[Railroads: a history of arbitration]

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Summary note
These documents reflect the history of arbitration within the railroad industry.
From the holdings of Princeton University Industrial Relations Library.
  • [1] New railway labor act represents great forward step; "machinery for peace; not a manual of war" / issued by Ivy L. Lee and Associates, 1926
  • [2] Action on 129 railway labor cases in year reported by federal board of mediation / published by New York Times, 1924
  • [3] Memorandum of agreement / by Canadian Railway Board of Adjustment, 1921
  • [4] Rail strike writ made permanent; unions rebuked / published by New York Times, 1923
  • [5] President's proposals for ending railroad strike and executive's reply rejecting them / published by New York Times, 1922
  • [6] Proceedings of the fourteenth formal meeting of the central western shippers advisory board to American railway association / by American Railway Association, Car Service Division, 1927
  • [7] Summary showing the western railroads to represent and act for these railroads and to negotiate pending issues to a conclusion within the provisions of the presidents' resolution of Decmber 18, 1931 / by Western Association of Railway Executives, 1932
  • [8] Statement showing southeastern railroads and the classes of employees on each road included in the negotiations to begin in Chicago / by Carriers and the Organizations representing the Classes of Employees, 1932
  • [9] Summary showing the extent to which eastern railroads authorize ... to act for and represent them in negotiations and in all proceedings which may follow such negotiations ... / prepared by Bureau of Information of the Eastern Railways, 1932
  • [10] Howell-Barkley bill: what it means to the public and the railroads / prepared by Committee on Public Relations, 1924
  • [11] Capital and labor join hands in promoting the Watson-Parker mediation bill / by Ralph M. Easley, 1926
  • [12] Report and award of arbitrators / prepared by Board of Arbitration, 1926
  • [13] Arbitrators named in rail pay dispute / published by New York Times, 1926
  • [14] Report and award of arbitrators: order of railway conductors and brotherhood of railroad trainmen vs. certain western railroads / prepared by U. S. Board of Mediation, 1927
  • [15] Third report of proceedings of board covering period October 1, 1923, to September 30, 1927 / by Canadian Railway Board of Adjustment, 1927
  • [16] Bill, S. 2646 / by 68th Congress, 1st Session, 1924
  • [17] Railway labor disputes legislation / by R.B., published by Editorial Research Reports, 1926
  • [18] Evidence presented to the arbitration board by carriers in the eastern district with respect to wages of trainmen / by J. J. Ekin, Comptroller, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, 1926
  • [19] Training and skill of trackmen: argument before board of arbitration on Louisville and Nashville railroad in support of the claim of employees that trackmen are not common laborers / prepared by L. E. Keller, Statistician and Assistant General Chairman, 1927
  • [20] Transcript of proceedings of the arbitration board / U. S. Board of Mediation, 1931
  • [21] Railway labor / prepared by Attorney General's Committee on Administrative Procedure, Department of Justice, [1940]
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