Simulating social phenomena / Rosaria Conte, Rainer Hegselmann, Pietro Terna, eds.

New York : Springer-Verlag, 1997.
viii, 535 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.


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  • Lecture notes in economics and mathematical systems ; 456. [More in this series]
  • Lecture notes in economics and mathematical systems, 0075-8442 ; 456
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Includes bibliographical references.
  • Introduction: Social Simulation - A New Disciplinary Synthesis / Rosaria Conte, Rainer Hegselmann and Pietro Terna -- Advancing the Art of Simulation in the Social Sciences / Robert Axelrod -- Social Science Simulation - Origins, Prospects, Purposes / Klaus G. Troitzsch -- Can Agents Cover All the World? / Kai-H. Brassel, Michael Mohring and Elke Schumacher [et al.] -- A Laboratory for Agent Based Computational Economics: The Self-development of Consistency in Agents' Behaviour / Pietro Terna -- From the Margin to the Mainstream: An Agenda for Computer Simulations in the Social Sciences / Erhard Bruderer and Martin Maiers -- Computer Simulated Empirical Tests of Social Theory: Lessons from 15 Years' Experience / Chanoch Jacobsen and Richard Bronson -- Modelling a Society of Simple Agents: From Conceptual Specification to Experimentation / F. M. T. Brazier, P. A. T. van Eck and J. Treur -- Bargaining Between Automata / Ken Binmore, Michele Piccione and Larry Samuelson --
  • What to Do with a Surplus / Domenico Parisi -- Spatially Coevolving Automata Play the Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma / Tomas B. Klos -- A Spatial Iterated Prisoners Dilemma Game Simulation with Movement / Stephen Majeski, Greg Linden and Corina Linden [et al.] -- Cooperation as Illusory Hill-Climbing: Co-adaptation and Search in Social Dilemmas / Alessandro Rossi, Massimo Warglien and Enrico Zaninotto -- Cooperation Without Memory / Gregory M. Werner and Jennifer Nerissa Davis -- Tributes or Norms? The Context-dependent Rationality of Social Control / Rosaria Conte and Mario Paolucci -- In What Kinds of Social Groups Can "Altruistic" Behaviors Evolve? / Roberto Pedone and Domenico Parisi -- Global vs. Local Social Search in the Formation of Coalitions / Giuliano Pistolesi, Vito Veneziano and Christiano Castelfranchi -- Exchange and Challenge in Collective Decision Making / Marjolein Achterkamp -- Market Organisation / Gerard Weisbuch, Alan Kirman and Dorothea Herreiner --
  • Market Organizations for Controlling Smart Matter / Oliver Guenther, Tad Hogg and Bernardo A. Huberman -- Personnel Policies, Long Term Unemployment and Growth: An Evolutionary Model / Gerard Ballot, Marie-Pierre Merlateau and Dominique Meurs -- Agent-Based Keynesian Economics / Charlotte Bruun -- An Evolutionary Approach to Structural Economic Dynamics / Esben Sloth Andersen -- Macroeconomic Interdependence and Frequency Locking / Stefano Zambelli -- Organizational Actors and the Need for a Flexible World Representation / Hans van den Broek and Henk W. M. Gazendam -- Concurrency and the Logic of Economic Organization / Luigi Marengo and Corrado Pasquali -- Models and Scenarios for European Freight Transport Based on Neural Networks and Logit Analysis / Peter Nijkamp, Aura Reggiani and Wai Fai Tsang -- An Evolutionary Urban Cellular Automata: The Model and Some First Simulations / Lorenzo Papini and Giovanni A. Rabino -- Simulating Multiparty Systems / Bjorn Lomborg --
  • Co-ordination and Specialisation / Massimo Egidi and Massimo Ricottilli -- Modelling Meta-Memes / David Hales -- Innovation and Imitation as Competitive Strategies: Revisiting a Simulation Approach / Steven E. Phelan -- A Simulation of Adaptation Mechanisms in Budgetary Decision Making / Edmund Chattoe and Nigel Gilbert -- Searching for the Next Best Mate / Peter M. Todd -- Adaptive Artificial Agents Play a Finitely Repeated Discrete Principal-Agent Game / Xavier Vila -- Foreknowledge in Artificial Societies / Jim Doran -- Would and Should Government Lie about Economic Statistics: Understanding Opinion Formation Processes through Evolutionary Cellular Automata / Shu-Heng Chen -- Simulation for Statistical Inference in Dynamic Network Models / Tom Snijders and Marijtje van Duijn -- Permutation Techniques for Testing Homogeneity of Social Groups from Questionnaire Results / Lucio Barabesi and Lorenzo Fattorini --
  • Sketching Life Paths: A New Framework for Socio-Economic Statistics / Michael C. Wolfson -- New Goods and the Measurement of Real Economic Growth: Summary Results Using the XEcon Experimental Economy / Michael C. Wolfson.
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