The whole digital library handbook / edited by Diane Kresh for the Council on Library and Information Resources.

Chicago : American Library Association, 2007.
x, 416 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm


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Summary note
Essential facts, advice, lists, documents, guidelines, lore, wit, and wisdom: Along with fun and irreverence, it's what readers have come to expect from the "Whole Library" series. In a one-volume compendium that's by turns encyclopedic, useful, and engaging, this latest entry provides an overview of digital libraries, covering the state of information, issues, customers, challenges, tools and technology, preservation, and the future. From blogs to Wikis, highlights include: digitization project planning tips and tools; the value proposition of the digital library; lists of Internet libraries, libraries that I.M., libraries that podcast; and interpretations of NextGen demographic data. Collecting insights from library luminaries as well the perspectives of interesting experts from outside the ranks of library professionals, "The Whole Digital Library Handbook" decodes the jargon and cuts to the chase
Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • The invisible library / Christine Borgman
  • What are digital libraries? / Donald J. Waters
  • What is digital information? / Abby Smith
  • Back to the future / Richard De Gennaro
  • The new cybrarians / Joseph Janes
  • Libraries as places to linger and mingle / Alex Wright
  • Research libraries ponder : what's next? / Deanna B. Marcum
  • The Digital Library Federation : membership has its privileges
  • What becomes a leader most? / Karin Wittenborg
  • Which came first? / Lorrie Lejeune
  • Reference in the digital age / Anne G. Lipow
  • Primary resources at your fingertips / Roy Rosenzweig
  • Shelve under E / Scott Carlson
  • Value propositions / Chris D. Ferguson and Charles A. Bunge
  • Glossary of terms / California Digital Library
  • Growing up digital / John Seely Brown
  • Nothing but Net / Diana and James Oblinger
  • Chips and dips : educating and serving Net generation / Stephen Abram and Judy Luther
  • Net gains / Steve Jones
  • Emerging roles / Gary Marchionini and Hermann Maurer
  • Origin of the species / Daniel Greenstein and Suzanne Thorin
  • Diffuse libraries / Wendy Pradt Lougee
  • Digital collections, digital libraries, and the digitization of Cultural Heritage information / Clifford Lynch
  • Intermediate consumers / Lorcan Dempsey
  • Advanced Photo Shop / Scott Carlson
  • Cautionary tales : part one / Paul B. Gandel
  • Cautionary tales : part two / Geoffrey Nunberg
  • Strength in numbers / William Y. Arms
  • Who uses what? / Amy Friedlander
  • Turn on before using / Scott Carlson
  • The tipping point / Jerry D. Campbell
  • The case against information literacy / Stanley Wilder
  • How they view us : perceptions of libraries and information resources
  • The public trust / Robert Putnam
  • Wagging the tail / Chris Anderson
  • Libraries by the tail / Tom Storey
  • Phoning home alone / Christine Rosen
  • Keystone cops / Bonnie Nardi
  • Our computers, ourselves / Sherry Turkle
  • Managing the Internet / Marylaine Block
  • Growing pains / Sharon Gray Weiner
  • Net generation students and libraries / Joan K. Lippincott
  • Viewing patterns / Online Computer Library Center
  • "Is what's past, prologue?" / Donald Hawkins
  • Net effects / Greg Notess
  • Famine or feast? / Paul B. Gandel and Richard N. Katz
  • From a distance / Ron Chepesiuk
  • Law review / Jennifer Burek Pierce
  • What we know will hurt us / Joseph Janes
  • Internet searching gets thumbs up / Deborah Fallows
  • Et tu, Yahoo!? / George Plosker
  • Fear no evil / Gary Price
  • Scanning the horizon / Gordon Flagg
  • As Google goes- / Gordon Flagg
  • Google, the Khmer Rouge, and the public good / Mary Sue Coleman
  • Scribes of the digital era / Jeffrey R. Young
  • Apples and oranges / Anne R. Kenney ... [et al.]
  • Web value / Greg Notess
  • The user is not broken : a meme masquerading as a manifesto / Karen G. Schneider
  • Invasion of the pod people / Christine Rosen
  • Striking a balance / Marshall Breeding
  • Getting the goods / Buff Hirko
  • Where's wiki???
  • Sticky wikis / Paula Berinstein
  • Playing well with others / Kim Guenther
  • Caught in the webbing / Marshall Breeding
  • Defining findability / Peter Morville
  • Internet libraries
  • Ten tips for a better blog / Rebecca Blood
  • Blog beginnings / Rebecca Blood
  • The blog files / Lee Rainie
  • Coming soon : doing research with your cell phone / Scott Carlson
  • Digital library service for all / Lori Bell and Tom Peters
  • The future of e-books / Lynn Silipigni Connaway
  • iPods add wow factor / Michael Stephens
  • More on pod people / Sheri Crofts ... [et al.]
  • Wireless libraries and wireless communities : why? / Stephen Abram
  • IM the walrus / Aaron Schmidt and Michael Stephens
  • I am the very model of computerized librarian / Diane M. O'Keefe and Janet T. O'Keefe
  • Starting out / Abby Smith
  • Principles for good digital collections / Timothy W. Cole
  • Just say the word / Karen Coyle
  • Starting a digitization project / Collaborative digitization project
  • Technical infrastructure/image creation / Department of Preservation and Conservation, Cornell University Library
  • Factors to consider when choosing digital formats / Caroline Arms and Carl Fleischhauer
  • Digitization = access / Abby Smith
  • Going where the users are / Jeffrey Penka
  • Chatting it up / Buff Hirko
  • Making chat work better / Steve Coffman and Linda Arret
  • Copyright need-to-know basics / June Besek
  • Copyright terms and the public domain in the United States / Peter B. Hirtle
  • Why librarians care about copyright / Carol Henderson
  • Digitization is not preservation - at least not yet / Abby Smith
  • Thirteen ways of looking at digital preservation / Brian Lavoie and Lorcan Dempsey
  • Strategies for preserving digital content / Abby Smith
  • The key to LOCKSS : an interview with Victoria Reich, director, LOCKSS Program / Chris Ferguson
  • Reinventing the library / Geoffrey Freeman
  • The third law / Michèle V. Cloonan and John G. Dove
  • Keeping it open / Nancy Kranich
  • A modest proposal / Roy Tennant
  • Looking for bucks / Bill Becker
  • Getting the right stuff / Jill Ann Hurst
  • Tips for managing e-resources / Marilyn Geller.
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