British pamphlets relating to the American Revolution, 1764-1783.

Wakefield, England : Microform Academic Publishers, 2016.
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"This collection unites contents from various U.S. and U.K. institutions in one place to unveil contemporary views, debates and experiences of the American Revolution. These items include content written by the Founding Fathers of the United States and records of British Parliamentary debates upon if, when, and how much Independence the British Government should relinquish to the United States in order to secure an end to the war. Circulars and correspondence also reveal the roles that different lobbying groups had upon a British Prime Minister who would decide how much Independence should be offered as part of the negotiations; in the end, his decision would lead to his being forced from office. Less prominent individuals also feature here as details of their trials for treason against the crown are reproduced in varying levels of detail. Religion also played a leading role in these publications as many sermons favoured one side or another. Changes in tone are emblematic of changes in expectation as the focus of British pamphlets changes from defences of taxation policies to talk of rebellion, then war, and finally retrospect. This publication includes a copy of every available British and Irish pamphlet relating to the American Revolution that was printed in Great Britain between January 1st 1764 and December 31st 1783. Broadsides and controversial books which are relevant to the various aspects are also included. Two publications that lie outside the chronological limits of The American Controversy have also been included, one from 1763 and another from 1784, in order to complete a series of tracts on a common theme. In addition to British and Irish pamphlets, those American and European pamphlets that were reprinted in Britain between 1764 and 1783 feature alongside British parliamentary speeches that were published for outside readers, public reports and papers (though not government documents such as royal proclamations and parliamentary bills and acts). Pamphlets concerning Quebec have been included as the debate over its administration and government impinged on the pre-war disputes between Britain and the American colonies. The pamphlets have been arranged alphabetically within each year by author, title in the case of anonymous tracts, and originating institution in the case of public documents. American library usage is followed; thus, peers are listed by title rather than family name, but bishops are listed by name rather than by their see. Where the only edition filmed is a second or subsequent edition, it is included within the year of first publication."--Collection metadata page.
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  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1763-1764
  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1765-1766
  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1767-1768
  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1769-1770
  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1771-1772
  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1773-1774
  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1775-1776
  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1777-1778
  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1779-1780
  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1781-1782
  • Pamphlets for the Years, 1783-1784.
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