[Collection of Arabic texts on doctrine, prayer, astrology, and magic].

Manuscript, Book
174 leaves : paper, ill. ; 84-227 x 74-166 mm.


Library of Congress genre(s)
  • Ms. leaves.
  • Physical description: Written in maghribī script in brown and black inks on laid paper of a variety of sizes. Rubrication and catchwords; some marginalia and vocalization. Some leaves are dampstained in the margins. Numerous charts and illustrations.
Binding note
Contemporary loose leather covers.
Language note
Arabic and Hausa
  • 1. Kitāb al-ʻIshrīnīyāt (fol. 65a). 65 leaves. A versified apologetic tract. Copied by Ibrāhīm Khalīl ibn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad (fol. 65a).
  • 2. al-Tarjīz bi-al-ḥisāb (fol. 1b) / Abū Maqraʻ al-Ḥaysūbī. 10 leaves. An astrological tract.
  • 3. Kitāb al-Farāʼid (fol. 1a). 8 leaves. A versified tract on the basic obligations in Islam, in a Hausa dialect. Copied by Ibrāhīm ibn Muḥammad ibn Salāmah (fol. 8b).
  • 4. Dalīl al-ʻaqāʼid li-kashf asrār ṣifāt al-wāḥid (fol. 2a) / Muḥammad al-Ṣāliḥ ibn Salīm al-Awjalī. 3 leaves. Versified treatise on the nature of God; incomplete.
  • 5. Niẓām al-shuhūr al-ʻarabī wa-al-ʻajamī wa-ghayrihā mimmā yanfaʻuhum bihi (fol. 1a) / Muḥammad ibn Abī Bakr al-Barnāwī. 4 leaves. A short versified text on the Muslim and Christian calendars and astrology; with a chart of the zodiac. Poem completed Shaʻbān 1210 AH (April 1796) (fol. 3b-4a); followed by an unidentified poem on the Prophet Muḥammad.
  • 6. Ḍawʼ al-muṣallī yaḥwī qaḍāʼ mā fāta wa-ʻilm al-sahw (fol. 1b). 4 leaves. Anonymous urjūzah on ways to make up missed prayers.
  • 7. [Urjūzah in praise of Muḥammad's grandson Ḥusayn]. 7 leaves.
  • 8. Kitāb al-Iḥtilāj (fol. 1a). 8 leaves. Tract on the parts of Adam's body.
  • 9. [Incomplete unidentified text]. 7 leaves.
  • 10. Qaḍāʼ al-daʻwah al-musammá Jabbārīyah bi-duʻaʼ al-ʻaẓīmah (fol. 1a). 5 leaves. The Jabbārīyah supplication preceded by a short discussion of its benefits.
  • 11. Masʼalah ʻan shaykhinā ʻUthman. 2 leaves.
  • 12. [Poem, extracts from the Qurʼān, and magic squares]. 3 leaves.
  • 13. [Supplication]. 4 leaves.
  • 14. [Supplication]. 2 leaves.
  • 15. [Magical and other unidentified texts]. 13 leaves.
  • 16. [Magic squares and supplications]. 2 leaves.
  • 17. [Supplication]. 2 leaves.
  • 18. [Supplications and magical formulas]. 3 leaves.
  • 19. [Magical formulas]. 2 leaves.
  • 20. [Magic squares and supplications]. 2 leaves.
  • 21. [Supplication and diagram of a talisman]. 1 leaf.
  • 22. Faʼidat wird al-silsilah al-ghādirīyah [...] (fol. 1a). 1 leaf. Supplication, incomplete; verso contains the last page of a different text.
  • 23. [Diagram of the prophets]. 1 leaf. A hierarchical diagram of the Islamic prophets using a 12-pointed star.
  • 24. [Alphabetical poem]. 1 leaf. Each line begins with a different letter of the alphabet.
  • 25. [Explanation of Sūrat al-Fātiḥah with diagram]. 1 leaf.
  • 26. [Supplications]. 2 leaves.
  • 27. [Magical formulas]. 1 leaf.
  • 28. [Extracts from Koran and hadith, magic square, supplication, and other texts]. 5 leaves.
  • 29. Dāliyat al-ḥurūf (fol. 2b). 2 leaves. Alphabetic poem.
  • 30. ʻĀrin ʻan al-tamhīd (fol. 1b). 3 leaves. Poem on God's unity plus other brief texts.
Source acquisition
Gift : Gardner Magic Project in memory of David A. Gardner, Princeton Class of 1969. AM 2005-71.
Other title(s)
  • ʻIshrīnīyāt.
  • عشرينيات.
  • Farāʼid.
  • فرائد.
  • Ḍawʼ al-muṣallī yaḥwī qaḍāʼ mā fāta wa-ʻilm al-sahw.
  • ضوء المصلي يحوي قضاء ما فات وعلم السهو.
  • Iḥitilāj.
  • احتلاج.
  • Jabbārīyah.
  • جبارية.
  • Dāliyat al-ḥurūf.
  • دالية الحروف.
  • ʻĀrin ʻan al-tamhīd.
  • عار عن التمهيد.
  • Qurʼan. Selections
  • قرآن.
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