[Album of miniatures and specimens of calligraphy of Indian origin].

Manuscript, Book
[between 16-- and 18--]
55 leaves : paper, col. ill. ; 485 x 280 mm.


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Album of miniatures and specimens of calligraphy of Indian origin. Described by Mika Natif.
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  • The album consists of 55 folios measuring 485 x 280 mm.
  • Origin: The signed paintings and calligraphies are attributed to Mīr ʻAlī, Sulṭān ʻAlī al-Mashhadī, Muḥammad ʻAẓīm al-Ikthīr, ʻImād al-Ḥusaynī, Muḥammad Muʻīn ʻAlī Tajallī (= Shāh Muḥammad Muʻīn ʻAlī Tajallī Chishtī, fol. 32a), Muḥammad Ibrāhīm, ʻAbd Allāh, Muḥammad ʻAlī, Muḥammad Badīʻ al-Iṣfahānī, Tajallī ʻAlī Shāh, Muḥammad Karīm, Anūp Chator (Chatar, Chitor: see Titley), Mīr Muḥammad Māh Ḥusaynī, Zayn al-Ḥaqq, Zarrīn Raqam, Muḥammad Afḍal, Ghulām Muṣṭafá Khān, Muḥammad Aṭhar, Asad Allāh, Mughalkhān, Ghulām Jamāl Allāh Khān, Sayyid ʻAlī Būkhārī Rūshan Raqam, Jawāhir Raqam-i Thānī, Muḥammad Ḥusayn, Muḥammad ʻAlī Gawhar, Muḥammad al-Fakhkhār, Abū al-Baqāʼ al-Mūsawī, Kifāyat Khān, Ismāʻīl, Ilyās Bahādur, Aḥmad Shāh, Muḥammad Dalīr, and date from 1014H. [1630 or 31] to 1189 [1775]. Other undated paintings can be dated to 18th-19th century India and 16th or early 17th century Central Asia. One piece is dated Awrangābād, [1]203 [1788 or 9] (fol. 22a).
A letter attached to the album mentions that this was made for the Portuguese governor of India, but this is a late attribution. The document further indicates that the book belonged to the Delaney family who sold it to Sir John Malcolm (1769-1833) from the East India Company. It was then sold to Rowland Jones Esq. (1772-1856), Broom Hall, Carnarvonshire, Wales. The album was then auctioned in an estate sale between Feb. 24 and March 8, 1857 at Carnarvonshire and was purchased by William Stewart Esq. (1798-1874) of Aldenham Abbey, Hertfordshire. Stewart sold the book at Christie's auction in London in 1875. There was probably another owner after Stewart from whom Robert Garrett (1875-1961) purchased the album.
Source acquisition
Gift ; Robert Garrett, Class of 1897 ; 1942.
Moghadam, M. et al. Garrett coll., 206
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Microfilm negative available for reproduction.
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