Organon with Scholia.

Aristotle [Browse]
Manuscript, Book
Ancient Greek (to 1453)
[Constantinople, 12--?]
165 leaves : paper ; 330 x 245 (225 x 146) mm.


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Summary note
A late 13th-century Byzantine manuscript from Constantinople containing Aristotle's Organon (De interpretatione, Prior analytics, Posterior analytics, and Topics), accompanied by diagrams and other textual materials copied during the Paleologan Renaissance at the time of the Paleologi Dynasty, 1259-1448. The manuscript is extensively annotated with marginal scholia and interlinear glosses, some of which are unknown and as yet unpublished. Many of the scholia and diagrams in the manuscript appear to have been added by John Chortasmenos (ca. 1370-1430). Commentators include Alexander of Aphrodisias, Nicephorus Gregoras, Leo Magentus, John Philoponus, Michael Psellus, and Themistius.
  • Ms. codex.
  • Title from printed catalog.
  • Collation: Paper ; fols. iii + 164 +iii ; modern foliation in pencil.
  • Layout: 19-21 long lines per page ; hardpoint ruling ; quire marks in Greek letters written by the scribe in the middle of the lower margin of the first recto of the quire and in the middle of the lower margin of the last verso.
  • Description: Written in brown ink in a beta-gamma style by a scholarly hand at the end of the 13th century ; several different hands of the 14th and 15th centuries added scholia in the margins and between the lines, as well as diagrams in red and brown ink.
Binding note
Worm-damaged poplar boards, possible dating from the end of the 13th century: the front board has writing that may be contemporary with the main Aristotle text. The back board has a late 14th-century inscription with the name John Lithargites and an astrological chart with Greek text possibly dating from the mid 16th-century.
Language note
  • fol. 1r-15v: Aristotelous Peri hermēneias. Prōton dei thesthai ti onoma kai ti rēma, (with extensive marginal scholia and interlinear glosses).
  • fol. 15v-78r: Aristotelous analytikōn proterōn prōton. Prōton eipein peri ti kai tinos estin hē skepsis, (with extensive marginal scholia and interlinear glosses).
  • fol. 78r-118r: Aristotelous analytikōn deuterōn prōton. Pasa didaskalia kai pasa mathēsis dianoētikē, tēs proyparchousēs ginetai gnōseōs, (with extensive marginal scholia and interlinear glosses).
  • fol. 118r-164v: Aristotelous topikōn prōton. Hē men prothesis tēs pragmateias methodon, (with extensive marginal scholia and interlinear glosses).
Source acquisition
Purchase: Acquired with matching funds provided by the Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund.
Kotzabassi, Sofia. Greek manuscripts at Princeton, sixth to nineteenth century: a descriptive catalogue, pages 147-149.
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