Cardiac anesthesia / editor, Joel A. Kaplan ; associate editors, David L. Reich, Steven N. Konstadt.

4th ed.
Philadelphia : W.B. Saunders, [1999], ©1999.
xvii, 1411 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm


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  • Sect. I. Preoperative Assessment and Management. Ch. 1. Preoperative Assessment of Cardiac Risk / Dennis T. Mangano. Ch. 2. The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in the Adult Patient / Charles E. Chambers, Thomas M. Skeehan and Frederick A. Hensley, Jr. Ch. 3. Anti-ischemic Drug Therapy / Roger L. Royster and David A. Zvara. Ch. 4. Chronic Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure / Carol L. Lake. Ch. 5. Antihypertensive Therapy / Edward D. Miller, Jr. and Lee A. Fleisher. Ch. 6. Etiology and Treatment of Perioperative Cardiac Arrhythmias / Richard F. Davis
  • Sect. II. Physiology and Molecular Biology. Ch. 7. Advances in Cardiovascular Physiology / Daniel M. Thys, Paul Dauchot and Zak Hillel. Ch. 8. Coronary Physiology and Atherosclerosis / Edward R. M. O'Brien and Howard J. Nathan. Ch. 9. Molecular Cardiovascular Medicine / Marcel E. Durieux and J. Paul Mounsey. Ch. 10. Systemic Inflammation / Elliott Bennett-Guerrero --
  • Sect. III. Monitoring. Ch. 11. Hemodynamic Monitoring / David L. Reich, David M. Moskowitz and Joel A. Kaplan. Ch. 12. Advances in Electrocardiographic Monitoring / Martin J. London and Joel A. Kaplan. Ch. 13. Intraoperative Echocardiography / Ronald A. Kahn, Steven N. Konstadt and Eric K. Louie [et al.]. Ch. 14. Central Nervous System Monitoring / Warren J. Levy. Ch. 15. Coagulation Monitoring / Linda Shore-Lesserson
  • Sect. IV. Anesthetic Pharmacology. Ch. 16. Effects of Inhalation Anesthetics on Systemic Hemodynamics and the Coronary Circulation / Kyung W. Park, J. Michael Haering and Sebastian Reiz [et al.]. Ch. 17. Opioids in Cardiac Anesthesia / James G. Bovill and Fred Boer. Ch. 18. Pharmacology of Intravenous Anesthetic Induction Drugs / J. G. Reves, Steven Hill and Dan Berkowitz. Ch. 19. Muscle Relaxants and the Cardiovascular System / Matthew R. Belmont and Ralph P. F. Scott.
  • Ch. 20. Pharmacokinetics and Principles of Drug Infusions in Cardiac Patients / Margaret Wood
  • Sect. V. Anesthetic Techniques for Cardiac Surgical Procedures. Ch. 21. Anesthesia for Myocardial Revascularization / Joel A. Kaplan and J. Earl Wynands. Ch. 22. Valvular Heart Disease / John M. Jackson and Stephen J. Thomas. Ch. 23. Anesthesia for Patients with Congenital Heart Disease / Carol L. Lake. Ch. 24. Thoracic Aortic Disease / William C. Oliver, Jr., Gregory Nuttall and Michael J. Murray. Ch. 25. Anesthesia for Electrophysiologic Procedures / Nikolaos J. Skubas, Charles W. Hogue, Jr. and James L. Cox [et al.]. Ch. 26. Uncommon Diseases and Cardiac Anesthesia / William C. Oliver, Jr., Maria A. de Castro and Robert A. Strickland. Ch. 27. Cardiac Pacing and Electroversion / John L. Atlee. Ch. 28. Anesthesia for Heart, Lung, and Heart-Lung Transplantation / Joseph J. Quinlan, Susan Firestone and Leonard L. Firestone --
  • Sect. VI. Management of Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Associated Problems. Ch. 29. Extracorporeal Devices and Related Technologies / Alfred H. Stammers. Ch. 30. Cardiopulmonary Bypass and the Anesthesiologist / Christina Mora Mangano, Laureen Hill and Christopher R. Cartwright [et al.]. Ch. 31. Transfusion Medicine and Coagulation Disorders / Jan Horrow. Ch. 32. Pharmacologic Management of Perioperative Left and Right Ventricular Dysfunction / Manuel L. Fontes and Roberta L. Hines. Ch. 33. Techniques of Circulatory Assistance / Jan D. Galla, Jock N. McCullough and Randall B. Griepp
  • Sect. VII. Postoperative Care. Ch. 34. Postoperative Respiratory Management / Barry A. Shapiro and Peter R. Lichtenthal. Ch. 35. Postoperative Cardiovascular Management / Jerrold H. Levy, Luis Michelsen and Jack Shanewise [et al.]. Ch. 36. Central Nervous System Dysfunction after Cardiopulmonary Bypass / John M. Murkin.
  • Ch. 37. Critical Care Medicine for the Cardiac Patient / Michael J. Murray and Norman E. Torres
  • Sect. VIII. Practice Management. Ch. 38. The Impact of Managed Care on Cardiac Anesthesia / Cephas P. Swamidoss and Paul G. Barash. Ch. 39. Cost Containment: Anesthesia and Cardiac Surgery / Norman J. Starr, Fawzy G. Estafanous and Margaret Roberts-Brown. Ch. 40. Quality of Life and Patient Satisfaction Surrounding Cardiovascular Surgery / Lee A. Fleisher and Wendy K. Bernstein. Ch. 41. Measuring and Improving the Outcomes of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: New York's Experience / Mark R. Chassin, Edward L. Hannan and Frank C. Spencer.
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