Pregnancy, sex hormones, and the liver : proceedings of the 89th Falk Symposium, held in Santiago, Chile, 10-11 November 1995 / edited by H.B. Reyes, U. Leuschner, I.M. Arias.

Falk Symposium (89th : 1995 : Santiago, Chile) [Browse]
Dordrecht ; Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers, [1996], ©1996.
xxviii, 315 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.


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  • Alex Mowat 1935-1995
  • Preface / H. Reyes, U. Leuschner and I. M. Arias
  • Welcome / H. Reyes
  • Synthesis of sex hormones / K. D. R. Setchell
  • The hypothalamic-pituitary-liver axis: growth hormone controls liver sex / P. Tollet, A. Mode and J.-A. Gustafsson
  • The role of sex hormones and hepatic plasma membranes in the pathogenesis of cholestasis / F. R. Simon
  • Sex hormone-induced cholestasis / C. Tiribelli and S. Bellentani
  • Presentation of the State of the Art Lecturer / H. Reyes
  • State of the Art Lecture: Do all pathways of cholestasis lead to the canaliculus / I. M. Arias
  • Prolactin and bile secretory function / M. Vore, Y. Liu and T. Ganguly
  • Regulatory pathway of bile acid synthesis: modulation by steroid hormones and cytokines / N. B. Javitt
  • Progesterone metabolism in normal human pregnancy and in patients with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy / L. J. Meng, H. Reyes, J. Palma, I. Hernandez, J. Ribalta and J. Sjovall --
  • Cholestatic disorders in childhood: treatable disorders and challenges / G. Gregorio, G. Miele Vergani and A. P. Mowat
  • The liver - the next frontier in the treatment of patients with cystic fibrosis / W. F. Balistreri
  • Microvesicular fatty liver disorders: inborn defects of mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation? / W. R. Treem
  • Total parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis: infection as the principal risk factor in infants beyond the first month of life / T. R. Da Silveira and P. R. Carvalho
  • Round Table: Clinical and therapeutic aspects of liver diseases in childhood, influenced by sex hormones and bile acids
  • Pregnancy in chronic liver disease / R. E. Kirsch, V. Harris, R. J. Hift, P. N. Meissner, N. Matsiliza, E. Lemmer and M. D. Voigt
  • Female sex hormones and primary biliary cirrhosis / M. Podda, A. Crosignani, A. Larghi, P. Battezzati, M. Caimi and M. Zuin
  • Pre-eclampsia and the liver / C. A. Riely --
  • Cholestasis of pregnancy / J. Ribalta, H. Reyes, I. Hernandez, J. Palma, M. C. Gonzalez and L. Sandoval
  • Acute fatty liver of pregnancy / S. Sherlock
  • Effects of ursodeoxycholic acid in experimental and human cholestasis / A. Stiehl
  • Possible mode of action of ursodeoxycholic acid in the treatment of cholestatic liver diseases / U. Leuschner and S. Guldutuna
  • Ursodeoxycholic acid therapy in cholestasis of pregnancy / J. Palma, H. Reyes, J. Ribalta, I. Hernandez, L. Sandoval, R. Almuna, J. Liepins, F. Lira, M. Sedano, O. Silva, D. Toha and J. J. Silva
  • Round Table: Liver diseases in pregnancy: new trends in diagnosis, therapy and research
  • Modulation of hepatic content and biliary excretion of P-glycoproteins in hepatocellular and obstructive cholestasis / L. Accatino, M. Pizarro, N. Solis, C. S. Koenig, J. Chianale and V. Vollrath --
  • Daunorubicin protects against estradiol-17[beta] glucuronide (E[subscript 2]17G)-induced cholestasis and inhibits ATP-dependent E[subscript 2]17G transport in canalicular liver plasma membranes (cLPM) / M. Vore, Y. Liu, T. Hoffman and M. Gosland
  • Effect of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDC) treatment on hepatic glucuronidation in ethynyloestradiol-induced cholestasis / E. J. Sanchez-Pozzi, V. A. Catania, M. G. Roma, M. G. Luquita, E. A. Rodriguez-Garay and A. D. Mottino
  • Maternal cholestasis induces functional and morphological alterations in the neonatal rat liver / M. J. Monte, M. Arevalo, A. I. Morales, I. Alvaro, R. I. R. Macias and J. J. G. Marin
  • Effects of a selenium-deficient diet on bile flow and biliary lipids composition, in the rat / I. Hernandez, H. Reyes, M. Ruz and G. Pineda
  • Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy in cholecystectomized women: an epidemiological study / J. C. Glasinovic, I. Marinovic, R. M. Mege, O. Ferreiro, M. T. Valdivia and A. Alvarado --
  • Effect of bile acids on gallbladder emptying in pregnancy / C. Severin, R. Espinoza and V. Valdivieso
  • Sex hormones and liver tumours / K. Okuda
  • Pregnancy and gallstones / J. C. Glasinovic, V. Valdivieso, C. Covarrubias, I. Marinovic, J. F. Miquel and F. Nervi
  • Hepatobiliary surgery during pregnancy / S. M. Strasberg, M. P. Callery and N. J. Soper
  • Pregnancy after liver transplantation / V. Balan and J. Rakela
  • Concluding remarks / U. Leuschner
  • Final comments / H. Reyes
  • Ode to the Liver.
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