Case studies on human rights and fundamental freedoms : a world survey / ed.-in-chief, Willem A. Veenhoven, assistant to the ed.-in-chief, Winifred Crum Ewing, associate editors, Clemens Amelunxen ... [et al.].

The Hague : Nijhoff, 1975-1976.
5 v. ; 25 cm.


Summary note
"Published for the Foundation for the Study of Plural Societies."
"Published for the Foundation for the Study of Plural Societies."
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Includes bibliographical references.
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Committed to retain in perpetuity — ReCAP Shared Collection (HUL)
  • Vol. 1. Introduction / W.A. Veenhoven
  • From gulag to guitk : political prisons in the USSR today / Stefan T. Possony
  • Discrimination against American Blacks / J. Milton Yinger
  • Anti-Jewish discrimination since the end of World War II / Joseph Dunner
  • Foreign workers in West Germany / Clemens Amelunxen
  • Spain: regional, linguistic, and ideological conflict / Manuel Medina
  • Peru : portrait of a fragmented society / Georg Maier
  • Endangered cultures : the Indian in Latin America / Miguel Leon-Portilla
  • The new Indianism and the Menominee of Wisconsin / Victor J. Hanby
  • Discrimination in the Arab Middle East / Costa Luca
  • Suffering and struggle of the Kurds / L.M. von Taubinger
  • The Kabyls : an oppressed minority in North Africa / Emmanuel Sivan
  • Discrimination in Pakistan : national, provincial, tribal / Albert E. Levak
  • Inter-ethnic conflict in Africa / W.J. Breytenback
  • Ethnic minorities in Japan / William Wetherall and George A. Devos
  • Human rights in Communist ruled East-Central Europe / Walter Dushnyck
  • Pessimism in Australian race relations / Colin Tatz
  • The Mongolian nation within the Peoples Republic of China / Paul V. Hyer
  • Discrimination in Great Britain / Winifred Crum Ewing.
  • Vol. 2. Ethno-Linguistic cleavage in Belgium / Maurits van Haegendoren
  • Discrimination and preferment in the Federal Republic of Germany / Katharina Otzen
  • Sequels of alienation : West Indian migrants in Britain / Christopher Bagley
  • Marriage and women in Islamic Countries / Clemens Amelunxen
  • Israeli society : authoritarian traditionalism versus pluralist democracy / Georges R. Tamarin
  • The Kurds : another perspective / Emmanuel Sivan
  • Discrimination in India / S.R. Mohan Das
  • The caste system in Sri Lanka / D. Wickramanayake
  • Ethnic discrimination in Fiji : an Indian view / R.K. Vasil
  • The Papuans of Irian Jaya (West New Guinea) / Justus M. van der Kroef
  • Discrimination against foreigners of Japanese descent in Japan / Jiro Suzuki and Mickey Sakamoto
  • Government in the plural society : the South African model / Denis Worrall
  • Discrimination in Australia and New Zealand / John S. Western
  • Indians in American cities / Victor J. Hanby
  • Occupation inequality in urban Mexico / Susan Eckstein
  • Discrimination against Minorities in China / Sechin Jagchid
  • Anti-Semitism in the Russian orbit / Stefan T. Possony
  • Discrimination and abuse of power in the USSR / Walter Dushnyck.
  • Vol. 3. Ethnic politics in Malaysia / H.S. Leng
  • Towards Indian self-determination in Colombia / Stephen Corry
  • Discrimination in Sri Lanka / K.M. de Silva
  • Inter-group conflict and tension in contemporary India / L.P. Vidyarthi
  • The Netherlands : truly plural? / Sue Masterman and Anton Koene
  • Homogeneity and pluralism in the Middle East : the case of Lebanon / Moshe Maʻoz
  • The abuse of human rights in Indonesia / Carmel Budiardjo
  • Political problems of a minority group in Japan : recent conflicts in Brok liberation movements / Hiroshi Wagatsuma
  • Discrimination in Mara Whitcombe / David Hamilton and Mara Whitcombe
  • Oppression and persecution in communist China / Warren Kuo
  • The South-East Asian Chinese : accommodation without acceptance / Jerome R. Bass
  • Cuba : the new dominant caste / Herminion Portell-Vilá
  • Cultural pluralism and discrimination in Australia : with special reference to white minority groups / Jerzy Zubrzycki
  • America's minorities / S.J. Makielski, Jr.
  • Black-white relations in Iberian America : on the 'miscegenated-infused" racial system / Mauricio Solaún
  • The French language and the constitutional status of French Canadians / Edward McWhinney
  • The backward classes in India / André Béteille
  • The Harkis : from involvement to exile / Jacques Leguèbe
  • Military governments in communally divided societies : their impact upon national integration / Eric A. Nordlinger
  • Discrimination and the Maoris in New Zealand / Richard Thompson.
  • Vol. 4. Mozambique under FRELIMO rule / Jacques Leguèbe
  • The Lapps of Sweden / Eric Brodin
  • Group discrimination in Orissa / L.K. Mahapatra
  • A Christina minority the Copts in Egypt / Y. Masriya
  • Ethnic discrimination in Rwanda and Burundi
  • Jeremy Greenland
  • The balancing act : quota hiring in higher education / George Roche
  • Race and class in Indonesia : pattern of discrimination and conflict / Justus M. van der Kroef
  • The Southern Sudan civil war / Arye Oded
  • Ethnic discrimination and conflict : the case of the Korean minority in Japan / Changsoo Lee
  • Uganda : the expulsion of the Asians / Charles Harrison
  • Gender discrimination / Clarize Stasz
  • The manhunts : Aché Indians in Paraguay / Mark Münzel
  • Discrimination in Northern Ireland : the protests response / Sarah Nelson
  • The Arabs as slavers / John Laffin
  • The problems of national minorities in the Soviet Union / Edward J. Rozek
  • Cyprus : the Greek and Turkish confrontation / Michel and Eirwen Harbottle
  • The persecution of Christians in the U.S.S.R. / Michael Bourdeaux.
  • Vol. 5. Discrimination and conflict in Northern Ireland / David E. Schmitt
  • Human rights in Northern Ireland / Winifred Crum Ewing
  • The case of the Jews from Arab countries : a neglected issue / Maurice M. Roumani
  • Malaysia's forgotten people : education, cultural identity and socio-economic mobility among South Indian plantation workers / N.J. Colletta
  • Sex discrimination : theory and research / Constantina Safilios-Rothschild
  • The changing context of American race relations : urban Blacks and structural shifts in the economy / William J. Wilson
  • Racism in Britain : management concept, 1948-1975 / Chris Mullard
  • Holocaust in Burundi, 1972 / Stanley Meiser
  • Bangladesh : a profile of 20th-century genocide / Anthony Mascarenhas
  • Mexican Americans in the United States : the evolution of a relationship / Rudolph O. de la Garza
  • Institutionalized inequality and differentiations : an evaluation of race discrimination in South Africa / Lawrence Schlemmer
  • Colour discrimination and policy evolution in South Africa / Cas de Villiers
  • Affirmative action and American universities / Allan C. Ornstein
  • Racial discrimination in Rhodesia / Marshall W. Murphree and Donald G. Baker
  • The violation of human rights in Uganda / Pierre Naudin
  • Dutch tolerance on trial : Holland on the brink of conflict / A.C.W. van der Vet
  • The violation of human rights in India / The International League for the Rights of Man
  • Women in Bangladesh / Rounaq Jahan
  • The United Nations and human rights : the American viewpoint / John Scali, Philip Hoffman, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and Leonard Garment.
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