Inside the campaign finance battle : court testimony on the new reforms / Anthony Corrado, Thomas E. Mann, and Trevor Potter, editors.

Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, c2003.
x, 333 p. ; 23 cm.


Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references.
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  • A practitioner looks at how issue groups select and target federal candidates / Rocky Pennington
  • How issue ads are designed to target federal candidates without 'express advocacy" / Douglas L. Bailey
  • A consultant's view on how issue ads shaped a Congressional election / Terry S. Beckett
  • Public attitudes toward campaign finance practice and reform / Robert Y. Shapiro
  • Public views of party soft money / Mark Mellman and Richard Wirthlin
  • The Reform Act will not reduce the appearance of corruption in American politics / Whitfield Ayres
  • Rebuttal to Ayres / Robert Y. Shapiro
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  • Large contributions provide unequal access / Robert Rozen
  • Corporate America contributes soft money under pressure / Gerald Greenwald
  • Large contributions are given to influence legislation / Robert W. Hickmott
  • Elected officials often used to obtain large donations for the parties / Wade Randlett
  • Why I participate in a corrupt system / Peter L. Buttenwieser
  • How my soft money contributions have helped elect good federal candidates / Steven T. Kirsch
  • How the Senate was corrupted by soft money / Paul Simon
  • Consequences of members soliciting soft money / Warren Rudman
  • A cosponsor's prespective : why I don't raise soft money for the party / Christopher Shays
  • Congress is mired in corrupt soft money / John McCain
  • Parties support members who fund-raise / Dale Bumpers
  • Corruption is not an issue in American politics / Mitch McConnell
  • Parties undermined by soft money / Donald Fowler
  • Parties weakened by appearance of corruption / William E. Brock
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