SEAC 2011 Stars and Stones: Voyages in Archaeoastronomy and Cultural Astronomy : Proceedings of the SEAC 2011 Conference / edited by F. Pimenta, N. Ribeiro, F. Silva, N. Campion, A. Joaquinito, L. Tirapicos.

European Society for Astronomy in Culture. Meeting (19th : 2011 : Évora, Portugal) [Browse]
  • Oxford : Archaeopress, 2015.
  • ©2015
340 pages : illustrations, maps ; 30 cm.


BAR international series ; 2720. [More in this series]
"The 19th meeting of the European Society for Astronomy and Culture was held in Évora, Portugal, from September 19th to 23th, 2011"--Preface.
Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references.
  • 1. Opening and public lecture. Voyages guided by the skies: ancient concepts of exploring and domesticating time and space across cultures / Michael A. Rappenglück
  • Voyages of the Zodiac, an impenitent traveller across lands and ages / Juan Antonio Belmonte
  • 2. Astronomical navigation. An encounter of worlds. The archaeology of the nautical astrolabe: news from a shipwreck in Namibia / José Manuel Malhão Pereira
  • Celestial navigation in the USA, Fiji, and Tunisia / Jarita C. Holbrook
  • The problem of longitude in the 18th century: Jorge Juan, Antonio de Ulloa and the expedition of the Paris Academy of Sciences to the kingdom of Peru / Manuel Pérez Gutiérrez
  • Star-paths, stones and horizon astronomy / Bernadette Brady
  • Protohistoric and historical Atlantic navigation: archaeological evidence from the Azores / Nuno Ribeiro, Anabela Joaquinito, Fernando Pimenta, Herbert Sauren, António Félix Rodrigues, Antonieta Costa, António Sérgio Pereira, Maria de fRaga Juliano, Joaquim, Fernandes, Ricardo Freitas, Ricardo Ventura, and Luís Tirapicos
  • 3. Archaeoastronomical voyages in antiquity, Egypt, Middle East and Mediterranean. The development of the sacred landscape of Saqqara in the Old Kingdom / Giulio Magli
  • Orientation of the villas at Tylissos on Crete and their relationships to the Minoan calendar / Göran Henriksson, Mary Blomberg
  • Defining astrology in ancient and classical history / Nicholas Campion
  • Orion in Homer: is it a terrestrial, an astral or an astronomical myth? / Manuela Revello
  • Himera and Pyrgi: the diagonals and the alignments of the temples / Marcello Ranieri
  • Plato's cosmic theology: a rationale for a polytheistic astrology? / André Henriques
  • Ancient topometry, the tracing of towns in the Roman epoch: Ulpia Traiana dacica Sarmizegetusa - Romania. Second part / Florin Stanescu
  • 4. Ethnoastronomical voyages in Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Reading alien landscapes: thick versus thin descriptions in archaeoastronomy / J. McKim Malville
  • Statistical analysis of temple orientation in ancient India / Alba Aller, Juan Antonio Belmonte
  • The cosmos in Portuguese popular tradition: a bibliographic and fieldwork approach / Catarina Oliveira
  • On the intercourse between Indian and Arabic/Persian astrologies / Audrius Beinorius
  • 5. Ethnoastronomical voyages in North America, Mesoamerica and South America. Shaking Eden: voyages, bodies and change in the social construction of South American skies / Alejandro Martín López
  • Sky travelers: cosmological experiences among evangelical Indians from the Argentinian Chaco / Agustina Altman
  • 6. Archaeoastronomical voyages in paleolithic and neolithic cultures. Notes on archaeoastronomy in Portugal: from first light to dark moon / Cândido Marciano da Silva
  • A voyage around the recumbent stone circles of north-east Scotland / Liz Henty
  • Danish passage graves, 'spring/summer/fall full moons' and lunar standstills / Clas Jørgen Clausen
  • Ditched enclosures in southern Portugal: an archaeoastronomical view / J. Mejuto, A. Carlos Valera, J. Gómez Castaño, G. Rodríguez-Caderot, Helmut Becker
  • Possible astronomical intentionality in the Neolithic Mnajdra south temple in Malta / Tore Lomsdalen
  • Astronomical topographical orientation of Kreisgrabenanlagen in lower Austria / Georg Zotti, Wolfgang Neubauer
  • Out of Africa: the solarization of the moon / Lionel Sims
  • A possible astronomically aligned monolith at Gardom's Edge / Daniel Brown, Andy Alder, Elizabeth Bemand
  • 7. Archaeoastronomical voyages in Chalcolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages. A place along the way: contextualising findings from the Iron Age post enclosure at Lismullin, Co. Meath, Ireland / Frank Prendergast
  • Open air rock art between Alva and Ceira Rivers: a voyage through mining, trading, transhumance routes and the orientation in the landscape / F. Pimenta, N. Ribeiro, A. Smith, A. Joaquinito, S. Pereira and L. Tirapicos
  • Astronomical orientations in sanctuaries of Daunia / E. Antonello, V.F. Polcaro, A.M. Tunzi Sisto, M. Lo Zupone
  • From hillforts to saints: sun tropoi and patterns of christianization in NW Spain / Marco V. García Quintela, A. César González García, Yolanda Seoane Veiga
  • Astronomical aspects of Krakow's monumental mounds / Joanna Kozakiewicz
  • A myth in Celtiberian astronomy / Ma. Pilar Burillo-Cuadrado
  • The astronomical sanctuary of the Celtiberian town of Segeda (Mara, Zaragoza, Spain) / Francisco Burillo-Mozota, Manuel Pérez-Gutiérrez
  • Modeling and analysis of the Gobustan sundial observatory / Abasali Rustamov, Gunay Rustamova
  • 8. Archaeoastronomical voyages in medieval time in orient and occident. A voyage of Christian medieval astronomy: symbolic, ritual and political orientation of churches / A. César González-García
  • Transient astronomical events as inspiration sources of medieval art. III: the 13th and 14th centuries, and the case of the French "ordre de l'étoile" / F. Bònoli, M. Incerti, V.F. Polcaro
  • English medieval churches, 'festival orientaiton' and William Wordsworth / Peter G. Hoare, Hans Ketel
  • 9. History of astronomy: an encounter of cultures. Gods, demons and deceivers: Jesuits facing Chaco skies / Alejandro Martín López
  • Boscovich, the Brera Observatory and the Enlightenment / Elio Antonello
  • Archaeology and astronomy. A 300-year voyage / Jody Morellato
  • Astronomy and "Azuelejo" panels in Portuguese Jesuit colleges / Rosário Salema de carvalho, Samuel Gessner, Luís Tirapicos
  • The role of cultural astronomy in bridging the snow's "two cultures": some Italian experiences / V.F. Polcaro
  • Evangelista Torricelli and astronomy / Rosa María Herrera
  • 10. Round table: To where is Archaeoastronomy voyaging? Archaeoastronomy, cultural astronomy and education. Navigating between the scylla of social construction and charybdis of logical empiricism: the construction of facts in archaeoastronomy / Stanisław Iwaniszewski
  • Where is cultural astronomy going? / Lionel Sims.
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