[Collection of Arabic philosophical texts].

Manuscript, Book


  • Fols. 69; 18.2 x 13.3 cm.; written surface 13 x 6.5-8.5 cm.; 18-21 lines to page; on glazed Arabic paper, in naskhi and Fārisi; with catchwords; entries in red.
  • A collection containing:
  • 1. A fragment of commentary by ḥusayn ibn Muʻīn al-Dīn al-Maybudī on Hidāyat al-ḥikmah, a work on logic, physics and metaphysics by al-Abharī, A.H. 663 [A.D. 1264/5]. This fragment contains a part of the second book (ṭabīʻīyāt = physics) and commences with the chapter on the elements (ʻunṣurīyāt). See ḥājjī Khalffah VI, p. 474; Ahlwardt, Verzeichnis der arabischen Handschriften, 5065. The work was printed in Constantinople, A.H. 1263.
  • 2. A commentary by Ṣafar Shāh on a work of metaphysics. The copy was made in A.H. 797 [A.D. 1395] by Mūsá ibn Muḥammad ibn Maḥmūd al-Burussawī, a disciple of the author. The colophon indicates that the author was still living at the time. MS rare.
  • Marginal and interlinear notes; MS in fair condition; Arabic binding.
  • Acquired from Bārūdī, Beirūt, A.D. 1925.
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