Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz / [edited by] Vere Chappell.

New York : Garland Pub., 1992.
2 v. : ill. ; 24 cm.


Reprint of works originally published 1972-1988.
Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Pt. 1. Leibniz's theories of contingency ; Phenomenalism and corporeal substance in Leibniz / Robert Merrihew Adams
  • Leibniz's theory of the striving possibles ; Freedom, contingency, and things possible in themselves / David Blumenfeld
  • Perceptions and relations in the monadology / John Earman
  • Analyticity and necessity in Leibniz / Gregory W. Fitch
  • Leibniz's principle of identity of indiscernibles ; Being able to do otherwise : Leibniz on freedom and contingency / Lois Frankel
  • Monadology / Montgomery Furth
  • Individual substance / Ian Hacking
  • Leibniz's theory of the ideality of relations / Hid©♭ Ishiguro
  • Perception and immateriality in the Nouveaux essais ; Leibniz and phenomenalism / Nicholas Jolley
  • Leibniz and Spinoza on activity / Martha Kneale
  • Leibniz's conception of expression / Mark A. Kulstad
  • Leibniz on possible worlds ; Individuals and modality in the philosophy of Leibniz ; Nominalism and Evander's sword / Benson Mates.
  • (Continued) pt. 2. Leibniz and traditional philosophy / Laurence B. McCullough
  • 'Labyrinthus continui' : Leibniz on substance, activity, and matter / J.E. McGuire
  • Reference, essentialism, and modality in Leibniz's metaphysics ; Leibniz and the doctrine of inter-world identity / Fabrizio Mondadori
  • The vis viva controversy : do meanings matter? / David Papineau
  • Science and metaphysics in the Leibniz-Newton controversy / George Henry Radcliffe Parkinson
  • Truth, predication and the complete concept of an individual substance / Donald Rutherford
  • Leibniz on personal identity and moral personality / Samuel Scheffler
  • Freedom and moral therapy in Leibniz / Michael J. Seidler
  • Truth and sufficient reason in the philosophy of Leibniz / Robert Sleigh
  • Liebniz on the two great principles of all our reasonings / R.C. Sleigh, Jr.
  • (Continued) De ipsa natura : sources of Leibniz's doctrines of force, activity and natural law / Catherine Wilson
  • Leibniz and materialism ; Leibniz's dynamics and contingency in nature ; Possible gods / Margaret D. Wilson
  • Liebniz's theory of relations / David Wong
  • The nature of an individual substance / R.S. Woolhouse
  • Leibniz and occasionalism / Roger S. Woolhouse.
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  • 9780815305873
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  • 9780815305859
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