[Commonplace book of prayers and selections from the Qurʾān, 1723 or 4].

Manuscript, Book
  • Arabic
  • Persian
109 leaves : paper ; 140 x 97 (100 x 52) mm. bound to 141 x 104 mm.


Getty AAT genre
1723 or 4].
Summary note
Collection of prayers, instructions for prayers, selections from the Qurʾān, and other miscellaneous texts.
  • Ms. codex.
  • On front cover: Label reading "131" in Arabic script.
  • Physical description: Generally 11 lines per page; Arabic in naskh and Persian in nastaʻliq in black on glazed, laid European and paper. Rubrication and catchwords; text occasionally written on the diagonal and covering most of page surface. Damp staining around margins; some leaves are detached. Fol. 53 has been torn out, leaving only the upper corner. Inserts between fol. 66-67, 86-87, 92-93.
  • Origin: Text 5 is dated 1136 H [1723 or 4] (fol. 43).
Binding note
Limp brown leather with blind-tooled fillets.
Language note
Arabic and Persian.
  • 1. fol. 1a-1b: [Medical formula in Persian and Arabic prayer for recovery].
  • 2. fol. 2a-7a: [Prayers in Arabic].
  • 3. fol. 7b-12a: [Sūrat al-Fātiḥah; Sūrat Yāsīn; Sūrat al-Jumʻah].
  • 4. fol. 9a-18a (margins): [Phrases to be said during ṣalāh, with Persian explanation].
  • 5. fol. 12a-43a: Hādhā [sic] Jawāhir al-Qurʾān. A selection of āyahs from the Qurʾān.
  • 6. fol. 18b-19b (margins): [Arabic prayers with Persian explanation].
  • 7. fol. 43a-57b: Niyyat-i tawbah va bāz gasht az maʻāṣī khayr guyad.
  • 8. fol. 57b-62a: Dar bayān-i kayfīyat-i namāz-i ʻĪd-i Ramaz̤ān va Qurbān.
  • 9. fol. 62a-86b: Iqraʾ hādhihi al-fātiḥah baʻd al-ṣalāh wa itmām al-khuṭbah.
  • 10. fol. 86b-87b: [Arabic prayer with Persian explanation].
  • 11. fol. 88a-93b: [Marriage formulas, poetry quotations, hadiths, and other short texts].
  • 12. fol. 94a-101b: Dar bayān-i taʻqīb-i har namāz.
  • 13. fol. 102a-109b: [Prayers].
Other title(s)
  • Qurʼan. Selections
  • قرآن.
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