Triōdion katanyktikon periechon hapasan tēn anēkousan autō Akolouthian ... / tonisthen para tou archimousikodidaskalou Anthimou Archidiakonou ... epexergasthen ploutisthen kai symplērōthen hypo tou ... Philomousou Philippou G. Kōstomētsopoulou prōtonotariou.

Kōstomētsopoulos, Philippos G. [Browse]
Musical score, Manuscript
Modern Greek (1453-)
between 1870-1915.
461 pages : paper ; 233 x 159 (205 x 135) mm bound to 242 x 167 mm


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Open for research.
Summary note
Liturgical book containing the Three Odes for a particular period of the Orthodox ecclesiastical calendar which extends from the Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee and concludes with Holy Saturday. Inscription on title page reads: "Triōdion katanyktikon periechon hapasan tēn anēkousan autō Akolouthian. / Apo tēs Kyriakēs tou Telōnou kai Phari-/saiou mechri tō M. Savvatō tēs Hagias kai / Megalēs Tessarakostēs. Cheirographōs tonisthen to prōton para tou en Makaria tē lēxei aristou kai kalliphō/nou archimousikodidaskalou Anthimou Archidiako/nou Mesolongiou kata to 1870. / Nyn de ēdē epexergasthen ploutisthen kai symplē/rōthen ponētai en Karpenēsiō / hypo / tou elachistou en Hiereusi Philomousou / Philippou G. Kōstomētsopoulou / prōtonotariou./ En mēni Dekemvriō kai en eniautō sōtēriō. / 1913." On the verso of title page: "Tō / Sevasmiōtatō Episkopō / Naupaktias kai Eurytanias / Kyriō Kyriō / Serapheim Domvoitē / tēn Vivlon tautēn / eulavōs anatithēsin / Ho ponēsas / Ph.G. Kōstomētsopoulos / Hiereus, prōtonotarios." Colophon on p. 455 denotes the place and the name of the scribe: "En Koryschades tē 1ē Ianouariou / 1915. / Ho grapsas tēnde tēn Vivlon / Philippos G. Kōstomētsopoulos / hiereus, prōtonotarios." Penciled inscription on the inner front free endpaper refers to the previous owner of the manuscript dated March 3, 1922.
  • Ms. codex.
  • Title from title page.
  • Physical description: written in Greek minuscule in black ink, headings and initials in red; Byzantine music notation in black; the last fifteen pages are blank; includes table of contents on pp. 457-461. In very good condition.
  • Spine title in gold lettering: "Triōdion."
Binding note
Bound in brown leather on wooden boards with a central cross design on frontside; sewn on five raised bands.
Source acquisition
Purchase: Acquired with matching funds provided by the Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund. AM 2013-79.
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