America as a multicultural society / special editor of this volume, Milton M. Gordon.

Philadelphia : American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1981.
viii, 262 p. ; 24 cm.


  • Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science v. 454. [More in this series]
  • The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 0002-7162 ; v. 454
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  • Preface / Milton M Gordon
  • Post-World War II immigration to the United States : America's latest newcomers / David M Reimers
  • Legal foundations of civil rights and pluralism in America / Charles M Lamb
  • Black community in the 1980s : questions of race, class, and public policy / William Julius Wilson
  • Black power and white reactions : the revitalization of race-thinking in the United States / Lewis M Killian
  • Blacks and Jews : the strained alliance / Peter I Rose
  • Fourth generation grows up : the contemporary American Jewish community / Chaim I Waxman
  • Twilight of ethnicity among American Catholics of European ancestry / Richard D Alba
  • Hispanic-Americans in the eastern United States / Joseph P Fitzpatrick and Lourdes Travieso Parker
  • Mexican Americans / Harry P Pachon and Joan W Moore
  • Asian-Americans : the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Philipinos, and southeast Asians / Harry H L Kitano --Native Americans : the American Indian today / Vine Deloria
  • Muslims in the United States : settlers and visitors / M Arif Ghayur
  • Bilingualism/biculturalism in American education : an adventure in wonderland / Fred G Burke
  • Models of pluralism : the new American dilemma / Milton M Gordon
  • Ethnic/racial relations in the United States in comparative perspective / Richard D Lambert
  • Book department
  • Index.
  • Book Department:
  • International Relations And Politics:
  • John Burton-Deviance, terrorism and war: the process of solving unsolved social and political problems / George A Lopez
  • Richard C Clark-Technological terrorism / Harold K Jacobson
  • Ernest Evans-Calling a truce to terror: the American response to International terrorism / Harold K Jacobson
  • Ray S Cline-World power trends and U S foreign policy for the 1980s / Clark G Reynolds
  • Robert C Johansen-National interest and the human interest: an analysis of U S foreign policy / Norman D Palmer
  • Charles W Kegley and Eugene R Wittkopf-American foreign policy: pattern and process / Louis Furmanski
  • Escott Reid-Time of fear and hope: the making of the North Atlantic treaty, 1947-1949 / Alan James
  • Vendulka Kubalkova and Albert A Cruickshank-Marxism-Leninism an theory of international relations / Oliver Benson
  • Africa, Asia, And Latin America: --^
  • Raphaella Bulski, Itzhak Galnoor, Dan Inbar, Yohanan Manor, and Gabriel Sheffer-Can planning replace politics? The Israeli experience / Ben Halpern
  • John Child-Unequal alliance: the inter-American military system, 1938-1978 / Donald G Bishop
  • John J Johnson-Latin America in Caricature / Susan Ramirez-Horton
  • Elsa M Chaney-Supermadre: women in politics in Latin America / Ramirez-Horton
  • James William Morley-Fateful choice: Japan's advance into Southeast Asia, 1929-1941 / Dean W Collinwood
  • Fernando Uricoechea-Patrimonial foundations of the Brazilian state / Ronald Provencher
  • Europe:
  • Samuel Clark-Social origins of the Irish land war / Alfred McClung Lee
  • Gary P Freeman-Immigrant labor and racial conflict in industrial societies: the French and British experience, 1945-1975 / Eugene V Schneider
  • John Rex and Sally Tomlinson-Colonial immigrants in a British City: a class analysis / Eugene V Schneider --^
  • Bertram M Gordon-Collaborationism in France during the Second World War / Murray Smith
  • Paula Hyman-From Dreyfus to Vichy; Remaking of French Jewry, 1906-1939 / David L Schalk
  • Anna J Merritt and Richard L Merritt-Public opinion in semisovereign Germany: HICOG surveys 1949-1955 / Edward L Bernays
  • Dennis R Mills-Lord and peasant in nineteenth century Britain / J L Haines
  • Robin Seager-Political biography / Bernard S Bachrach
  • Gordon Smith-Politics in Western Europe: a comparative analysis / L L Farrar, Jr
  • Marc Tractenberg-Reparation in world politics: France and European economic diplomacy, 1916-1923 / Marjorie M Farrar
  • United States:
  • Peter K Eisinger-Politics of displacement: racial and ethnic transition in three American Cities / Laura S Becker
  • Michael Foley-New senate: liberal influence on a conservative institution / Clarence A Berdahl
  • Robert E Goodin-Manipulatory politics / James Combs --^
  • Helen M Ingram, Nancy K Laney and John R McCain-Policy approach to political representation: lessons from the four corner states / Dan Nimmo
  • David E Kyvig-Repealing national prohibition / Edward L Schapsmeier
  • S D Lovell-Presidential election of 1916 / Jennings B Sanders
  • Dan Nimmo and James E Combs-Subliminal politics: myths and mythmakers in America / David Nachmias
  • John M Orman-Presidential secrecy and deception: beyond the power to persuade / James D Fairbanks --Doris Marie Provine-Case selection in the United States Supreme Court / Charles T Barber
  • Jeffrey A Raffel-Politics of school desegregation: the Metropolitan remedy in Delaware / Jack L Nelson
  • T R Reid-Congressional odyssey: the saga of a senate bill / David Fellman
  • Charles L Wood-Kansas beef industry / Frederick H Schapsmeier
  • Sociology:
  • George Comstock-Television in America / O Zeller Robertson, Jr
  • Muriel Cantor-Prime-time television: content and control / O Zeller Robertson, Jr --^
  • Frank J Coppa-Screen and society: the impact of television upon aspects of contemporary civilization / O Zeller Robertson, Jr
  • John L Cooper-Police and the ghetto / Michael Fabricant
  • Patrick Dunleavy-Urban political analysis: the politics of collective consumption / Douglas C Nord
  • Cynthia Enloe-Police, military and ethnicity / William M Bridgeland
  • Michel Foucault-History of sexuality volume 1: an introduction / Joseph Amato
  • Ulf Hannerz-Exploring the city / William A Pearman
  • Theodore R Kennedy-You gotta deal with it: black family relations in a Southern community / Leonard Blumberg
  • Jon D Miller, Robert W Suchner and Alan M Voelker-Citizenship in an age of science: changing attitudes among young adults / John E Owen
  • Charles A Murray and Louis A Cox, Jr-Beyond probation: juvenile corrections and the chronic delinquent / Raymond Paternoster --^
  • James Rule, Douglas McAdam, Linda Sterns and David Uglow-Politics of privacy: planning for personal data systems as powerful technologies / Jarol B Manheim
  • Mary K Zimmerman-Through abortion: the personal and social reality of women's experiences / Charles S Bourgeois
  • Economics:
  • Frank Cancian-Innovator's situation: upper-middle-class conservatism in agricultural communities / George H Daniels
  • Gerald A Dorfman-Government versus trade unionism in British politics since 1968 / Stephen P Koff
  • Mary Douglas and Baron Isherwood-World of goods / Louis Ferleger
  • Steven David Gold-Property tax relief / Wallace F Smith
  • Aron Katsenelinboigen-Soviet economic thought and political power in the USSR / Donald D Barry
  • Alfred A Marcus-Promise and performance: choosing and implementing an environmental policy / Jack Barkenbus
  • Allan Schnaiberg-Environment: from surplus to scarcity / Jack Barkenbus
  • Organizational alternatives in Soviet-type economies / Ed A Hewett.
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