[Muslim devotional miscellany].

Manuscript, Book
83 leaves : paper, ill. ; 144 x 96 (115 x 59) mm. bound to 144 x 104 mm.


Getty AAT genre
  • Ms. codex.
  • Physical description: 11 lines per page; written in naskhi script by different hands in black on white European laid paper. Catchwords. Text framed in gold. Sentences terminate in gold discs; headings set off in illuminated boxes. Well-executed polychrome and gilt illuminated ʻunwāns on fol. 1b-2a. Illuminated medallions on fol. 39a-48b. Illustrations on fol. 70b and 71a. Perforation of paper due to use of verdigris in borders.
  • Origin: Texts 1-6 copied by al-Sayyid Khalīl ibn al-Sayyid Ismāʻīl Khwājah, 1187 AH (1773 or 4). Text 12 copied by Ṣāḥib Muṣṭafá Āghā, Rabīʻ al-Ākhir 1191 (June 1777).
Binding note
Full brown morocco with flap; gold-stamped central mandorla and corner designs. Leather has partially worn off of front cover. Pink endpapers.
Language note
  • 1. fol. 1b-38b: [A selection of seven surahs from the Qurʾan].
  • 2. fol. 39a-39b: Sūrat al-Ikhlāṣ, Sūrat al-Falaq, Sūrat al-Nās, Sūrat al-Fātiḥah. Set within illuminated medallions.
  • 3. fol. 40a-48b: [Invocations]. Set within illuminated medallions.
  • 4. fol. 49a-51a: [Supplication].
  • 5. fol. 51b: [Description of Muhammad's seal]. In Ottoman Turkish.
  • 6. fol. 52a-69a: [Supplications].
  • 7. fol. 69b: [Notes in Ottoman Turkish].
  • 8. fol. 70a: [blank]
  • 9. fol. 70b: [Illustration of the Kaʻbah].
  • 10. fol. 71a: [Illustration of Muhammad's mosque and tomb in Medina].
  • 11. fol. 71b: [blank]
  • 12. 72a-73b: [Text on supplication]. In Ottoman Turkish.
  • 13. 74a-75a: [Unidentified Ottoman Turkish text].
  • 14. 75b-80b: Hādhā Asmāʾ al-Nabī.
  • 15. 81a-81b: [Supplications].
  • 16. 81b-83b: [Unidentified Ottoman Turkish text].
Previously owned by Luther R. Fowle.
Source acquisition
Gift; Helen Joy Smith, 1999/2/11 (1999-69).
Other title(s)
  • Qurʼan. Selections
  • قرآن.
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