The complete lyrics of Johnny Mercer / edited by Robert Kimball ... [et al.].

Mercer, Johnny, 1909-1976 [Browse]
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1st ed.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2009.
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Johnny Mercer–Too Marvelous for Words / Miles Kreuger – Mercer on Mercer (with a Little Help from His Friends) / Barry Day – Introduction / Robert Kimball – Acknowledgements – Songs of 1930-1932. Out of Breath (and Scared to Death of You) ; Another Case of the Blues. THE PAJAMA LADY (1930). Down through the Ages ; One, Two, Three ; Three guesses. PARIS IN SPRING (1930). The Moon Shines Down ; Until We Kiss ; Don’t Ask Too Much of Love ; Beyond the Moon ; While We Danced at the Mardi Gras ; How Happy Is the Bride ; Sweet Little Lady Next Door ; It’s About Time ; Just Like a Falling Star ; Mouthful o’ Jam ; When We Ride on the Merry-Go-Round ; Spring Is in My Heart Again ; Deep South (in My Heart) ; How Long Has This Been Going On? ; Falling Off the Wagon ; After Twelve O’Clock ; Thanksgivin’. J.P. McEVOY’S NEW AMERICANA (1932). Whistling for a Kiss ; Satan’s Little Lamb ; Wouldja for a Big Red Apple? ; What Will I Do Without You? (What Will You Do Without Me?) ; Little Old Crossroad Store ; If I Could Only Read Your Mind ; Seven Little Steps to Heaven ; The Alphabet of Love Begins and Ends with You – Early Songs by “John” Mercer. About Face ; After All These Years ; Anne ; Are You Gonna Throw Me Down? ; Don’t Stop Me If You’ve Heard It ; Fever Heat ; Finders Are Keepers ; Give Me Back My Heart ; Here You Are ; Hideaway ; How I Wish That You Were in My Place ; I Still Remember the Masquerade ; If the Moon Could Talk ; I’ll Be Free ; I’m a Stranger in These Parts ; I’m So Glad You’re You ; In the Afterglow ; In Your Eyes ; I’ve Got a Lot to Live For ; I’ve Nothing to Hide ; Lazy Song ; Magic in the Moonlight ; Right Under My Eyes ; Ring Around the Moon ; Sing Me to Sleep ; Through Time and Tide ; Time After Time ; Too Good to Be True ; Twilight ; Watch a Darky Dance ; We Stayed in Love Too Long ; We Won’t Worry Till Fall ; Weary Shoulders ; Welcome, Stranger ; We’re in Wonderland ; When the Moon Is Full ; Where’s the Happy Ending? ; Why Pretend? ; Wrap It Up ; You Never Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry – Songs of 1933-1934. Dark Is the Night ; In a Café in Montmartre ; Talking in My Sleep ; Music from Across the Sea ; Lazybones ; Down a Long, Long Road ; Life’s So Complete ; Indian Summer ; There’s a Ring Around the Moon ; Ghost of Love ; You Have Taken My Heart ; You ; Old Aunt Kate ; Fare-Thee-Well to Harlem ; My Old Man ; Fool That I Am ; Moon Country (Is Home to Me) ; When a Woman Loves a Man ; Here Come the British ; Beneath the Curtain of the Night (Ninfa de Ojos Brujos) ; Her First Evening Dress ; Pardon My Southern Accent ; I Saw You Dancing in My Dreams ; Old Skipper ; If I Could Have My Way ; The Bathtub Ran Over Again. TRANSATLANTIC MERRY-GO-ROUND (1934). If I Had a Million Dollars ; P.S. I Love You ; Just a Fair-Weather Friend ; Walkin’ with My Shadow ; Down t’Uncle Bill’s ; Lawd, I Give You My Children. GAMBLING (1934). Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes – Old Man Rhythm, To Beat The Band, and Other Songs of 1935. The Little Man with the Hammer ; For Lovers Only ; The Keeper of My Heart ; The Dixieland Band. OLD MAN RHYTHM (1935). There’s Nothing Like a College Education ; Boys Will Be Boys, Girls Will Be Girls ; Comes the Revolution, Baby ; I Never Saw a Better Night ; Old Man Rhythm ; When You Are in My Arms ; It’s a Night in a Million. TO BEAT THE BAND (1935). I Saw Her at Eight O’Clock ; Santa Claus Came in the Spring ; Eeny, Meeny, Money, Mo ; What’s the Use of Living? ; If You Were Mine ; Meet Miss America ; Central Park ; Maybe You Know What I Mean ; Wrap Yourself in Cellophane ; On the Nodaway Road ; Goody Goody – Lew Leslie’s Blackbirds of 1936 (London) and Other Songs of 1936. RISE AND SHINE (1936). I’m Building Up to an Awful Letdown ; Welcome, Stranger ; Lost ; The Bells of Honolulu. RHYTHM ON THE RANGE (1936). I’m an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande) ; A Word to the Wise Will Do ; Dream Awhile. LEW LESLIE’S BLACKBIRDS OF 1936. The Swing is the Thing ; Your Heart and Mine ; Keep a Twinkle in Your Eye ; Jo-Jo, the Cannibal Kid ; Dixie Isn’t Dixie Any More ; Harlem to Hollywood ; Why Can’t It Be Me? ; I Knew ; South Wind ; Peter Piper ; Jamboree Jones ; Do My Eyes Deceive Me? ; Mister T. from Tennessee ; Just Remember – Ready, Willing and Able; Varsity Show; Hollywood Hotel; and Other Songs of 1937. READY, WILLING AND ABLE (1937). The World Is My Apple ; The Little House on the Hill ; My Father’s Wedding Suit ; Handy with Your Feet ; Too Marvelous for Words ; Just a Quiet Evening ; Sentimental and Melancholy ; Ready, Willing and Able ; When a Blues Singer Falls in Love ; Gasoline Gypsies. THE SINGING MARINE (1937). Night Over Shanghai. VARSITY SHOW (1937). The Varsity Show’s Rehearsing ; Old King Cole ; We’re Working Our Way Through College ; On with the Dance ; You’ve Got Something There ; Have You Got Any Castles, Baby? ; Moonlight on the Campus ; Love Is on the Air Tonight ; When Your College Days Are Gone. HOLLYWOOD HOTEL (1937). Hooray for Hollywood ; I’m Like a Fish out of Water ; Silhouetted in the Moonlight ; Let That Be a Lesson to You ; I’ve Hitched My Wagon to a Star ; Sing, You Son of a Gun ; Can’t Teach My Old Heart New Tricks ; Singin’ in the Moonlight ; Love Is a Merry-Go-Round ; Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?) – Garden of the Moon, Going Places and Other Songs of 1938. If You Can Take It ; Our Hearts Will Never Grow Old. JEZEBEL (1938). Jezebel ; Waltz of the Flowers. GOLD DIGGERS IN PARIS (1938). Day Dreaming (All Night Long) ; My Adventure. COWBOY FROM BROOKLYN (1938). I’ve Got a Heartful of Music ; Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride ; I’ll Dream Tonight ; Howdy, Stranger ; Cowboy from Brooklyn. BOY MEETS GIRL (1938). Boy Meets Girl ; Something Tells Me ; The Weekend of a Private Secretary. MR. CHUMP (1938). As Long As You Live (You’ll Be Dead If You Die) ; Mr. Crosby and Mr. Mercer. GARDEN OF THE MOON (1938). Garden of the Moon ; Love Is Where You Find It ; Love Is Where You Find It ; The Lady on the Two-Cent Stamp ; Confidentially ; The Girl Friend of the Whirling Dervish ; Keep Away from the Swinging Doors. HARD TO GET (1938). There’s a Sunny Side to Every Situation ; You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby. GOING PLACES (1939). Jeepers Creepers ; Say It with a Kiss ; Oh, What a Horse Was Charlie ; Mutiny in the Nursery ; Could Be ; Cuckoo in the Clock – Wings of the Navy, Naughty But Nice, and Other Songs of 1939. WINGS OF THE NAVY (1939). Wings Over the Navy. LEW LESLIE’S BLACKBIRDS OF 1939. I Did It for the Red, White, and Blue ; (Gotta Get Some) Shut-Eye. NAUGHTY BUT NICE (1939). Millions of Dreams Ago ; Remember Dad (On Mother’s Day) ; Hooray for Spinach ; I’m Happy About the Whole Thing ; In a Moment of Weakness ; I’m Up a Tree ; Corn Pickin’ ; I Don’t Believe in Signs ; Have a Dream on Me ; Lalita ; You Grow Sweeter As the Years Go By ; Holy Smoke (Can’t Ya Take A Joke?) ; You and Your Love ; And the Angels Sing ; Show Your Linen, Miss Richardson ; Day in–Day Out ; Blue Rain ; I Thought About You ; Make with the Kisses ; Smarty Pants – Three after Three / Walk With Music (1939-1940). Greeting, Gates ; Today I Am a Glamour Girl ; Even If I Say It Myself ; I Walk with Music ; Ooh, What You Said ; Everything Happens to Me ; Wait Till You See Me in the Morning ; Break It Up, Cinderella ; Smile for the Press ; A Friend of the Family ; Way Back in 1939 A.D. ; How Nice for Me ; What’ll They Think of Next (Now That They’ve Thought of You)? ; The Rhumba Jumps ; Darn Clever These Chinee ; Newsy Bluesies ; I’m Off the Wagon (Boom, I’m Off the Wagon) ; Amazing What Love Can Do ; Charm Against Trouble ; Glamour Boys – You’ll Find Out, Second Chorus, and Other Songs of 1940. Mister Meadowlark ; Little Cowboy Blue ; Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread) ; On Behalf of the Visiting Firemen ; Nightcap Song ; Homecoming ; Pretty Please ; The Legend of Old California. TWO WEEKS WITH PAY (1940). With You with Me ; The Air-Minded Executive ; Long Time, No See. YOU’LL FIND OUT (1940). Like the Fella Once Said ; You’ve Got Me This Way (Whattaya Gonna Do About It?) ; (Ting-a-Ling) The Bad Humor Man ; I’d Know You Anywhere ; I’ve Got a One-Track Mind ; Don’t Think It Ain’t Been Charming ; You’ll Find Out. SECOND CHORUS (1940). I Ain’t Hep to That Step (but I’ll Dig It) ; Love of My Life ; Poor Mister Chisholm ; Me and the Ghost Upstairs – You’re the One, Navy Blues, in the Night, and Other Songs of 1941. Calling All Squares ; I Boogied When I Should Have Woogies ; Loca Illusion. YOU’RE THE ONE (1941). You’re the One (for Me) ; I Could Kiss You for That ; Strawberry Lane ; The Yogi (Who Lost His Willpower) ; Gee, I wish I’d Listened to My Mother ; My Resistance Is Low ; P.S. I Got the Job ; Honor Bright ; I’ll Get You in the End ; In a Moment of Surrender ; This Is the Night of My Dreams ; Peekaboo to You. NAVY BLUES (1941). Navy Blues ; When Are We Going to Land Abroad? ; In Waikiki ; You’re a Natural ; Strip Polka ; Turn Out the Lights (and Call the Law) ; Hawaiian Party – BIRTH OF THE BLUES 1941. The Water and the Porter and the Upstairs Maid – BLUES IN THE NIGHT (1941). Blues in the Night ; Hang On to Your Lids, Kids (Here We Go Again) ; This Time the Dream’s On Me ; Wait Till It Happens to You ; Says Who? Says You, Says I! ; Mandy Is Two ; Mandy Is Three ; Skylark – The Fleet’s In, You Were Never Lovelier, Star Spangled Rhythm, and Other Songs of 1942. ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT (1942). All Through the Night. CAPTAINS OF THE COUDS (1942). Captains of the Clouds. THE FLEET’S IN (1942). The Fleet’s In ; Tangerine ; When You Hear the Time Signal ; If You Build a Better Mousetrap ; Not Mine ; I Remember You ; Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry ; Tomorrow You Belong to Uncle Sammy ; On the Friendly Side ; I’m Cooking with Gas. YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER (1942). Dearly Beloved ; Wedding in the Spring ; I’m Old-Fashioned ; The Shorty George ; You Were Never Lovelier ; These Orchids ; On the Beam ; Windmill Under the Stars ; Barrel-House Beguine. THE BIRTH OF CAPITOL RECORDS. STAR SPANGLED RHYTHM (1942). Hit the Road to Dreamland ; On the Swing Shift ; I’m Doin’ It for Defense (The Jeep Song) ; A Sweater, a Sarong, and a Peek-a-boo Band ; That Old Black Magic ; Sharp As a Tack ; Old Glory ; He Loved Me Till the All-Clear Came ; Let’s God, Sailor ; Old Rob Roy ; Songs of Delta Delta Delta – The Sky’s the Limit, Here Come the Waves, and Other Songs of 1943-1945. THEY GOT ME COVERED (1943). Palsy-Walsy. THE SKY’S THE LIMIT (1943). My Shining Hour ; A Lot in Common with You ; One for My Baby (and One More for the Road) ; Harvey, the Victory Garden Man ; Hangin’ On to You – TRUE TO LIFE (1943). Mister Pollyanna ; Sudsy Suds Theme Song ; The Old Music Master ; There She Was ; When Love Walks By ; Trav’lin’ Light ; G.I. Jive ; Look in the Mirror ; Propaganda ; Pepsodent Commercial (Poor Miriam) ; Moon Dreams ; The Tailgate Ramble ; Dream ; You Can Say That Again ; Duration Blues. TO HAVE AND NOT (1944). How Little We Know ; HERE COME THE WAVES (1944). The Navy Song ; Let’s Take the Long Way Home ; Accent-tchu-ate the Positive ; There’s a Fella Waitin’ in Poughkeepsie ; I Promise You ; Here Come the Waves ; My Mama Thinks I’m a Star ; Got to Wear You off My Weary Mind ; A Woman’s Work I Never Done ; I Owe It All to You ; Aw, Come On Now ; Memory Song ; Parting Song ; Winter in My Heart ; You’ve Got Me Where You Want Me ; Laura. OUT OF THIS WORLD (1945). Out of this World ; June Comes Around Every Year ; Conversation While Dancing ; I Hear a Song in My Heart ; Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow ; Camptown Races ; I Can’t Believe My Eyes – The Harvey Girls (1945). In the Valley (Where the Evenin’ Sun Goes Down) ; Wait and See ; On the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe ; Oh, You Kid ; It’s a Great Big World ; The Wild, Wild West ; Swing Your Partner Round and Round ; Hayride ; March of the Doagies ; My Intuition – St. Louis Woman (1946). Li’l Augie Is a Natural Man ; Limericks ; Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home ; I Feel My Luck Comin’ Down ; I Had Myself a True Love ; Legalize My Name ; Cakewalk Your Lady ; Come Rain or Come Shine ; Easy Rider ; We Shall Meet to Part No Never ; Chinquapin Bush ; Sleep Peaceful, Mister Used-to-Be ; Leavin’ Time ; It’s a Woman’s Prerogative ; Ridin’ on the Moon ; Least That’s My Opinion ; Racin’ Forms ; Come On, Li’l Augie ; High, Low, Jack, and the Game ; A Man’s Gotta Fight ; Sow the Seed and Reap the Harvest ; Somethin’ You Gotta Find Out for Yourself ; Talkin’ Glory ; I Wonder What Became of Me – Songs of 1946-1949. CENTENNIAL SUMMER (1946). Two Hearts Are Better Than One ; Cindy ; And So to Bed ; (Love’s Got Me in a) Lazy Mood. DEAR RUTH (1947). Fine Thing! ; Every So Often ; Your Heart Will Tell You So. FOREVER AMBER (1947). Forever Amber ; The Circus I Coming to Town ; There’s No Business Like Show Business. MR. PEABODY AND THE MERMAID (1948). The Caribees ; The Angels Cried ; Harlem Butterfly ; Pine Top’s Boogie ; Great Guns ; Love Woke Me Up This Morning ; Thirteenth Street Rag ; Truly ; When Sally Walks Along Peacock Alley – MAKE BELIEVE BALLROOM (1949). Your Make-Believe Ballroom – Texas, Li’l Darlin’ (1949). Whoopin’ and a-Hollerin’ ; Texas, Li’l Darlin’ ; The Yodel Blues ; A Month of Sundays ; Hootin’ Owl Trail ; The Big Movie Show in the Sky ; Horseshoes Are Lucky ; Love Me, Love My Dog ; Take a Crank Letter ; Politics ; Ride ‘Em, Cowboy ; Affable, Balding Me ; Which-a-Way’d They Go? ; It’s Great to Be Alive ; Little Bit o’ Country ; Our Family Tree ; Just to Keep the Record Straight ; He Threw Me a Curve ; The Way You Fall in Love ; Isadore Shapiro and Sons – The Petty Girl, The Keystone Girl, and Other Songs of 1950. THE PETTY GIRL (1950). Fancy Free ; Calypso Song ; Ah Loves Ya! ; The Petty Girl ; Try Your Luck ; At the Jazz Band Ball ; The Years May Come ; Autumn Leaves ; He Didn’t Have the Know-how No How. THE KEYSTONE GIRL (1950). I Guess It Was You All the Time ; He’s Dead but He Won’t Lie Down ; All Tied Up ; Any Similarity (Is Just Coincidental) ; But They Better Not Wait Too Long! ; Don’t Care ; (In the Back of) My Liddle Ol’ Cadill-ol-lac ; Queenie, the Quick-Change Artist. HERE COMES THE GROOM (1951). In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening – Songs of 1951. Chimney Corner Dream ; Lock the Barn Door ; Here’s to My Lady ; When the World Was Young (Ah, the Apple Trees) ; The Little Boats of Barcelona ; Bless Your Heart ; Rocky Mountain Moon. MY FAVORITE SPY (1951). I Wind Up Taking a Fall. MESSER. MARCO POLO. The Best Love of All ; The Gentle Art of Murder ; Golden Bells ; The Human Race Is Human After All ; Come Up and See Me Sometime ; Venice in Spring ; A Very Important Man ; The Way of a Maid with a Man ; We Do It on a Horse ; Will-o’-the-Wisp ; You’re My Love ; The Southern Cross ; Kubla’s Soliloquy ; Sad Little Rains of China ; Tonight Is Mine – Top Banana (1951). The Man of the Year This Week ; You’re So Beautiful That— ; Top Banana ; Elevator Song ; Hail to MacCracken’s ; Only If You’re in Love ; My Home Is in My Shoes ; I Fought Every Step of the Way ; O.K. for TV ; Slogan Song ; Meet Miss Blendo ; Sans Souci ; A Dog Is a Man’s Best Friend ; That’s for Sure ; A Word a Day ; Be My Guest ; Girl of All Nations ; Havin’ a Ball ; Señorita Díaz ; What a Revoltin’ Development This Is ; I Know Your Kiss by Heart ; Bifocal Fred ; Everybody Is Your Partner in New York ; Cuckoo ; Have You Written Any Good Books Lately? – The Belle of New York and Other Songs of 1952. THE BELLE OF NEW YORK (1952). Baby Doll ; When I’m Out with the Belle of New York ; Oops! Seeing’s Believing ; A Bride’s Wedding Day Song ; Bachelor Dinner Song ; Naughty but Nice ; I Wanna Be a Dancin’ Man ; I Love to Beat the Big Bass Drum ; Meant to Tell Yuh ; Who’s Excited?. EVERYTHING I HAVE IS YOURS (1952). Derry Down Dilly ; Glow Worm ; The Lights of Home ; Early Autumn ; Bonne Nuit ; The Moonlight Waltz ; Hello Out There, Hello ; Aren’t You the Charming One? – Dangerous When Wet and Other Songs of 1953. DANGEROUS WHEN WET (1953). Fifi ; I Like Men ; I Got out of Bed on the Right Side ; Ain’t Nature Grand? C’est la Guerre ; In My Wildest Dreams ; Liquapep ; Song of India ; Sighs ; College November ; Autumn Twilight ; Around the Bend ; Dig You Most ; Don’t Run Away from the Rain ; Foremost Dairy Commercial ; I Pray ; Ohio ; The Pot and Pan Parade – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Other Songs of 1954. SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS (1954). Bless Yore Beautiful Hide ; Wonderful, Wonderful Day ; When You’re in Love ; Goin’ Co’tin’ ; Lonesome Polecat ; Sobbin’ Women ; June Bride ; Spring, Spring, Spring! ; You Take After Your Mother ; Queen of the May ; Some Place of My Own ; Drat ‘Em ; Shotgun Wedding ; Star Songs ; There’ll Come a Day ; Blossom ; Hoping ; Quiéreme y Verás ; Midnight Sun ; Musical Chairs ; Antonia ; Je T’aime Commercial. APACHE 1954. Love Song ; By the Way ; You Took the Words Right out of My Heart – Daddy Long Legs and Other Songs of 1955. DADDY LONG LEGS (1955). C-A-T Spells Cat ; Daddy Long Legs ; Welcome Egghead ; Something’s Gotta Give ; The History of the Beat ; Sluefoot ; Texas Romp and Square Dance ; Dancing Through Life ; I Never Knew ; Hare Piece ; Minor Nursery ; How I Made the Team ; I’m with You ; The Words or Music—Which Came First? ; The Art of Conversation Has Declined ; I Never Wanna Look into Those Eyes Again ; Higgledy-Piggledy ; I Can Spell “Banana” (But I Never Know When to Stop) ; The Daybreak Blues ; The Headless Horseman. I’LL CRY TOMORROW (1955). I’ll Cry Tomorrow – Li’l Abner and Other Songs of 1956. LI’L ABNER (1956). A Typical Day (In Dogpatch, U.S.A.) ; If I Had My Druthers ; Jubilation T. Cornpone ; Rag Offen the Bush ; Namely You ; Unnecessary Town ; What’s Good for General Bullmoose ; The Country’s in the Very Best of Hands ; Oh, Happy Day ; I’m Past My Prime ; Love in a Home ; Progress is the Root of All Evil ; Put ‘Em Back the Way They Wuz ; The Matrimonial Stomp ; There’s Room Enough for Us ; The Way to a Man’s Heart ; In Society ; I Wish It Could Be Otherwise ; I’m Too Darn Bashful ; Sorry ; I’m Just a Mammy’s Boy ; There’s Somethin’ Mighty Peculiar Goin’ On ; It’s a Nuisance Having You Around ; Somewhere, Someplace, Somehow ; Eight-Dollar Wedding (Wedding Song) ; Matador ; Night Song. YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY FROM IT 1956. You Can’t Run Away from It ; Howdy, Friends and Neighbors ; Thumbin’ a Ride ; Temporarily ; Whatcha-ma-call-it ; Old Reporters Never Die ; It Happened One Night. HILDA CRANE (1956). Rainbows in the Night. SPRING REUNION (1957). Spring Reunion – Merry Andrew and Other Songs of 1957-1959. Little Ol’ Tune. BERNARDINE (1957). Technique ; Bernardine ; Echoes ; Speak to the Heart. LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON (1957). Love in the Afternoon ; Ariane. THE MISSOURI TRAVELER (1958). The Piney Woods ; Rainy Night ; Yours for Keeps. MERRY ANDREW (1958). The Pipes of Pan ; Chin Up, Stout Fellow ; The Square of the Hypotenuse ; You Can’t Always Have What You Want ; Ev’rything Is Ticketty-boo ; Salud (Buona Fortuna) ; A Charmed Existence ; The Cinderella Waltz ; Longing ; Magic Island (Far Across the Sea) ; I’ve Gotta Be on My Way ; Oh What a Memory We Made ; I Love You (I Think) ; I Wish I Had Someone Like You ; Satin Doll ; My Piano Won’t Play ; On the Bridge of Avignon ; Sleepyhead ; Beauty from Ashes ; Love Me with Your Heart ; The Happy Bachelor, or The Courtship of Miles Davis ; Swing into Spring ; Joanna ; The Afterbeat ; I Wanna Be Around (to Pick Up the Pieces When Somebody Breaks Your Heart) ; The Storm ; Echo of a Dream ; Lovers in the Dark ; You Know You Don’t Want Me – Saratoga and Other Songs of 1959. SARATOGA (1959). I’ll Be Respectable ; One Step–Two Step ; Gettin’ a Man ; Petticoat High ; Why Fight This? ; A Game of Poker ; Love Held Lightly ; Saratoga ; Have You Heard? ; Countin’ Our Chickens ; You or No One ; The Cure ; The Men Who Run the Country ; The Man in My Life ; Goose Never Be a Peacock ; Dog Eat Dog ; I’m Headed for Big Things ; The Gamblers ; Lessons in Love ; You for Me ; Promenade ; Workman’s Songs ; Bon Appétit ; Al Fresco ; Lasso ; The Parks of Paris ; Reading the News ; Here Goes Nothing ; Folks ; To Make a Fine Lady ; Baby. BLUES OPERA/FREE AND EASY (1959). Champagne fo’ de Lady ; Snake Eyes ; Won’t Dat Be de Blessed Day – “Moon River'' and Other Songs of 1960-1963. My Love for You ; The Old Brown Thrush ; If I Didn’t Love You. THE FACTS OF LIFE (1960). The Facts of Life ; Two of a Kind ; Don’t Start Cryin’ Now ; Bouquet ; Brasilia (Serenata Negra). BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S (1961). Moon River ; The Bilbao Song ; Mexican Moon ; Baiiao ; Jack-o’-Lantern ; Musica di Roma ; Oasis ; The Yearly Consular Ball ; Drinking Again ; Hav-zies ; If You Come Through ; Indiscretion ; Don’t Wanna Be Alone Again. MR. HOBBS TAKES A VACATION (1962). Cream Puff ; Baby-O. HATARI (1962). Just for Tonight ; A Perfect Paris Night. THE CABINET OF CALIGARI (1962). The Sounds of the Night ; Moon in the Mulberry Tree ; Once Upon a Summertime (La Valse des Lilas). HOW THE WEST WAS WON (1962). Raise a Ruckus Tonight ; What Was Your Name in the States? ; Wait for the Wagon (Wait for the Hoedown) ; I’m the Worryin’ Kind ; Ma Belle Chéri. DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES (1962). Days of Wine and Roses ; Old Valparaiso Town. CHARADE (1963). Charade ; One Lonely Life. CLEOPATRA (1963). The Nile (Antony and Cleopatra Theme) ; Guitar Country. LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER (1963). Love with the Proper Stranger ; The Windows of Paris ; Cast Your Bread upon the Water ; Just the Letter “Q” ; The Moment of Truth ; Pineapple Pete ; Shameless ; Swingin’ at the Supermarket – Foxy 1962-1964. Prologue ; Many, Many Ways to Skin a Cat ; Rollin’ in Gold ; My Weight in Gold ; Money Isn’t Everything ; Larceny and Love ; The S.S. Commodore Ebenezer McAfee the Third ; Talk to Me, Baby ; This Is My Night to Howl ; Bon Vivant ; Finale Act 1 ; It’s Easy When You Know How ; Run, Run, Run, Cinderella ; I’m Way Ahead of the Game ; A Case of Rape ; In Loving Memory ; Finale ; Share and Share Alike ; A Child of the Wild ; The Power of Love ; Take It from a Lady ; Life’s Darkest Moment ; Till It Goes Outta Style ; The Letter of the Law ; Respectability ; Celia’s First Essay ; Shivaree ; If Mother Could Just See Me Now ; Revenge Is Sweet (Opera Number) ; Chief Indian Giver ; Celia’s First Lament ; As Fair as Her Name ; Rabbit’s Foot ; I’ll Get Even ; Foxy – Songs of 1964 and 1965. Lorna. MAN’S FAVORITE SPORT? (1964). Man’s Favorite Sport. THE PINK PANTHER (1964). It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera) ; Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life ; I Dreamed of My Darling ; Rosa, I Love You ; Busy Little Bumble Bee ; Lake Saint Mary ; Waiting for Jesus.THE AMERICANIZATION OF EMILY (1964). Emily ; Old Guitaron ; I Wanna Be in Love Again ; I’ve Waited for a Waltz ; Exercise Your Prerogative ; Single-O ; A Kiss from You ; Cheat on Me ; If-fa ; Just Like Takin’ Candy from a Baby ; One Little Evening ; Summer on the Cape ; Sweet Tidings ; A Wide Place in the Road ; Have a Heart ; Star Sounds. THE GREAT RACE (1965). The Sweetheart Tree ; He Shouldn’t-a, Hadn’t-a, Oughtn’t-a Swang on Me! ; Get a Horse ; Summer WInd ; California’s Melodyland ; Beautiful Forever. HANK (1965-1966). Hank ; A Song of Love for You – Songs of 1966-1969. MOMENT TO MOMENT (1966). Moment to Moment. JOHNNY TIGER (1966). The World of the Heart ; Tender Loving Care ; Fountain in the Rain ; Bittersweet ; Merry-Go-Round in the Rain ; Time to Smile. A BIG HAND FOR THE LITTLE LADY (1966). Mirror, Mirror, Mirror ; Georgia, Georgia ; Deirdre ; Shooby-Dooin’. NOT WITH MY WIFE, YOU DON’T! (1966). A Big Beautiful Ball ; My Inamorata ; Not with My Wife, You Don’t! ; Wait No More. ALVAREZ KELLY (1966). The Ballad of Alvarez Kelly ; Too Good to Be True. BAREFOOT IN THE PARK (1967). Barefoot in the Park. ROSIE! (1967). Rosie ; How Do You Say, “Auf Wiedersehen”? ; Papa Good Times ; Baby, Don’t You Quit Now. CIMARRON STRIP. Tomorrow Never Comes ; A Comet in the Sky ; Lotus Land ; Velvet Night ; Just Across the Mountains ; The Song of Long Ago ; Phone Call to the Past ; Morning Star ; Miracle of Christmas ; Trees (with Sympathy for Joyce Kilmer) ; Love Like Yours ; Small Petrushka ; I’ll Never Forgive Myself ; Floating Lei ; The Land Where the Old Dreams Go ; My Hangup Is You ; Old Summertime – Mike 1967. Ballad of a Private Eye ; Any Way the Wind Blows ; The Bully Boys ; A Cat with Nine Lives ; Gerfrunkt! ; The Equivalent of a Haa-vud Education ; He Never Even Knew What Hit Him ; Kiss and Tell ; The Mama Torpedo Cha-cha-cha ; My Crazy Old Subconscious ; Our Man in Paradise ; Thanks, but No Thanks! ; Why Didn’t I Tell Him? ; Betsy and Me ; The Medium (Couldn’t Get Through) ; You Can’t Lose ; (No Wonder It’s) Banned in Boston – Darling Lili 1970. Whistling Away the Dark ; The Little Birds (Les P’tits Oiseax) ; The Girl in No- Man’s-Land ; I’ll Give You Three Guesses ; Darling Lili ; Smile Away Each Rainy Day ; Skål (Let’s Have Another on Me) ; Your Good-Will Ambassador ; Piccadilly Circus ; Steal Two Eggs – Songs of 1970-1974. Mary Ellen ; Little Acorns ; Honolulu ; Misguided Faith (Sanctifying Grace) ; Blues Improvisation. RED SKY AT MORNING (1971). Red Sky at Morning ; Better Days. KOTCH (1971). Life Is What You Make It (Theme from Kotch) ; Shake It, but Don’t Break It ; Twilight World ; Fleur de Lys ; Happy Ever After ; My Mother’s Love ; Please, World, Stay Open All Night ; My Name Is Love, Fly Me ; El Camino ; October Twilight ; Hangin’ Loose ; Rock in a Weary Land ; Paesan ; My Jekyll Island ; Frazier (The Sensuous Lion). ROBIN HOOD (1973). The Phony King of England ; A Little Boy’s Rainy Day. THE LONG GOODBYE (1973). The Long Goodbye ; Cedar Point Parade ; I’m Shadowing You ; You Go Your Way ; Empty Tables ; That’s Mancini ; Little Ingénue – The Good Companions (1974) and Other Songs with André Previn. The Good Companions (1974). Goodbye ; Camaraderie ; Bruddersford Sequence, including All Mucked Up and The Pools and Aye, Lad ; Footloose Sequence, including The Great North Road and Fancy Free and Poor Schoolmasters and On My Way ; (May I Have the) Pleasure of Your Company ; Stage Struck ; The Dance of Life ; Good Companions ; Slippin’ Around the Corner ; A Little Travelling Music ; Black Week Medley ; And Points Beyond ; Darkest Before the Dawn ; Susie for Everybody ; Ta, Luv ; I’ll Tell the World ; Stage Door John ; Little Lost Dream ; Extravaganza! ; The Fair Sex ; Carnival Stall Song ; A Wanted Man ; Happy Endings ; In the Hands of Fate ; Balls ; Picadilly Circus ; Fate Moves in Mysterious Ways ; My Alter Ego and Me. OTHER SONGS WITH ANDRÉ PREVIN. Taste ; The Day That I’ll Find You ; Cutlery (Where Do We Go from Here?) ; Paddling Your Own Canoe ; The Long Way Round ; Casablanca – Songs of 1975-1979. Drinkin’ Doubles in a Singles Bar ; Don’t be Afraid of Autumn ; A Tribute to Ira Gershwin ; If Someday Comes Ever Again ; The Sounds Around the House ; Have a Nice Day ; Bluebird ; My New Celebrity is You ; Noma ; Girl, It’s You ; To Be Free ; I Came Home Today ; (Back to the) Hard Times ; Lonely Shade of Blue ; Young and Free ; Mistletoe Mansion ; When October Goes ; My Valentine Letter ; First, Last, and Always ; Day After Day After Day ; (They’re) Pavin’ California ; At Last ; Finders Are Keepers ; Heart of Mine, Cry On ; If It Can’t Be You ; The Last Dream Home ; Look at You ; When the Meadow Was Bloomin’ ; With My Lover Beside Me ; I Guess There Ain’t No Santa Claus ; Bye and Bye ; Just Like Takin’ Candy from a Baby ; Something Tells Me (I’m Falling in Love) – Miscellaneous Songs (Undated). Age of Innocence ; All the Stalls Go Dark ; All the World Knows We’re in Love ; “Almost” Don’t Count ; Aloha ; The Americana ; And Ain’t It Fun to Be Free ; And There She Sits ; Angel Face ; Any Blessing Heaven Sends My Way ; Any Old Day ; Around the Fireplace ; Autumn Afternoons ; The Bar-Maid ; Big Daddy ; Big Time in a Small Town – By Jove – Call Him Dad – Cecilia – Close Your Eyes – Dearest Darling – Deep in the Moon-Covered Mountains ; Disenchanted ; Don’t Cross Your Heart with Promises ; Don’t Play Me Cut-Rate ; Don’t You Recognize Me? ; Down in the Dumps ; East of the Rockies ; The Echo of My Heart ; Everybody Loves You ; Eyes of the Beloved ; Falling Star ; Finders Keepers ; The Flame of Life ; The Flying Carpet ; Forget-Me-Not ; For You’re Worth Waiting For ; F’rinstance ; Gee, but It’s Good to Be Home Again ; Gee, It’s Good to Hear It Again ; Ghost Town Blues ; God is Love (and Love is God) ; The Good Old Days ; The Hands of Fate ; Haystacks on a Hill ; Here We Are ; Hip Little World ; The Honeymoon is Over ; I Know My Heart ; I Love You Like It’s Going Out of Style ; I Never Had It So Good ; I Really Get a Message From You ; I Remember with My Heart ; I Struck It Lucky ; I Think We Need a Drink ; I Want You ; If Peanuts Were Rubies ; If You Can Imagine Such a Thing ; I’ll Hate Myself Tomorrow ; I’m a Man ; I’m Going Back to the Farm ; I’m Just Another Date to You ; I’m On You ; In the Twinkling of an Eye ; The Invisible Side of Life ; It’s out of My Hands ; John Henry ; Just Once ; Just to Remind You ; Keep Your Pigs out o’ My Potatoes ; The Lafayette Escadrille ; The Land of My Love ; Leave the Key in the Mailbox ; Lesson in Jazz ; Lest You Forget ; Let’s Knock on Wood ; Letters from My Mother ; Life’s a Piece of Pie ; Light of My Life ; A Little Church ; Little Mr. Bowlegs ; Living in the Used-to-Be ; Lodge Song (I Love to “Shee”) ; Lonelyheart ; The Long-Burning Light of the Past ; The Long of It, the Short of It ; Lost in the Sun ; Made for Each Other ; Merci Beaucoup ; Ne Plus Ultra ; Never Had It So Good ; Ninety-seven Cars on a Midnight Train ; No Wiki Wiki ; Nobody Asked Me ; Not for Sale ; Nothing up My Sleeve ; Now ; Now It’s a Thing of the Past ; Oh, Boy! ; The Old Boy ; On Our Golden Wedding Day ; One for All ; Oom-pah-pah ; Out There ; The Painted Desert ; Paris ; Passé ; Pictures in an Album ; Playgirl ; The Preacher ; The Prettiest Girl ; Previous ; Que Le Vaya Bien (May Things Go Well) ; Remind Me to Dream of This ; Roxanne ; Sale on Dreams ; San Domingo ; Sara Jane ; The Sea of Long Ago ; Simpatico ; Sinner or Saint ; Spelled Backwards I Love You ; The Splendor of You ; Starmaker ; Strictly the Real McCoy ; Sweet Escapade ; Taboo ; Take the Mule Train ; Tender and True Love ; Thank Your Lucky Stars ; That’s the Way It Is ; There Is Nobody Just Like Him ; This Is the Night ; Toss a Song in the Deep Blue Night ; Twilight Reflections (My Reflections) ; Uninvited Ghost ; Valparaiso by the Sea ; Wake Me When You Leave ; Wall Street ; Waltz with Me ; Way Out Where ; The Way You Fall in Love ; We All Can Make Mistakes ; We Cycle! ; What the Well-Dressed World Will Wear ; When I’m a Bust in the Hall of Fame ; When Snowflakes Fall ; Who but You? ; Who Can Tell? ; Who Knows ; Who Takes Care of the Caretaker’s Daughter? ; Why Don’t Men Leave Women Alone? ; Why Haven’t I Met You? ; Wildfire ; Without Benefit of Clergy ; You Came Along ; You Don’t Know the Half of It ; You Gotta Be a Grandparent ; You Inspire Me ; You Knock Me Out ; You Never Had It So Good ; You’re in Savannah. LATE EDITIONS. The H. C. Potters Ball ; Palsy Walsy ; Night Over Shanghai – Johnny Mercer’s Christmas Cards – Johnny Mercer’s Collaborators – Index.
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