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This collection consists primarily of reproduced drawings, plans, construction plans, and blueprints of works done by major firms in the latter half of the 20th century. Particular focus is on Princeton campus buildings and University of Pennsylvania buildings.
  • TUBE 1. a. Washington Oaks at Princeton, 10/10/1988, Van Note-Harvey Assoc. b. Residence for Dr. and Mrs. W.C. Bailey, L.A., Calif., 1958, Pierre Koenig c. Social Dining Facility (Butler College / Wilcox Hall) Princeton University, 1981, Robert Venturi, John Rauch d. Case Study Triad for Arts and Architecture Magazine, 12/30/1959, Killingsworth, Brady, Smith -- TUBE 2. a. McGregor Memorial Community Conference Center, Detroit Michigan (Marble Institute of American Case Study #1), Yamasaki, Leinweber and Associates 10/15/1956 b. A Residence (Marble Institute of American Case Study #2), Eero Saarinen and Associates, Alexander Girard, Roche 2/16/1955 -- TUBE 3. a. Central Motor Bank of Central MO Trust, Jefferson City, MO (Marble Institute of American Case Study #4), Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill -- TUBE 4. a. U.S. Embassy at Athens, Greece (Marble Institute of American Case Study #3), Architects Collaborative of Cambridge (Gropius) 1957 -- TUBE 5. a. Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia, Kahn, Lewis I. 1/19/1966 b. Detroit Public Schools Construction Assistance Program, Detroit Michigan 11/16/1970 -- TUBE 6. a. Residence for Janss/Pacific, Los Robles Hills, California Buff and Hensman b. Cultural and Convention Center, Norfolk, VA Williams and Tazewell, 3/1/1968 c. Administrative Building, Princeton University Edward Larrabee, Harris d. 780 3rd Avenue Office Building, New York, Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill 5/21/1981 -- TUBE 7. a. King County Stadium, Seattle, Naramore, Skiling, Praeger 5/16/1973 b. Restoration of Statue of Liberty New York, Ph. G. Grandjean, J. Levron, J. Moutard, P. Tissier, Swanke Hayden Connell Architects, & the Office of Thierry W. Despont 3/2/1984 c. US Steel Office Building, Pittsburgh, PA Harrison, Abbramovitz -- TUBE 8. a. Married Student Housing, Princeton, Fisher, Nes, and Campbell 7/7/1965 b. Social Dining Facility Princeton, Princeton University, Robert Venturi & Rauch 5/8/1981 c. Astrophysical Sciences Building, Princeton University, Minoru Yamasaki, 2/15/1965 d. Natatorium and Physical Education Building, Indianapolis, Edward L Barnes 5/13/1980 -- TUBE 9. a. Biology Building University of Pennsylvania, Kahn, L., 5/24/1960.
  • TUBE 10. a. Swimming Pool Facility, Princeton University, Craig W Mullins, 1/31/1989 b. Biology Building University of Pennsylvania, Kahn, L., 5/24/1960 -- TUBE 11. a. Astrophysical Sciences Building, Princeton University, Minoru Yamasaki, 2/15/1965 b. School of Architecture and Urban Planning Lecture Room, Princeton University, Allen, Chimacoff 6/26/1980 c. Princeton University School of Architecture, Fisher, Nes, Campbell, 4/1962 d. Prospect House Restoration / Renovation, Venturi & Rauch e. Jr. Faculty Apartments II, Princeton, Ballard Todd Associates 10/25/1968 f. Additional UPenn Kahn Biology Building plans -- TUBE 12. a. Firestone Court Princeton University, E. Harvey Myers, 7/7/1996 b. Butler Housing Area, Princeton, Fry, Elmer Walter, 11/1/1974 c. Princeton University Woolworth Music Center Addition, Princeton, Wank Adams Slavn Assoc. 6/17/1905 -- TUBE 13. a. Library for Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New Hampshire, Kahn, Louis I. 11/29/1968 -- TUBE 14. a. National Accelerator Lab, Daniel, Urbahn. Seelye and Fuller. -- TUBE 15. a. St Johns University Library, Minnesota, Marcel Brewer and Assoc., 5/14/1965 b. Woolworth School of Music Addition, J. Navarro Baldeweg, 1995 -- TUBE 16. a. A 500 Room Hotel for Palacio Del Rio, Cerna and Garzo b. IUPUI Natatorium and Physical Education Building, E. Larrabee -- TUBE 17. a. Space Needle, Seattle, J. Graham and Assoc.-- TUBE 18. a. Phillips Exeter Academy New Athletics Facility, Exeter New Jersey, Kallman and McKinnell 8/21/1967 -- FLAT BOX. a. Project & Place: Canary Wharf, London, 6/15/1988 Kohn Pederson Fox Assoc. PC b. Cohen Residence, Florida, 1954, Paul Rudolph c. Boston Public Library Addition 11/7/1968, Philip Johnson d. Bank of China - HK Branch, Hong Kong, 3/31/1985, IM Pei and Partners e. Princeton Univ. Woolworth Music Center Addition, 1995, Juan Navarro Baldeweg.
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