Lucii Apuleii platonici Madaurensis philosophi metamorphoseos liber: ac nonnulla alia opuscula eiusdem: necnon epitoma Alcinoi in disciplinarum Platonis desinunt.

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[Vicenza] : Impraessa per Henricum de Sancto Vrso in Vicentia., Anno salutis .M. CCCC. LXXXVIII. Die nona Augusti. [9 Augist 1488]
[178] leaves ; 31 cm. (fol.)


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  • Signatures: A⁶ a-m⁸·⁶ n-o⁸ p-u⁶·⁸ x-z⁶ & ⁶ [con]⁶. The first and last leaves are blank.
  • Title from colophon on [con]5v.
  • Imprint details from colophon on [con]4v.
  • With printer's device below colophon on [con]4v.
  • Edited by Giovanni Andrea Bussi, Bishop of Aleria -- see letter from Bussi addressed to Paulus II: A2r-A6r.
  • Includes table of contents: [A6v].
  • Derives from Roman edition of Sweynheym and Pannartz, 1469.
  • Includes: [Pseudo-] Aristoteles: De mundo, translated by Apuleius: u2r-u8r; Hermes Trismegistus: Asclepius, translated by Apuleius : u8v-y6r; Alcinous: Epitome disciplinarum Platonis, translated by Pietro Balbi: y6r-[con]5v. For full breakdown of contents, see Bodleian 15th Cent., A-371.
  • "On the probably erroneous attribution of the Epitome disciplinarum Platonis to Albinus (cf. GW), see 'Alcinoos, Enseignement des doctrines de Platon', ed. John Whittaker (Paris, 1990). De mundo is the Latin reworking by Apuleius of the Pseudo- Aristotelian tract. The translation of Asclepius is probably not by Apuleius" (cf. Bn cat des incunables A-492) -- ISTC.
  • Initial spaces, with guide letters.
Ex copy: Extensively annotated; stamp of Count Ercole Silva (1756-1840) at foot of first leaf; booklabel of Hans Fürstenberg on front pastedown.
  • ISTC (BL web catalogue), ia00935000
  • Goff, A935
  • BM 15th Cent., VII, p. 1047
  • Bodleian 15th Cent., A-370
  • GW, 2302
Other title(s)
  • L. Apvleii Madavrensis philosophi Platonici cosmographia sive de mvndo ad Favstinvm liber incipit.
  • Hermetis Trimegisti dialogvs Lvt. Apvleii Madavrensis philosophi Platonici in Latinvm conversio.
  • Alcinoi disciplinarvm Platonis epitoma idest breviarivm incipit.
Opening of text on A2r
  • Epistola Ioannis Andreae episcopi Hylariensis
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  • Opera
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