al-Luʼluʼīyāt fī al-mawāʻiẓ.

Nasafī, Makḥūl ibn Faḍl, d. 931 [Browse]
Manuscript, Book


  • ff. 146. 235 x 163; 210 x 134 mm. 25 lin. 12th cen.? - fol. 1-10 and 144-146 worn and damaged.
  • Mutilus; the original foliation indicates that three leaves are missing at the beginning, an unknown number missing at end. Perhaps identical with the authorʼs Luʻluʼīyāt, which according to Ḥājjī Khalīfah, Kashf al-ẓunūn, col. 1571 (ed. Flügel V, 136, no. 11245) consists of 135 bābs. In the present ms. there are 105 unnumbered bābs extant, of which the first three are:
  • باب هوان الدنىا والحرص علىها:(fol. 1b).
  • باب رفض الدنىا وذمها:(3a).
  • باب فضل الزهد فى الدنىا :(3b).
  • The last three extant chapters are:
  • باب ذکر آىات الابدال:(143a).
  • باب مجاهدة النفس والهوى وادواىها:(144b).
  • باب ذکر العدل والجور:(145b).
  • The ms. AS 4801 (Brockelmann, GAL, S I, 358, 6b: no. 1) seems to contain a fragment of this work: the chapter-headings quoted by Massignon, Recueil p. 25 correspond to those on fol. 93a-134b of the present ms. See also Brockelmann, GAL, I, 216 (6b) and S I, 293 (6a).
  • Each bāb begins with the words ابو مطىع قال e.g.fol. 3a: ... باب رفض الدنىا وذمها ابو مطىع قال اخبرنا محمد بن هشام السرخسى قال احدثنا على بن مرداس ... عن الضحاك قال قالوا ىا رسول◆الله من ازهد الناس فى الدنىا قال من لم ىنس المقابر
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