[Collection of Arabic texts].

Zabīdī, Muḥammad ibn Yaḥyá, -1160 [Browse]
Uniform title
Manuscript, Book


  • Fols. 92; 16.5 x 12.7 cm.; written surface 14.5 x 11 cm.; 12-15 lines to page; on glazed Arabic paper; in naskhi; with vowel signs.
  • A collection containing:
  • 1. A tract entitled Radd ʻalá man alḥada fī al-kitāb al-ʻazīz,containing an attack against those who disbelieve the Koran. The copy was made in al-Mawṣil, A.H. 577 [A.D. 1181], by ʻAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Muḥammad ibn ʻImrān ibn ʻAlawān ibn Khazraj, a friend of the author. This is followed by a number of traditions and a short note on some of the unorthodox Muslim sects by Abū Muḥammad ʻAbd Allāh ibn Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad ibn Naṣr.
  • 2. Munāṣafat al-Qushayrī fī al-tilāwah, a defense of al-Qushayrī (perhaps Abū al-Qāsim ʻAbd al-Raḥmān, A.H. 465 [A.D. 1072]) in his method of reading the Koran and the exegesis of the word qurʼān itself. The copy was made in Damascus, A.H. 587 [A.D. 1191], by the same Ibn Khazraj.
  • 3. A number of questions and their answers dealing with the fundamentals of Islam. The copy was made in A.H. 585 [A.D. 1189] by the same copyist.
  • 4. Risālah fī ḥifẓ al-nubūwah, a short work on prophecy. The copy belongs to A.H. 585 [A.D. 1189].
  • 5. Masʼalat al-nikāḥ, a work on marriage and divorce.
  • 6. An exhortation. The copy was made by the same Ibn Khazraj A.H. 585 [A.D. 1189].
  • 7. Legal problems collected by the author from al-Fiqh al-akbar, the famous work on the principles of jurisprudence commonly ascribed to Abū ḥanīfah, A.H. 150 [A.D. 767]. Copy made by Ibn Khazraj in Ribāṭ al-Mufannadīyah [?] in A.H 585 [A.D. 1189].
  • 8. Masāʼil fī al-uṣūl, a fragmentary work on jurisprudence. Copied in A.H. 584 [A.D. 1188] by the same copyist.
  • 9. A short polemic against the heresy of those who claim that in īyāka naʻbudu wa-īyāka nastaʻīn, the word īyāka is the real object of worship. Copied by the same Ibn Khazraj in Damascus A.H. 584 [A.D. 1188].
  • 10. Several religious questions with their answers. Incomplete at the end.
  • MS in fair condition.
  • Acquired from Brill, Leyden, A.D. 1900.
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