[Collection of texts, notes, poems and documents].

Manuscript, Book
  • Arabic
  • Ottoman Turkish (1500-1928)
[between 16--? and 17--?]
230 leaves : paper ; 195 x 125 mm.


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Summary note
A collection of texts with a variety of contents. At the beginning are legal texts in Arabic; the rest is mostly Turkish. The arrangement of the ms. is typical of mss. produced in the 17th century by people with a Turkish higher education. Description of texts by Karl Süssheim in 1933, translated from German.
On p. 1 the leaf is numbered 233. Toward the end of the ms. is the statement that in this manuscript are recounted the events from the life of Hasan, the son of Şah Hüseyn, judge in the jurisdiction of Sombor. Hasan may have written the entire ms. On fol. 3 is mentioned the birth year 948 AH (1541-2 AD).
  • 1. fol. 3-6: A legal writing, "Jewels of speech", on the laws of inheritance or succession.
  • 2. fol. 9: A list of the Shuyūkh al-Islām of Constantinople from 1453-1643.
  • 3. Arabic writings on the law of inheritance, with borrowings from a work by the judge and imam Shihāb al-Dīn Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad b. Aḥmad b. Maḥmūd b. ʻAlī b. Abū Ṭālib.
  • 4. Arabic decisions concerning family law.
  • 5. Writing with excerpts of legal questions from a work entitled al-Muʻtabarāt. At the end of the writing is the signature (?) of Shaykh Dhū al-Bahāʼ lil-Dunyā wa-al-Dīn Mawlānā Abū al-Fatḥ al-Shaykh Ghānim, Thursday 20 Ṣafar 1053 AH (10 May 1643 AD).
  • 6. Verses from the Koran. Prayers (Arabic); legal decisions (Arabic); concerning the council or executive committe of the town of Hal-Kobash and concerning the village of Yenice; copy of a document; judicial opinions (Turkish).
  • 7. Song of praise (naʻt) to the Prophet, apparently a work by Zülfikar (Turkish).
  • 8. Poem by the late Nergisı̂zade.
  • 9. Poems by Üstad Sarı Hilmı̂, Fehmı̂, and Cevrı̂.
  • 10. Poem of praise (qaṣīdah) by Nefı̈̈̂ to his protector, Sultan Murad IV (1612-1640) (Turkish).
  • 11. Poem in honor of Sultan Selim II (1524-1574).
  • 12. Penitential poem (tevbename) by Neharı̂. Judicial decisions. Poem of praise (naʻt) to the Prophet. Interpretation of dreams.
  • 13. Chronogram by Ahmet Efendi on the death of Hacı Efendi (judge of Budun).
  • 14. Turkish correspondence between Şah Safı̂ and Murad Çan after the taking of Baghdad (1638).
  • 15. Allotment of the bequest of Sipahi Ali to his children in the town of Sombor by the imam Şaban Halife.
  • 16. Judgment in the case of the non-Muslims of the village of Karaok.
  • 17. Judgment in the case of the village of Sindel, which belongs to the city of Tata (Turkish).
  • 18. Supplement to a charter of foundation (Turkish).
  • 19. Documents, some with witnesses; in these are named Kastamunia and Akhisar (Turkish).
  • 20. The scribe enters the birth of his son Ali on 21 Shaʻbān 1057 AH (21 September 1647 AD).
  • 21. Selections from Baki, giving the year as 963 AH (1555-6 AD).
  • 22. Law of Sultan Ahmed I (1590-1617) on basic relationships, and Sultan Osman II's decision regarding these (1603-1622).
  • 23. Judgment of Aḥmad, judge of Belgrade, from the beginning of Shawwāl 1053 AH (December 1643 AD); judgment of ʻAbbās, judge of Yadra and Ibtikar from 5 Dhū al-Ḥijja 1050 AH (18 March 1641 AD); judgment of al-Ḥājj ʻAbd Allāh, judge of Izvorona, from 1 Muḥarram 1051 AH (12 April 1641 AD).
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Purchase; Smitskamp Oriental Antiquarium, 2003/0/28 (2003-82).
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Qurʼan. Selections
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