New technologies for archaeology : multidisciplinary investigations in Palpa and Nasca, Peru / Markus Reindel, Günther A. Wagner (eds.).

Berlin : Springer, c2009.
xvii, 512 p. : ill. (chiefly col.), maps (chiefly col.) ; 24 cm.


Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references (p. 463-504) and index.
  • Introduction : new methods and technologies of natural sciences for archaeological investigations in Nasca and Palpa, Peru / Markus Reindel and Günther A. Wagner
  • Man and environment in the eastern Atacama Desert (southern Peru) : Holocene climate changes and their impact on pre-Columbian cultures / Bernhard Eitel and Bertil Mächtle
  • Built on sand : climatic oscillation and water harvesting during the late intermediate period / Bertil Mächtle ... [et al.]
  • Beneath the desert soil : archaeological prospecting with a caesium magnetometer / Jörg W.E. Fassbinder and Tomasz H. Gorka
  • Quantum detection meets archaeology : magnetic prospection with SQUIDs, highly sensitive and fast / Sven Linzen ... [et al.]
  • Viewing the subsurface in 3D : sediment tomography for (geo-)archaeological prospection in Palpa, southern Peru / Stefan Hecht
  • The field of sherds : reconstructing geomagnetic field variations from Peruvian potsherds / Florian Stark ... [et al.]
  • From hunters to regional lords : funerary practices in Palpa, Peru / Johny Isla Cuadrado
  • Talking bones : bioarchaeological analysis of individuals from Palpa / Elsa Tomasto Cagigao
  • Who were the Nasca? Population dynamics in pre-Columbian southern Peru revealed by ancient DNA analyses / Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Susanne Hummel and Bernd Herrmann
  • Humans and camelids in river oases of the Ica-Palpa-Nazca region in pre-Hispanic times : insights from H-C-N-O-S-Sr isotope signatures / Peter Horn ... [et al.]
  • The Nasca and their dear creatures : molecular genetic analysis of pre-Columbian camelid bones and textiles / Rebecca Renneberg, Susanne Hummel and Bernd Herrmann
  • Of layers and sherds : a context-based relative chronology of the Nasca style pottery from Palpa / Niels Hecht
  • The clock in the corn cob : on the development of a chronology of the Paracas and Nasca period based on radiocarbon dating / Ingmar Unkel and Bernd Kromer
  • Cold light from the sediments of a hot desert : how luminescence dating sheds light on the landscape development of the northeastern Atacama / Annette Kadereit ... [et al.]
  • Light thrown on history : the dating of stone surfaces at the geoglyphs of Palpa using optically stimulated luminescence / Steffen Greilich and Günther A. Wagner
  • Virtual archaeology : new methods of image-based 3D modeling / Armin Gruen
  • Virtual flight over the Nasca lines : automated generation of a photorealistically textured 3D model of the Pampa de Nasca / Martin Sauerbier
  • Context matters : GIS-based spatial analysis of the Nasca geoglyphs of Palpa / Karsten Lambers and Martin Sauerbier
  • A model helicopter over Pinchango Alto : comparison of terrestrial laser scanning and aerial photogrammetry / Henri Eisenbeiss
  • Perspectives and contrasts : documentation and interpretation of the petroglyphs of Chichictara, using terrestrial laser scanning and image-based 3D modeling / Peter Fux ... [et al.]
  • Pottery plotted by laser : 3D acquisition for documentation and analysis of symmetry of ancient ceramics / Hubert Mara
  • Gold in southern Peru? Perspectives of research into mining archaeology / Thomas Stöllner
  • Fingerprints in gold / Sandra Schlosser ... [et al.]
  • Life at the edge of the desert : archaeological reconstruction of the settlement history in the valleys of Palpa, Peru / Markus Reindel.
  • 9783540874379 (hbk.)
  • 3540874372 (hbk.)
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