California's golden years : when government worked and why / William T. Bagley.

Bagley, William T. [Browse]
Berkeley : Berkeley Public Policy Press, 2009.
p. cm.


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  • Part I. Just some characters. Willie Brown
  • Sam Yorty
  • Richard Nixon
  • Pat Nixon
  • Jesse Unruh, Jack Veneman, Leon Penetta, and Snow in Modesto
  • George Deukmejian: a gem
  • The birth of the Young Turks
  • The Legislature grows up: even sends a delegation to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s funeral
  • Pat Brown: great governor
  • Part II. What happened. Legislative golden years
  • How we built California as we know it today
  • Problems of the golden years
  • The results of reform
  • Part III. "Capitol Morning Report" items. Phil Burton saves Ronald Reagan
  • University funding
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan
  • Ronald Reagan's real record
  • Initiatives
  • Fundraisers: dollars instead of dinners
  • Every night is Saturday night
  • Ideologues and then moderates
  • Redistricting
  • What happened to moderation and compromise?
  • Infrastructure: no longer golden
  • Gerald Ford remembered upon his demise
  • Earl Warren and Arnold Schwarzenegger --^
  • Part IV. The way things got done. Train trips
  • People who play together stay together
  • Still on the subject of card games: we got smart
  • About John Harmer and Howard Thelen
  • The Ten Commandments: are they divisible?
  • The Rumford Fair Housing Act
  • Reflections on Jesse Unruh and "The Lockup"
  • A little background to the rise of Ronald Resgan and the right wing
  • How Ronald Reagan became governor of California
  • How Pat Brown smeared George Christopher and how this came back to haunt him and change history forever
  • The first few sour days of Reagan's governorship
  • On some of Ronald Reagan's inner circle
  • Republican Speaker Bob Monagan confronts Republican Governor Ronald Reagan: plus, passage of CEQA
  • Reagan's tax revision and the 1970s surplus
  • How income tax witholding built the Governor's Mansion
  • The $2 billion Reagan tax package: how the bill is packaged and Jarvis ruins home rule
  • Tax reform as a continual process --^
  • Welfare reform negotiations, 1971, and how Ronald Reagan participated in felonies
  • One whacky but relevant election of 1966
  • Why run for State Controller?
  • The 1974 election and how it led to Gray Davis becoming governor
  • How Ronald Reagan consolidated turmoil and becalmed the body politic
  • Campaign contributions prior to the passage of Proposition 9: 1974
  • More on how cash cows spilled their milk prior to PAC days in Sacramento
  • School desegregation guidelines: another attempt to show thet some GOP members believed in social progress
  • Republican fortunes in the Assembly in the tidal wave of Jesse Unruh's Democratic stronghold
  • One of the downsides to a professionalized Legislature
  • Underscoring again how Proposition Nine has created precisely what it was designed to eradicate: the proliferation of campaign contributions and expenditures
  • Whither goes the GOP? To withering away? --^
  • Part V. There is life after the Legislature. A tiny slice of life as Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Committion
  • Throwing red tape into the Potomac: literally
  • How Jimmy Carter tried to shoo me out of the CFTC
  • How I got appointed to the CFTC in the first place
  • The Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • The birth of the CFTC
  • Postscript: a unigue honor
  • Afterword: the Hon. John T. Knox
  • Biography.
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  • 0877724342
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