Advances in stromatolite geobiology [electronic resource] / [edited by] Joachim Reitner, Nadia-Valérie Quéric, Gernot Arp.

International Kalkowsky Symposium (2008 : Göttingen, Germany) [Browse]
Heidelberg ; New York : Springer, [2010], c2011.
xii, 538 p. : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ; 24 cm.


  • "Kalkowsky Symposium 2008, held in Göttingen, Germany"--P. [4] of cover.
  • Proceedings of an international symposium on stromatolites held Oct. 4-11, 2008, dedicated to Ernst Louis Kalkowsky, 1851-1938, organized under the auspices of the DFG-Research Unit FOR 571 "Geobiology of Organo- and Biofilms" : Coupling Geosphere and Biosphere via Microbial Processes and the Courant Research Centre Geobiology at the Universität Göttingen. Cf. pref. and symposium's abstract volume and field guide to excursions (viewed through Scientific Commons PDF Dec. 21, 2010).
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  • Founding of the term 'stromatolite' : Ernst Louis Kalkowsky (1851-1938) and his early stromatolite research / Alexander Gehler and Mike Reich
  • Kalkowsky's stromatolites and oolites (Lower Buntsandstein, northern Germany) / Josef Paul, Tadeusz M. Peryt, and Robert V. Burne
  • The nature of stromatolites : 3,500 million years of history and a century of research / Robert Riding
  • Modern marine stromatolites of Little Darby Island, Exuma Archipelago, Bahamas : environmental setting, accretion mechanisms and role of euendoliths / R. Pamela Reid ... [et al.]
  • Molecular approaches to studying living stromatolites / Brendan P. Burns, Nithya Baburajendran, and Joannita Dhannawan
  • Magnesium inhibition controls spherical carbonate precipitation in ultrabasic springwater (Cedars, California) and culture experiments / Patrick Meister ... [et al.]
  • Microbial control on lamina formation in a travertine of Crystal Geyser, Utah / Chiduru Takashima ... [et al.]
  • Photosynthesis-induced stromatolite formation in the freshwater creeks / Fumito Shiraishi
  • The role of purple sulphur bacteria in carbonate precipitation of modern and possibly early Precambrian stromatolites / Rolf Warthmann ... [et al.]
  • Precipitation of CaCO₃ under sulphate-reduction conditions / Dorota Wolicka and Andrzej Borkowski
  • Myxococcus xanthus colony calcification : a study to better understand the processes involved in the formation of this stromatolite-like structure / Concepcion Jimenez-Lopez ... [et al.]
  • Are stromatolites the most ancient skeletal organisms? / Evgenia Sumina, Vladimir Orleansky, and Dmitry Sumin
  • Geomicrobiology of fluid venting structures at the Salse di Nirano mud volcano area in the northern Apennines (Italy) / Christina Heller ... [et al.]
  • Trace element and biomarker signatures in iron-precipitating microbial mats from the tunnel of Äspö (Sweden) / Jens Kurz ... [et al.]
  • Microbial euendolithic assemblages and microborings in intertidal and shallow marine habitats : insight in cyanobacterial speciation / Gudrun Radtke and Stjepko Golubic
  • On microbiocorrosion / Aline Tribollet ... [et al.]
  • The deep-sea chemoautotroph microbial world as experienced by the Mediterranean metazoans through time / Marco Taviani
  • Gypsum microbialite domes shaped by brine currents from the Badenian evaporites of western Ukraine / Maciej Bąbel, Danuta Olszewska-Nejbert, and Andrii Bogucki
  • The microbialite-vermetid community of the Salento Peninsula in southern Italy : a late Miocene example of automicrite deposition / Alessandro Vescogni ... [et al.]
  • The characterisation of sedimentary organic matter in carbonates with Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy / Adelaide Mastandrea ... [et al.]
  • Interactions between microbes and siliceous sponges from Upper Jurassic buildups of external prebetic (SE Spain) / Matías Reolid
  • Aftermath of the Triassic-Jurassic boundary crisis : spiculite formation on drowned Triassic Steinplatte reef-slope by communities of hexactinellid sponges (northern Calcareous Alps, Austria) / Stefan Delecat, Gernot Arp, and Joachim Reitner
  • Microbes in resinous habitats : a compilation from modern and fossil resins / Christina Beimforde and Alexander R. Schmidt
  • Tolypammina gregaria Wendt 1969-Frutexites assemblage and ferromanganese crusts : a coupled nutrient-metal interplay in the Carnian sedimentary condensed record of Hallstatt facies (Austria) / Marta Rodríguez-Martínez ... [et al.]
  • New geochemical method to characterise microbialites from the St. Cassian Formation, Dolomites, northeastern Italy / Francisco Sánchez-Beristain ... [et al.]
  • Importance of rare earth element patterns in discrimination between biotic and abiotic mineralization / Adriano Guido ... [et al.]
  • Lower Ordovician stromatolites from the Anhui Province of South China : construction and geobiological significance / Natsuko Adachi ... [et al.]
  • Sedimentology and palaeoecology of Ernietta-bearing Ediacaran deposits in southern Namibia : implications for infaunal vendobiont communities / El Hafid Bouougri ... [et al.]
  • Biolaminated siliciclastic deposits / El Hafid Bouougri and Hubertus Porada
  • Microbial binding as a probable cause of taphonomic variability of Vendian fossils : carbonate casting? / Ekaterina A. Serezhnikova
  • Morphology as an indictor of biogenicity for 3.5-3.2 Ga fossil stromatolites from the Pilbara craton, Western Australia / Martin J. Van Kranendonk.
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