Arlen Specter : an oral history / edited by Brian Lockman & Francine Schertzer ; with an introduction by G. Terry Madonna & Shanin Specter.

Specter, Arlen [Browse]
Camp Hill, PA : Pennsylvania Cable Network, [2017]
xxxvii, 350 pages ; 22 cm


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  • Machine generated contents note: pt. One School Days
  • ch. One Family
  • ch. Two Growing Up
  • ch. Three College
  • ch. Four Law School
  • ch. Five Impressions: The Supreme Court
  • pt. Two Young Lawyer
  • ch. Six Assistant DA
  • ch. Seven Philadelphia Magistrates
  • ch. Eight City Politics
  • ch. Nine Warren Commission
  • ch. Ten Father's Death
  • pt. Three Politics
  • ch. Eleven District Attorney
  • ch. Twelve 1967 Mayor's Race
  • ch. Thirteen 1969 Reelection as District Attorney
  • ch. Fourteen 1973 DA's Race Defeat
  • ch. Fifteen 1976 Senate Race
  • ch. Sixteen 1978 Governor's Race
  • ch. Seventeen 1980 Senate Race
  • pt. Four Senator
  • ch. Eighteen Freshman Senator
  • ch. Nineteen Learning to Be a Senator
  • ch. Twenty Bork Hearings
  • ch. Twenty-One Impressions: The Presidency
  • ch. Twenty-Two Life as a Senator
  • ch. Twenty-Three Meeting With Foreign Leaders
  • ch. Twenty-Four Health Issues
  • ch. Twenty-Five Family
  • ch. Twenty-Six Presidential Run
  • Special Photo Collection
  • ch. Twenty-Seven Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Hearings
  • ch. Twenty-Eight Impressions: The Supreme Court Nominating Process
  • ch. Twenty-Nine Clinton Years
  • ch. Thirty Clinton Health Care Plan
  • ch. Thirty-One Clinton Impeachment
  • ch. Thirty-Two Impressions: Shifting Powers in Washington
  • pt. Five 9-11 and the George W. Bush Years
  • ch. Thirty-Three 9-11 and the PATRIOT Act
  • ch. Thirty-Four Iraq War
  • ch. Thirty-Five Vice President Cheney and Warrantless Wiretaps
  • ch. Thirty-Six Donald Rumsfeld
  • ch. Thirty-Seven Middle East Today
  • ch. Thirty-Eight War on Terror
  • pt. Six Personal Thoughts
  • ch. Thirty-Nine On Being a Republican
  • ch. Forty On Being a Baseball Fan
  • ch. Forty-One Joan's Desserts
  • ch. Forty-Two Leisure Time
  • ch. Forty-Three 2004 Election
  • ch. Forty-Four Hodgkin's Disease
  • ch. Forty-Five Stand Up Comedy
  • pt. Seven Final Years in the Senate
  • ch. Forty-Six 2008 Financial Crisis
  • ch. Forty-Seven Stimulus Package Vote
  • ch. Forty-Eight NIH Funding
  • ch. Forty-Nine Senator Bob Casey
  • ch. Fifty 2008 Election
  • ch. Fifty-One 2008: Hodgkin's Returns
  • ch. Fifty-Two Switching Parties
  • ch. Fifty-Three Affordable Care Act
  • ch. Fifty-Four 2010 Election
  • pt. Eight Reflections
  • ch. Fifty-Five After the Senate
  • ch. Fifty-Six Learning to Speak in Public
  • ch. Fifty-Seven Campaigning in Pennsylvania
  • ch. Fifty-Eight Campaign Fundraising
  • ch. Fifty-Nine Balance of Powers
  • ch. Sixty Great People
  • ch. Sixty-One Advice to the Young Arlen Specter.
  • 9781945169113 (paperback)
  • 1945169117 (paperback)
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