A sunny place with adequate water / Mary Biddinger.

Biddinger, Mary [Browse]
  • Pittsburgh, PA : Black Lawrence Press, 2014.
  • ©2014
81 pages ; 22 cm


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  • Fortunes and misfortunes
  • Coin-operated rattle without a snake
  • An elm tree will never be the one you love
  • And I will never be the same
  • A coin-operated pickax
  • Burying the apron
  • The summer of electronic monitoring
  • Some discipline
  • A coin-operated railroad
  • A tiny poison eye
  • Coin-operated engine finds its steam
  • Pick-your-own
  • A coin-operated How do you like me now
  • Miniatures
  • A coin-operated arboretum
  • Fight or flight
  • A sunny place with adequate water
  • Parlor games are for the weak
  • A model catastrophe
  • Coin-operated neighborhood falls to ruin
  • Revitalization yields questionable results
  • Some dead magic
  • A coin-operated lung and a half
  • The fate of the old mill is still undecided
  • Have mercy on me
  • Jewelry is for the weak
  • In which sense that we are not alone
  • Ignorant portrait with nightshade
  • A coin-operated apple pie
  • In the back seat of history
  • All roads lead to water
  • A coin-operated neighbor to the North
  • Occupation : hazard
  • A coin-operated diary
  • Sweets behind the counter
  • Inert, or something close
  • They appeal to my sense of logic, and lose
  • Birth of a vessel
  • A coin-operated button-down collar
  • Business poem
  • Version of myself in the ruins
  • A coin-operated gentrification zone of the heart
  • Some dead ingenuity
  • Elegy with flickering lights
  • A friendly stay of execution
  • A coin-operated parlor
  • We invent the opposite of Vegas, then take it all back
  • A coin-operated city of the past
  • Sorry, but sometimes you don't get to choose
  • My goodness
  • A coin-operated paramour and a half
  • Inside every vending machine it's 1979.
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  • 9781625579089
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