Origin and distribution of the elements : proceedings of the second symposium, Paris, May 1977 / editor, L.H. Ahrens ; editorial assistant, Mme G. Protas.

1st ed.
Oxford ; New York : Pergamon Press, c1979.
xi, 909 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.


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  • Study of some processes of nucleosynthesis in the evolving galaxy / A.K. Lavrukhina and R.I. Kuznetsova
  • Some long-lived and stable nuclides produced by nuclear reactions / R. Gensho [and others]
  • Origin of differentiated meteorites / G.W. Wetherill and J.G. Williams
  • Halogens in meteorites and their primordial abundances / G. Dreibus, B. Spettel and H. Wänke
  • Noble gases in chondritic polymict breccias : clues to their origin / L. Schultz
  • Solar wind nitrogen and indigenous nitrogen in lunar material / O. Müller
  • Solar wind carbon chemistry as revealed by lunar sample analysis / C.T. Pillinger
  • Search for ⁵⁹Ni of extraterrestrial origin in deep sea sediments / K. Yamakoshi and S. Yanagita
  • Solar abundances. A new table (October 1976) / B.E.J. Pagel
  • The chemical evolution of the galaxy and isotopic ratios in the solar system / J. Audouze
  • Lunar highland chronology / T. Kirsten
  • The earth-moon system. Chemistry and origin / H. Wänke and G. Dreibus --^
  • Sondage à distance de l'atmosphère des planètes géantes par spectroscopic de Fourier / M. Combes
  • Isotopic anomalies in the early solar system / R.N. Clayton
  • Main features of the geochemistry of lunar rocks / V.L. Barsukov and L.V. Dmitriev
  • The Archean atmosphere of the earth (Aldan time) / E.A. Kulish
  • Chemical model for origin and distribution of elements in salts and brines during evaporation of waters. Application to some saline lakes of Tibesti, Chad / J.Y. Gac [and others]
  • Trace element distribution in rock-forming silicates. The alkali and alkaline earths / J.T. Iiyama
  • On rare-earth element behavior in igneous rocks / L.A. Haskin
  • Variation in trace element partition (crystal/magma) as a function of crystal growth rate / P. Henderson and C.T. Williams
  • Rare-earth elements in apatite from layered norites and iron-titanium oxide ore-bodies related to anorthosites (Rogaland, S.W. Norway) / I. Roelandts and J.C. Duchesne --^
  • Progress in the knowledge of indicator elements / E. Schroll
  • Microcomponents as indicators of the differentiation of alkaline magmatic series / L.N. Kogarko
  • Strontium isotope geochemistry in syenite-alkaline granite complexes / Ph. Vidal [and others]
  • Aspects of platinum elements distribution in some ultramafic and related rocks / G. Agiorgitis, R. Becker and R. Wolf
  • The distribution of some elements in the direct contact aureole of the Krušné hory Mts granite (Bohemia) / E. Roos
  • The distribution of zirconium and hafnium in terrestrial rocks, meteorites and the moon / W.D. Ehmann [and others]
  • Distribution and source of elements in gabbroids of different geochemical types / O.M. Glazunov and G.S. Plyusnin
  • Secular variations in chemical composition of sediments : a review / J. Veizer
  • Kinetics of nutrient regeneration in anoxic marine sediments / R.A. Berner
  • Répartition des éléments traces dans les phosphorites marines / L. Prévôt [and others] --^
  • The major element geochemistry and the mineralogical evolution of granitic rocks during weathering / W. Chesworth
  • Éléments traces dans quelques argiles des altérations et des sédiments / Ch. Mosser
  • Mise en évidence d'une certaine mobilité du titane dans les podzols ainsi qu'au laboratoire sous l'influence d'agents organiques / J.C. Dumon et M. Vigneaux
  • Distribution of clastophilic elements in saline deposits in their relation to the evolution of saliferous basins, and their application for correlation and differentiation of saline series / D.P. Khrushshov
  • The behaviour of some rare elements in sedimentation processes / I.P. Adamchuck [and others]
  • Minor elements in clay rocks, indicators of the sedimentation environment / V.A. Kuznetsov, K.I. Lukashov and V.K. Lukashov
  • Geochemistry of effusive rocks of rift zones / V.I. Gerasimovsky
  • Review of the geochemistry of Indian and other oceanic rocks / K.V. Subbarao [and others] --^
  • The lower continental crust of the Massif Central (Bournac, France)
  • with special references to REE, U and Th composition, evolution, heat-flow production / C. Dupuy, A. Leyreloup and J. Vernieres
  • Trace element variations and isotopic composition of charnockitic acidic rocks related to anorthosites (Rogaland, S.W. Norway) / D. Demaiffe, J.-C. Duchesne and J. Hertogen
  • Comparative petrogenesis of Archaean and modern low-K tholeiites. A critical review of some geochemical aspects / R.C.O. Gill
  • Rare-earth element geochemistry of regional metamorphic rocks / G.K. Muecke, C. Pride and P. Sarkar
  • Abundance of lithium in spilites and its implications for the spilitization process / N. Vatin-Perignon, D.M. Shaw and J.R. Muysson
  • Rare earths in Nigerian Mesozoic granites and related rocks / P. Bowden [and others]
  • Apport de la géochimie
  • majeurs
  • à la reconstitution antémétamorphique de la série du Bas-Limousin (Massif Central, France) / P.L. Guillot [and others] --^
  • Chemical evolution in an old crustal area (sistema central espanol) / A. Aparicio, J.L. Brändle and F. Bellido
  • The chemical composition and origin of the primeval continental crust / A.A. Beus
  • Geochemical investigation of Permian andesites from central Europe / F.J. Eckhardt
  • Geochemistry of the carbonatite complexes in East Africa / I.O. Nyambok
  • Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and helium in gases of igneous rocks / I.A. Petersilje and W.A. Pripachkin
  • Distribution regularities of trace elements in rocks and minerals of the ultrametamorphism zone / Z.I. Petrova
  • Evolution of the ore formation in the history of the earth / A.I. Tugarinov
  • Ore element accumulation in the earth's crust evolution / Yu. K. Burkov and D.V. Rundquist.
  • Trace element melting models / D.M. Shaw
  • Chemical differentiation of the lower lithosphere as represented by the Ronda ultramafic massif, southern Spain / J.S. Dickey, M. Obata and C.J. Suen
  • Trace element distribution and isotopic composition of Archean greenstones / B.M. Jahn and S.S. Sun
  • The role on partial melting of mantle diapirism, CO₂ and H₂O from the study of lherzolite nodules of intracontinental alkali basalts : example of the French Massif Central / E. Berger
  • Inclusions in diamond and the mineral chemistry of the upper mantle / H.O.A. Meyer and H.M. Tsai
  • Introductory remarks on geochemistry in discovering ore deposits with particular reference to uranium / S.H.U. Bowie and J. Plant
  • The redox potential field of the earth / B. Bølviken
  • Relative behavior of uranium and lead in some acidic and chelating environments / C. Granier, G. Monteil and J. Trichet --^
  • Éléments en traces dans les pyrites de la province de Huelva (Espagne) / A.M. de Kersabiec et G. Roger
  • Problèmes posés par l'insertion de la géochimie en méthodologie des recherches minières / C. Granier
  • The distribution of elements in the geochemical provinces and ore deposits / Y.G. Shcherbakov
  • Prospection géochimique en France : évolution et tendances de la dernière décennie / J. Barbier, E. Wilhelm et W. Sakowitsch
  • Quelques applications de la géochimie des éléments en traces en exploration pétrolière et minière / B. Porthault et P. Sauvan
  • Distribution du manganèse dans les séries volcaniques : un guide de la genèse des gisements manganésifères volcanogènes / H. Guérin
  • Geochemical distribution of uranium in soils and vegetation of the "Fe 3" Mines, Saelices, Salamanca, Spain / A. Arribas and J. Herrero-Payo --^
  • Fe and Zn partitioning between stannite and sphalerite and its application in geothermometry / I.J. Nekrasov, V.I. Sorokin and E.G. Osadchii
  • La distribution globale des principaux éléments métalliques dans l'écorce terrestre des continents / I.G. Magakian
  • Zur geochemie der sedimentite des Permosiles im Südteil der D.D.R. / J. Rentzsch und A. Kampe
  • Pyrite-pyrrhotite geothermometer. Distribution of cobalt, nickel and tin / I.J. Nekrasov and N.I. Besmen
  • Geochemistry and physics of plutonium migration / A.T. Jakubick
  • Aspects of geochemistry and health in the United Kingdom / I. Thornton and J.S. Webb
  • Photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of asbestos dissolution in acidic media of biological interest / J. Goni [and others]
  • Biogeochemical distribution of rare earths and other trace elements in plants and soils / J.C. Laul, W.C. Weimer and L.A. Rancitelli
  • Research in the United States relative to geochemistry and health / W.L. Petrie and H.L. Cannon --^
  • Sources and sediment associations of heavy metals in polluted coastal regions / U. Förstner.
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