Bible, [between 1275 and 1299].

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Manuscript, Book
2 volumes (442; 422 leaves) : parchment, illustrations ; 348 x 242 mm


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[between 1275 and 1299].
Summary note
Ms. Bible, 78 Books in the usual order, with Prayer of Jeremiah, and with standard 66 Prologues including two biblical ones for Ecclus and Luke.
  • Layout: Parchment; two columns of 42 lines, ruled 6 mm. apart; 352 x 246 (240 x 152) mm.
  • Decoration: Vol. 1: 1-line initials in alternately blue and red for versals. Volume 2: ff. 364-431v, 1-line initials in alternately blue and red with red and lavender penwork, for versals of Interpretations of Hebrew Names. Pen-flourishes in blue or lavender and red as off-shoots of 2-line champide initials in Volume I, ff. 398r-438v, and in Volume II, quires 1-29 (ff. 1r-230r). Volume II, ff. 360r-361r, two-line initials of chapters with pen-flourished shafts. Painting: 2-line initials in alternately champide and blue or pink to maroon with opposite color for spandrels and with infillings of foliate decoration on gold grounds for chapters and regular psalms in Volume I and Volume II, quires 1-29(ff. 1r-230r). 2-line champide initials for chapters in Volume II, quires 30-44 (ff. 231r-350r), and quire 45 (ff. 351r-354r only). 7-line decorated initial D in pink with infillings of foliage on gold ground, with blue spandrels and red frame, and with marginal extensions of foliage for Prologue to Pentateuch (285), Book of Wisdom. 5- to 7-line historiated initials in blue or pink with opposite color for spandrels, with gold infillings, and with marginal extensions of foliage for prologues and principal psalms of the eight-fold division. 8- to 10-line historiated initials in blue or pink with opposite color for spandrels and with gold infillings, or with diapered spandrels and infillings, and with marginal extensions of foliage for books. Historiated initials I, varying in height from approximately 30 lines (Genesis) to 10-line (Ruth) to 7-line (Esther). Marginalia of hunting scene (Frater), cock-fighting (Genesis), birds, hybrid men. Master A in Volume I, quires 1-50 (ff. 1r-398r): colors of blue, turquoise blue, slate blue, rose-pink, pastel pink, orange, maroon, and burnished gold for Master A; his use of reddish-brown and bluish white colors for hair. Master B in Volume I, quires 51-56 (ff. 399r-442r), and Volume II: principal colors of blue, pastel pink, and orange, and red combined with maroon, and burnished gold for all infillings of historiated initials for Master B who draws in brown ink and rouges cheeks. Extant instructions of initial letters in cursive for chapter initials, prologues, and books to illuminator: Volume I, Exodus, Judges, II Kings, III Kings, IV Kings, II Chronicles, Prologue to I Esdras, I Esdras, Prologue to Judith, Judith, two Prologues to Job, Job, Psalms 1, 38, 68, 80, 97, 109, Prologue to Proverbs, Proverbs, Prologue to Eccles, Ecclesiasticus, Wisdom (decorated), Prologue to Ecclus; Volume II, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Prayer of Jeremiah, Prologue to Baruch, Baruch, Prologue to Ezechiel, Prologue to Daniel, Daniel, 2nd Prologue to Hosea, Hosea, 1st Prologue to Joel, Joel, three Prologues to Amos, Amos, Prologue to Abdias, Abdias, two Prologues to Jonah, Prologue to Micah, Micah, Prologue to Nahum, Nahum, Prologue to Habakkuk, Habakkuk, Prologue to Sophonias, Sophonias, Prologue to Haggai, Haggai, Prologue to Zacharias, Zacharias, Prologue to Malachi, Malachi, 3rd Prologue and Book to I Maccabees, II Maccabees, 1st Prologue and Matthew, Prologue to Mark, John, James, I-III John, Jude, and Apocalypse.
Binding note
Late 18th-century, French green morocco.
Language note
Textura rotunda.
Wilfred M. Voynich, 1924; Volume I, "No. F5725, 2 vols." on verso of first flyleaf, top left and "No. H10478, 2 vols." on recto of back flyleaf, top right; Volume II, "No. F7525, 2 vols." on verso of first flyleaf, top left and "No. H10478," on verso of back flyleaf, top right. Later acquired by Robert Garrett (1875-1961), Class of 1897, of Baltimore, Maryland.
Source acquisition
Gift of Robert Garrett, 1942.
  • Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts in the Princeton University Library, pages 17-22
  • Ricci, S. de. Census of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts in the United States and Canada, v. 1, p. 869
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Garrett MS. 29, Manuscripts Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library.
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