[Aḥādīth al-aḥkām].

Manuscript, Book


  • ff. 69. 215 x 151; 175 x 110 mm. 21 lin. 13th cen.
  • Fragment of a collection of traditions divided into kitābs (subdiv. into bābs) which follow the usual order of law-books; the peculiarity of this collection is that the last three ruwāh in every isnād are Muḥammads, cf. the passage quoted below.
  • The first complete book extant is kitāb al-wakālah which begins on fol. 1b as follows: ... کتاب الوکالة . باب فى وکالة الشرىك فى القسمة وغىرها . وقد اشرك النبى ... علىا فى هدىة ثم امره بقسمتها . حدثنا محمد قال حدثنا محمد قال حدثنا محمد قال حدثنا قصىبة ... عن على علىه السلام قال امرنى رسول الله ... ان اتصدق
  • The folio numbers (by a later hand) indicate that 59 leaves are missing at the beginning; there are lacunae after fol. 49 and 59; fol. 46b and 47a are blank; the ms. breaks off in litāb al-jihād wa-al-siyar which begins on fol. 64a.
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