentagon's New Biochemical Warriors / The Sunshine Project
  • Cuban Political Prisoners ... in the United States / William Blum
  • How I Crashed a Chinese Arms Bazaar With A Rifle that Doesn't Exist / Jakob S. Boeskov
  • The Mysterious Decline of Men on Campus / Philip W. Cook and Glenn J. Sacks
  • The Kwangju Uprising and the US / Nick Mamatas
  • Mystery in Memphis: The Troubling Death of Microbiologist Don Wiley / Wayne Madsen
  • The Warren Report: Believe It or Not / William W. Turner --
  • Food-Drop Fiasco / Russ Kick
  • Belgium: The Pedophilia Files / Sandra Bisin
  • Suitable for Framing: Wayne Williams and the Atlanta Child Murders / Michael Newton
  • Behind the Masks of Power
  • Speer: What Albert Speer Can Teach Government Officials About Accepting Responsibility / Daniel Ellsberg
  • The Underside of De Beers Diamonds / Janine Roberts
  • Corporations Claim the "Right to Lie" / Thom Hartmann
  • Dirty Players of World Finance / Lucy Komisar
  • The Enemy Within: Rape and Sexual Harassment in the US Military / Terri Spahr Nelson
  • Operation Pipeline: Pulling Over Minority Motorists as an Excuse to Search Their Cars / Gary Webb
  • Invasion of the Child-Snatchers / Diane Petryk-Bloom
  • The Agency and the Atom: The CIA's Radiation Weapons Programs and Experiments on Humans / John Kelly
  • The White House Campaign Against Drug Reform Initiatives / Daniel Forbes
  • The Man Who Invented Normal / Lucy Gwin --
  • Are Secrecy Oaths a License to Lie? / Daniel Ellsberg
  • Terrorism and Tyranny
  • What is a Terrorist? / Jeff Cohen
  • Pieces of the 9/11 Puzzle / Russ Kick
  • War Against Terrorism or Expansion of the American Empire? / William Blum
  • The Others: Mourning the Dead, Wherever They May Be / Howard Zinn
  • US Homeland Security: A Bridge from Democracy to Dictatorship / Ritt Goldstein
  • Bill of Rights, R.I.P. / Nancy Talanian
  • Hidden History
  • Creating Panama for Funds and Profit / Ovidio Diaz-Espino
  • "A Truth So Terrible": Atrocities Against German POWs and Civilians During and After WWII / James Bacque
  • Inside Science's Closet / Richard Zacks
  • Our Back Pages: The Nostalgia Industry and "Good Old Days" Mythology / Mickey Z.
  • The Secret Behind the Creation of the United Nations / Stephen Schlesinger
  • One Giant Leap - Backward: America's Forgotten Female Astronauts / Stephanie Nolen
  • Body and Mind
  • The Lilly Suicides / Richard DeGrandpre --
  • The Fluoridation Fraud / Robert Sterling
  • Straight Talk About Suicide / Thomas S. Szasz
  • Beliefs
  • Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? / Dan Barker
  • Islamic Censorship: How Allah Has Nipped Your Right to Know / Howard Bloom
  • The Virgin of Medjugorje: A Shrine for the Twenty-first Century / Jonathan Levy
  • L. Ron, Sirhan, Manson, and Me / Paul Krassner
  • Mormon Racism: Black is Not Beautiful / Richard Abanes
  • More Info.
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