Radiofrequency radiation standards : biological effects, dosimetry, epidemiology, and public health policy / edited by B. Jon Klauenberg, Martino Grandolfo, and David N. Erwin.

New York : Plenum Press, ©1995.
xiv, 455 p. : ill.; 26 cm.


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  • NATO ASI series. Series A, Life sciences ; v. 274. [More in this series]
  • NATO ASI series. Series A, Life Sciences ; v. 274
"Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Developing a New Standardization Agreement (STANAC) for Radiofrequency Radiation, held May 17-21, 1993, at Practica di Mare, Italian Air Force Base, Pomezia (Rome), Italy"--T.p. verso.
Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • The Standardization Agreement (STANAG) on the Protection of NATO Personnel against Radiofrequency Radiation / Martino Grandolfo
  • International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Progress towards Radiofrequency Field Standards / Michael H. Repacholi
  • European Communities Progress towards Electromagnetic Fields Exposure Standards in the Workplace / Gianni F. Mariutti
  • ANSI/IEEE Exposure Standards for Radiofrequency Fields / James C. Lin
  • Radiofrequency Radiation Safety Guidelines in the Federal Republic of Germany / Klaus W. Hofmann
  • New Technologies for Dosimetry: Slow Luminescence / Johnathan L. Kiel, John G. Bruno and William D. Hurt
  • Biological Effects of High-Peak-Power Microwave Energy / Edward C. Elson
  • Some Recent Applications of FDTD for EM Dosimetry: ELF to Microwave Frequencies / Om P. Gandhi
  • Microwave Exposure Limits for the Eye: Applying Infrared Laser Threshold Data / David H. Sliney and Bruce E. Stuck
  • New IEEE Standards on Measurement of Potentially Hazardous Radiofrequency/Microwave Electromagnetic Fields / Ron C. Petersen
  • Risk Assessment of Human Exposure to Low Frequency Fields / Jurgen H. Bernhardt
  • Navy Issues Surrounding Department of Defense Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Standards / John de Lorge
  • An Overview of the Proposed Industrial Hygiene Technical Standard for Non-Ionizing Radiation and Fields for the U.S. Department of Energy / John A. Leonowich and T. Edmond Hui
  • Radiofrequency Safety Practice in the UK Ministry of Defence / Bob Gardner
  • Practical Control of Non-Ionizing Radiation Hazards / Rick Woolnough
  • DOD Implementation of New ANSI/IEEE Personnel Radiofrequency Standard / David N. Erwin and John Brewer
  • Epidemiology and What It Can Tell Us / Leeka Kheifets
  • Evaluation of Reproductive Epidemiologic Studies / Teresa M. Schnorr and Barbara A. Grajewski
  • Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer / Charles Poole
  • The Dielectric Properties of Biological Materials / Camelia Gabriel
  • Interaction of Calcium in Biological Systems with Electromagnetic Fields / James H. Merritt
  • Effects of Weak High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields on Biological Systems / Robert Adair
  • Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation on Neurophysiological Stress Indicators / G. Andrew Mickley
  • Biological Effects Versus Health Effects: An Investigation of the Genotoxicity of Microwave Radiation / Martin L. Meltz
  • Thermal Physiology of Radiofrequency Radiation Interactions in Animals and Humans / Eleanor R. Adair
  • Effects of Microwave Radiation Exposure on Behavioral Performance in Nonhuman Primates / John A. D'Andrea
  • Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation Electromagnetic Field Exposure on Pineal/Melatonin / Peter Semm and T. Schneider
  • Cardiovascular Responses to Radiofrequency Radiation / James R. Jauchem
  • Frequency and Orientation Effects on Sites of Energy Deposition / Melvin R. Frei
  • Extrapolation of Animal Radiofrequency Radiation Bioeffects to Humans / Michael R. Murphy
  • Bioeffects of Long-Term Exposures of Animals / Arthur W. Guy
  • Evaluation of Electromagnetic Fields in Biology and Medicine / Maria A. Stuchly
  • Overview of the Radiofrequency Radiation Bioeffects Database / Peter Polson and Louis N. Heynick
  • How New RFR Standards Will Impact the Broadcast and Telecommunications Industries / Richard A. Tell
  • How the Popular Press and Media Influence Scientific Interpretations and Public Opinion / Clifford J. Sherry
  • Impact of Public Concerns about Low-Level Electromagnetic Fields on Interpretation of Electromagnetic Fields/Radiofrequency Database / John M. Osepchuk
  • Communicating Risk of Electromagnetic Fields/Radiofrequency Radiation / B. Jon Klauenberg.
  • 0306449196
  • 9780306449192
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