Breviary, [13--].

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Manuscript, Book
1 v. (455 leaves) : parchment, ill.


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Summary note
Ms. Breviary. Part I (ff. 1r-436r) was written in Italy after 1303. Its illumination, though more characteristic of the late 13th century, suggests that the book was produced in Bologna. Part II (ff. 440r-454v), which consists of liturgical additions of the offices of the Corpus Christi, Thomas Aquinas, and Ursula of Cologne, was written and flourished in the late 14th century. Includes a manuscript indulgence of Pope Urban VI (1378-1389) on front pastedown, undated (late 14th century).
  • Decoration: (ff. 4r-436r): One 8-line historiated initial for Psalm 1 (f. 10). Four 7-line historiated initials for Psalms 38 and 109 (ff. 27r, 68v), and collects of Dominic of Bologna and Archangel Michael in Sanctorale (ff. 362v, 392r). Five 6-line historiated initials for Psalms 26, 52, 68, 80, and 97 (ff. 20v, 33r, 39v, 47v, 54v), and for 1st Sunday of Advent in Temporale (f. 89v). Two 4-line decorated initials for psalm 21 (f. 18r) and beginning of Sanctorale (f. 263v). Colors of blue, slate blue, rose, pink, olive green, orange, and gray; burnished gold for balls, nimbi, and crowns, and occasionally for infillings of historiated initials; swarthy flesh of figures highlighted with white and green. The illumination of tiny historiated initials shows typical Bolognese work around 1300. (ff. 4r-436r): 4-line blue KL initials with red penwork in calendar (ff. 4r-9v). 2-line initials in blue or red, with penwork of the opposite color, for regular psalms, and for chapters, collects, and lessons of the Divine Office. 1-line initials in blue or red for versals. The penwork is typically Italian in execution for the early 14th century. (ff. 440r-454v): Red initials with brown penwork. 4-line red initials for Vespers psalm antiphon of Corpus Christi (f. 440r). 3-line red initials for Vespers psalm antiphon, chapter, and hymn of Thomas Aquinas (ff. 447r, 447v), and 1st lesson of Ursula of Cologne (f. 453r). 2-line red initials.
  • Layout: Parchment; two columns of 26 lines, ruled 3 mm. apart; 125 x 90 (78 x 55) mm.
Binding note
15th-century, Italian, wooden boards with brown calf stamped with overall pattern of interlocking horseshoes enclosing twenty-eight annular dots in central panel, and rosettes in borders, on front and back; hold for pin in center of back cover. Small sections of leather ripped off; one section on front cover, reveals indentation and three holes for the clasp.
Language note
Textura gotica.
Late medieval note, largely erased, "Istum breviarium de ..." in top margin of f. 455r. Valentinus Camertis (?), a Dominican, ca. 1580 (de Ricci); his name in upper right corner of the first calendar page, f. 4r, "Magistri Valentini Camertis (?) ordinis predicatorum". Early modern provenance unknown. Robert Garrett (1875-1961), Class of 1897, of Baltimore, Maryland; his bookplate on f. 1r.
Source acquisition
Gift of Robert Garrett, 1942.
Publications about
Denny, Don. "Notes on the Avignon Pietà," Speculum 44 (1969), p. 227 nos. 61, 62.
De Ricci, v. 1, p. 872
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Garrett MS. 42, Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.
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