Ukraine : an illustrated history / Paul Robert Magocsi.

Magocsi, Paul R. [Browse]
Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2007.
x, 336 p. : ill., maps ; 26 cm.


UkraineHistory [Browse]
Includes index.
Ukraine's physical geography -- Ukraine's political and human geography -- Greeks and Scythians -- Khazars -- The original homeland of the Slavs -- Trade routes in Eastern Europe in the eighth to tenth centuries -- Kievan Rus' : its formation and consolidation -- Kievan Rus' : its disintegration -- The Mongol invasions -- The Golden Horde and Italian merchants -- Galicia-Volhynia and the end of Kievan Rus' -- The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rus', and Samogitia to 1569 -- The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth after 1569 -- Socioeconomic relations in Ukrainian lands, 1569-1648 -- Religion and culture in Ukrainian lands in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries -- Tatars and Cossacks -- Zaporozhia -- The Khmel'nyts'kyi uprising of 1648 -- The Cossack state -- Ukrainian lands during the period of ruin, 1657-1686 -- Mazepa and the Cossack hetmanate -- Sloboda Ukraine in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries -- Zaporozhia and southern Ukrainian lands in the eighteenth century -- The right bank and western Ukraine in the eighteenth century -- The partitions of Poland, 1772-1795 -- Ukrainian lands in the Russian empire in the nineteenth century -- Socioeconomic developments in Dnieper Ukraine in the nineteenth century -- The peoples of Dnieper Ukraine in the nineteenth century -- Ukrainian lands under Habsburg rule, 1772-1914 -- The peoples in Ukrainian lands under Habsburg rule, 1772-1914 -- Western Ukraine during World War I -- Revolution in Dnieper Ukraine, 1917-1918 -- War, social upheaval, and anarchy in Dnieper Ukraine, 1919-1920 -- Western Ukrainian lands, 1918-1919 -- Ukrainian lands after World War I -- Soviet Ukraine in the interwar years -- Soviet Ukraine's other peoples -- Soviet Ukraine : economic transformation and the great famine -- Ukrainian lands in interwar Poland -- Ukrainian lands in interwar Romania and Czechoslovakia -- Carpatho-Ukraine, 1938-1939 -- World War II and western Ukrainian lands, 1939-1941 -- Ukrainian lands during World War II, 1941-1944 -- World War II : the military struggle for Ukrainian lands -- Soviet Ukraine after World War II -- From Soviet Ukraine to independent Ukraine.
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