Princeton University Library Collection of Early Photographs of Greece, ca. 1852-1999.

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ca. 1852-1999.
Photographs are grouped by accession number.
Summary note
  • Consists of an open collection for general photographs of sites and subjects in Greece. Included are: 3 photographs (each 6 x 8.5") that form a panorama of Athens dated ca. 1880, 1 photograph (calotype) of the Parthenon dated 1852 and attributed to Eugène Jean Baptiste Piot (1812-1890), several others by unidentified photographers (of the Parthenon, great theater of Herod, the Acroplis, Temple of Jupiter, Theseus Temple, Temple of Nike, the Propylaea); a group of 7 photographs showing French soldiers on the Acropolis in 1917 and 4 of British soldiers during the World War I in Thessalonikē. 1 photograph album containing two panoramas (1885)--one of Athens and one of Smyrna--by an unidentified photographer; 5 photographs of views of Corfu; 1 photograph, printed on paper, showing the beacon at the entrance to the harbor on Rhodes; 5 photographs of Mt. Olympus and Mt. Parnassus by Francis P. Farquhar (1914); 4 photographs of Crete by R. Béhaeddin dated 1898 depicting the reception of King George in Crete, the fountain of Morozini and the ruins of the temple of Apollo in Gortyna (also included is a loose photograph of Cretan guerillas armed with guns); 2 black-and-white photographs of Athos (Greece); 21 black-and white photographs of Byzantine monuments and buildings in traditional architecture in Sofia (Bulgaria) (gift of Dimitri Gondicas, Princeton Class of 1978, to the Program in Hellenic Studies for Princeton University Library); black-and-white photographs of Athos (Greece) (2) and Santorini Island (2); 60 black-and-white photographs, including views of Olympia, Mistra, Acropolis, Rhodes, and Knossos (Greece) dated 1930s. 16 black-and-white photographs mostly in Rhodes (Greece: Island) depicting streets, the harbor, women and children in daily life on the island; two images of men portraits; and one of the Erechtheum (Athens, Greece); the photographer is unknown. 37 undated black-and-white photographs on 4 photograph album pages of the German occupation in Greece; 134 black-and-white photographs mounted on 16 photograph album leaves of the German occupation in Greece dated 1942. There are also: 2 photographs of Crete (one depicts Archanes) both signed by R. Béhaeddin; 1 of the Meteora rocks with Kastraki at the bottom; and 1 panorama of Constantinople by an unknown photographer. There is also a three-part panorama of Piraeus and its harbor (the second part is missing) and 1 general view of the Acropolis by unknown photographers. Two albumen prints by des Granges: one image of the Hephaisteion (15.7 x 23.5 cm.) and one of the Olympieion (12.1 x 23 cm.) (Athens, Greece); both images are mounted on mat board, captioned, and signed by the photographer [ca. 1860-1890]. 1 image (27 x 37.8 cm.) (salt print) of ruins of a theater (during an archaeological excavation?) by an unknown photographer accompanied by a cover sheet with Greek text "Ektakta parartēmata tou mellontos tēs Anatolēs" dated October 10, 1862. 1 panorama consisting of four albumen prints depicting part of the island and the harbor of Corfu (Greece) (ca. 1865) by an unknown photographer. 49 black-and white photographs of Pelion Mountains, Mount Olympus, Mount Kisavos, Mount Parnassus, Vermion, Delphi (Treasure of Athenians), Velouchi (Agrapha), Kisavos, Volos, Chelmos, Euboea Island, and a few unidentified images. 1931-1939. 7 lantern-glass-slides of Rhodes island, undated; 28 lantern-glass-slides of ancient monuments of Athens, sculptures of the Parthenon and the Theater of Dionysus, general views of the city, the harbor of Piraeus, undated. 3 black-and-white photos with King Constantine, 20th century; 8 photos of Makronēsos, 1951; 9 photos of Greek troops during WWII, 1940; 1 photo of demonstration of workers in Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) and 1 photo of the Mayday celebration, 1984; 1 photo of Pentelikon mount and the monastery; 1 photo of Larissa and the Peneios river. 1 black-and-white panorama of the port of Rhodes (Greece) by Kozas with studio stamp and captions below the image and an inscription on the verso signed by M. Mallios on January 1, 1955. 1 black-and-white photograph of the city of Kavala (40 x 29.5cm.); 1 photo of a small bridge in Levadhia (Greece) (22.7 x 16.8 cm.); 2 photos of Corfu: the Achilleion and the Ipsos, circa 1930 (28.5 x 23 cm.); 1 photo of Syros; 1 photo of the port of Ērakleion (23 x 16.5 cm.); 1 photo of Karystos by United Photojournalist (23 x 17.5 cm.). 10 leaves brochure with ten photographs of fine sites of the city of Rhodes, edition An.F. Pachos. 47 small photographs of Mount Athos (Greece); 11 images of the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian in Patmos by an unknown photographer; 6 albumen prints mounted on board of the Church of Nativity in Jerusalem by the American Colony (1892). Included also is a card with a handwritten inscription by Gerasimos, Patriarch of Jerusalem; 15 images (19.5 x 22.5 cm. each) of Soúnio Cape, Mistra, Aitōlikon, Mykonos, Paros, Kōs, Lindhos (Rhodes), Skiathos, Tempē, aerial views of monasteries in Athos, the Meteora Monasteries, Hiera Monē tou Megalou Spēlaiou, and Hiera Monē Laura (Kalavryta) taken by the 28th Hellenic Air Force (beginning of the 20th century); 1 photograph by Section Photographique de l'Armee showing the French colonel Maurice Sarrail in front of the Propylaea (Acropolis, Athens, Greece); 1 portrait picture in front of the Acropolis by an unknown photographer; 3 black-and-white photographs of the Delphic festival; panorama in three parts of Olympia (Greece : Ancient sanctuary) (albumen prints); 1 heliogravure of Acropolis by English Photo Company, undated; 1 black-and-white image of Ithakē (Greece) (24 x 16.4 cm), undated; 13 albumen prints of the Acropolis and its monuments, undated; 2 images of neoclassical buildings, undated.
  • 24 black-and-white photographs of the Greek Independence Day Parade on Fifth Avenue in New York (May 1963); 1 image of the Acropolis with the title: "The Acropolis from the Stadium. Athens"; 1 image of Pontikonēsi, Corfu; 1 image of the Olympieion and the Acropolis (probably by Konstantinos Athanasiou); 22 black-and-white photographs of the Acropolis (Athens, Greece) and its monuments (1954-1955). Most of the photographs bear the photographer's stamp on the verso. 10 images of monuments in the Acropolis (Athens, Greece), the Theater of Herodes Atticus, and the Pnyx by Neuen Photographische Gesellschaft A.G. [New Photographic Society].
Some of the photographs are gifts of the Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund.
Source acquisition
Purchase: Acquired with matching funds provided by the Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund; AM 2000-2019, 2014-11, 2014-35, 2014-40, 2014-42, 2014-65, 2014-85, 2016-118, 2019-24, 2019-25, 2019-33, 2019-78, 2019-84, 2019-110.
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