Violent star formation from 30 Doradus to QSOs : proceedings of the first IAC-RGO meeting, held in Puerto Naos La Palma, Spain, November 8-12, 1993 / edited by G. Tenorio-Tagle.

Cambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1994.
xiii, 431 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm


Summary note
What impact do massive stellar associations have on their environment through the power of their ionising radiation and mechanical energy? Gathered together in this volume are papers presented at the first IAC-RGO meeting, held in Puerto Naos La Palma, Spain, dedicated to exploring all aspects of this burning question. This volume examines the formation and evolution of new clusters of stars, and explores all the possible consequences in a wide variety of objects where massive stellar bursts have occurred. Thus it presents an alternative model to that of supermassive black holes as the power houses of active galactic nuclei; it analyses the impact of Wolf-Rayet stars, stellar winds and supernovae on their host galaxy; and it provides evidence of massive superassociations and of supersonic velocity dispersions which result from photo-ionisation by violent star formation. For graduate students and researchers, this volume provides a valuable overview and a timely update on all aspects of violent star formation in a host of objects - from 30 Doradus, the largest HII region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, to nuclear starbursts and QSOs.
Bibliographic references
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  • Initial Mass Function of the Center of 30 Doradus / E. M. Malumuth and S. R. Heap
  • Nature of Kinematics of the Emission Nebulae in the Cyg OB1 Supershell / T. G. Sitnik and V. V. Pravdikova
  • Asymmetry in the Vertical Distribution of Giant Molecular Clouds in the Carina Arm / E. J. Alfaro et al.
  • Supersonic Motions in Giant HII Regions / C. Munoz-Tunon
  • Kinematical Study of NGC 604 / N. S. P. Sabalisck et al.
  • UV Spectroscopy of Giant Extragalactic HII Regions: the Case of NGC 604 / L. Sanz Fernandez de Cordoba
  • Evolution of GEHRs: The Effects Caused by Champagne Flows / J. A. Rodriguez-Gaspar and G. Tenorio-Tagle
  • Bursts of Star Formation in Central Disks of Galaxies / V. Surdin
  • Violent Star Formation / G. Tenorio-Tagle
  • Superassociations as Star Complexes with Violent Star Formation / Yu. N. Efremov
  • ^ Violent Star Formation Driven by Shock-Shock Collisions / A. Chernin and Yu. N. Efremov
  • Search for Hierarchical Structure inside M31 Superassociations / P. Battinelli et al.
  • Stochastic PSF Model: Smooth Spirals in Differentially Rotating Disks / J. Palous and B. Jungwiert
  • Spatiotemporal Pattern Driven by a Self-Regulating Mechanism of Star Formation / A. Parravano
  • Detection of an Age Gradient along the z-Axis in a Star-Forming Region / E. J. Alfaro et al.
  • Abundances of HII Regions and the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies / M. Peimbert et al.
  • Galaxy Properties in Different Environments: Star Formation in Bulges of Late-Type Spirals / M. G. Pastoriza et al.
  • Star Formation in Galaxies in the Bootes Void / D. Weistrop
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  • Photometric Diagrams of NGC 2366 / A. Aparicio et al.
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  • Metallicity Effects on the Properties of Very Young Star Clusters / M. L. Garcia-Vargas et al.
  • Prototype Starburst Galaxy NGC 7714: Physical Conditions of the Gas and the Stellar Populations / R. Gonzalez-Delgado et al.
  • Tracing Violent Star Formation: HI Observations of Nearby Galaxies / E. Brinks
  • Massive Star Formation and Supergiant Shells in the Irregular Galaxy NGC 55 / D. J. Bomans and E. K. Grebel
  • Galactic Supershells / S. A. Silich et al.
  • Violent Star Formation in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies / E. Skillman
  • Very Metal-Poor Galaxies and the Primordial Helium Abundance / E. Terlevich et al.
  • Implications from HI Composition and Ly[alpha] Emission of HII Galaxies / D. Kunth et al.
  • IR- and X-Radiation of the Starburst Dwarf Galaxy UGCA 86 / G. M. Richter et al.
  • High-Resolution CCD Photometry of HII Galaxies / E. Telles and R. Terlevich
  • ^ Formation of Narrow Hell [lambda]4686 Emission in HII Galaxies: Link with X-Ray Emission / C. Motch et al.
  • Environmental Effects in Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxies / J. M. Vilchez
  • Theory of Starburst and Ultraluminous Galaxies / B. Elemegreen
  • Colliding Galaxies, Shocked Gas, and Violent Star Formation / S. A. Lamb et al.
  • Violent Star Formation in Merger Remnants / U. Fritze-von Alfvensleben
  • UV Variability of IRAS 13224-3809 / J. M. Mas-Hesse et al.
  • Star Formation in Polar-Ring Galaxies / V. Reshetnikov and F. Combes
  • Infrared Spectroscopy of IR-Luminous Galaxies / A. Sternberg et al.
  • Application of the Multiphase Model to the Galactic Bulge / M. Molla et al.
  • Stellar Populations and Population Gradients in Spiral Bulges / M. Balcells and R. F. Peletier
  • Implications of Galaxy Alignment for the Galaxy Formation Problem / W. Godlowski
  • Annular Structure Analysis of the Starburst Spiral Galaxy NGC 7217 / A. M. Varela et al.
  • How a Dust Concentration Mimics Dynamical Signatures around the Nucleus of NGC 7331 / F. Prada et al.
  • UGC 5101: An Ultraluminous IRAS Galaxy with Circumnuclear Star Formation / V. Reshetnikov and F. Combes
  • Stellar Content of Nearby and Distant Starbursts / C. Leitherer
  • WR Stars in the Giant HII Region NGC 4236III / R. Gonzalez-Delgado and E. Perez
  • Consequences of High Mass Loss Rates on Wolf-Rayet Populations in Starbursts / G. Meynet
  • Optical and Ultraviolet Morphology of the Starburst Regions in Wolf-Rayet Galaxies / W. D. Vacca
  • Starburst Nucleus of M83 / S. R. Heap
  • Spectrophotometry of Haro Starburst Galaxies / S. Steel et al.
  • Starbursts in the Irregular Galaxy VV 523 / J. Hecquet et al.
  • Long-Slit Spectroscopy of the Central Regions of Starburst Galaxies Henize 2-10 and Markarian 52 / H. Sugai and Y. Taniguchi
  • Star Formation in Active Galactic Nuclei: the Cases of NGC 5135, NGC 6221 and NGC 7130 / H. R. Schmitt et al.
  • Metallicity Effects on Starburst / M. Cervino and J. M. Mas-Hesse
  • From 30 Doradus to QSOs / R. Terlevich
  • Distance Indicators to Low-Luminosity AGN / I. Aretxaga and R. J. Terlevich
  • Broad- and Narrow-Band Imaging of the CfA Seyfert Sample / A. M. Perez Garcia and J. M. Rodriguez Espinosa
  • Type Transitions in Starburst-Powered AGN / I. Aretxaga and R. J. Terlevich
  • Stellar Ionization of Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei / J. C. Shields
  • Line Profiles in Compact Supernova Remnants and Active Galactic Nuclei / R. Cid Fernandes and R. Terlevich
  • Composite Galactic Nuclei / B. Boer
  • Nature and Origin of X-Ray Emission in Active Galaxies / H. Netzer
  • Starbursts and Compact Supernova Remnants / J. Franco et al.
  • Broad-Band and Line Emission from Fast Radiative Shocks in Dense Media / T. Plewa
  • Study of the Stellar Populations in AGN / M. Serote-Roos et al.
  • Bidimensional Spectroscopy of Seyfert Galaxies: Offset BLR in NGC 3227 / S. Arribas and E. Mediavilla
  • ROSAT Detection of the Most Rapidly Varying Seyfert Galaxy / Th. Boller and J. Trumper
  • QSO Evolution: a Link with Starbursts? / B. J. Boyle
  • Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies
  • a Chemo-Dynamical Model / A. C. S. Friaca and R. J. Terlevich
  • Birth of Galaxies at z = 2 or Violent Star Formation at z = 0.4? / A. D. Chernin.
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Violent star formation from thirty Doradus to OSOs.
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