Particle flux in the ocean / edited by Venugopalan Ittekkot ... [et al.].

New York : John Wiley, 1996.
xxiv, 372 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


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  • Foreword / Hartmut Grassl -- Preface / John W. B. Stewart -- Bibliography - Carbon Unit -- 1. Particle Flux in the Ocean: Introduction / V. Ittekkot -- 2. Remote Sensing of Parameters Relevant to the Particle Flux in the Ocean Using Meteorological Satellites / P. Schlussel -- 3. The Atmospheric Transport of Particles to the Ocean / J. M. Prospero -- 4. Riverine Transfer of Particulate Matter to Ocean Systems / P. J. Depetris -- 5. Particle Flux in the Ocean: Oceanographic Tools / V. L. Asper -- 6. Evaluation of Sediment Traps with Naturally Occurring Radionuclides / M. P. Bacon -- 7. Fluxes of Particles to the Interior of the Open Oceans / S. Honjo -- 8. Nitrogen and Carbon Isotopic Tracers of the Source and Transformation of Particles in the Deep Sea / M. A. Altabet -- 9. Temporal Variability of Particle Flux in the Deep Sargasso Sea / W. G. Deuser --
  • 10. Seasonal and Interannual Particle Fluxes in the Eastern Equatorial Atlantic from 1989 to 1991: ITCZ Migrations and Upwelling / G. Fischer and G. Wefer -- 11. Preliminary Data on Particle Flux off the Sao Francisco River, Eastern Brazil / T. C. Jennerjahn, V. Ittekkot and C. E. V. Carvalho -- 12. Organic Carbon Fluxes and Sediment Biogeochemistry on the French Mediterranean and Atlantic Margins / H. Etcheber, S. Heussner, O. Weber, A. Dinet, X. Durrieu de Madron, A. Monaco, R. Buscail and J. C. Miquel -- 13. Abiotic and Biotic Forcing on Vertical Particle Flux in the Southern Ocean / U. V. Bathmann -- 14. Processes Determining Seasonality and Interannual Variability of Setting Particle Fluxes to the Deep Arabian Sea / B. Haake, T. Rixen, T. Reemtsma, V. Ramaswamy and V. Ittekkot -- 15. Fresh Water Influx and Particle Flux Variability in the Bay of Bengal / P. Schafer, V. Ittekkot, M. Bartsch, R. R. Nair and J. Tiemann --
  • 16. Fluxes of Particulate Matter in the South China Sea / M. G. Wiesner, L. Zheng, H. K. Wong, Y. Wang and W. Chen -- 17. Vertical Particle Flux in the Western Pacific Below the North Equatorial Current and the Equatorial Counter Current / S. Kempe and H. Knaack -- 18. Vertical Particle Flux in Lake Baikal / S. Kempe and M. Schaumburg -- 19. Particle Flux in the Ocean: Summary / V. Ittekkot.
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