Prima[-quarta] p[ar]s summe fratris Anthonini de flore[n]tia ordinis p[re]dicato[rum] & Archiep[iscop]i flore[n]tini.

Antoninus, Saint, Archbishop of Florence, 1389-1459 [Browse]
Uniform title
[Nuremberg : Anton Koberger, 1477-1479]
4 v. ; 50 x 35 cm. (fol.)


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Rare books genre
  • Title proper from prologue of vol. I.
  • Volume I is dated Oct. 17 (xvi Kal. Nov.) 1478; vol. II, Oct. 10 (vi Id. Oct.) 1477; vol. III, Jan. 26 (vii Kal. Feb.) 1478; vol. IV, Apr. 29 (Penult. Apr.) 1479.
  • Quires (all unsigned): (I:) [1¹⁰ 2-14⁸ 15⁶ 16-19⁸ 20⁶ 21¹⁰ 22-31⁸ 32⁶]: 254 leaves, leaves 1 and 254 blank. (II:) [I⁸ 2-3¹⁰ 4-5⁸ 6-7¹⁰ 8⁶ 9⁸ 10¹⁰ 11-13⁸ 14-15¹⁰ 16⁸ 17-22⁸.¹⁰ 23-24⁸ 25¹⁰ 26⁸ 27-29¹⁰ 30-31⁸ 32¹⁰ 33-36⁸ 37⁶]: 322 leaves, leaf 1 blank. (III:) [1-3¹⁰ 4-6⁸ 7-20¹⁰.⁸ 21-22⁸ 23-48¹⁰.⁸ 49-50¹⁰ 51⁸ 52⁶]: 464 leaves, leaves 1 and 464 blank. (IV:) [1-9⁸ 10⁶ 11-14⁸ 15-16⁶ 17-33⁸ 34¹⁰ 35-39⁸ 40-41⁶ 42⁸ 43¹⁰]: 338 leaves, leaves 1 and 338 blank. (Note: GW's collation of vol. II is erroneous, coming to 320 instead of 322 leaves as a result of assigning only 6 leaves to quire 31.)
  • Collation by Paul Needham, from his description of the Eric Sexton copy for Sotheby's, New York.
  • Text printed in 2 columns.
  • ExI copy imperfect: several blank leaves (free endpapers) wanting; no text wanting.
Binding note
  • ExI copy in contemporary tanned hide (pigskin?) with embossed brass corners and centerpieces, and with remnants of brass clasps. The brass corners are lettered in relief: O MATER DEI MISERERE N[obis], the clasp remnants likewise with words from the Ave Maria: ave maria gracia (front cover of vols. I and IV), s[ancta] maria ora pro (front cover of vol. 2), ave (back cover of vol. II), sua (back cover of vol. IV). Borders of all covers are decorated with lettered scrollwork made up of a single tool with the words: Maria hilf, and center panels are tooled all over with the image of a thistle.
  • ExI copy has printer's waste for back pastedown of vol. II.
  • ExI copy has inscription on back pastedown: Anno ab incarnatio[n]e d[o]m[ini] 1481. empta e[st] hec Su[m]ma anthonini in q[ua]tuor libris sine volum[in]ib[us] distinct[a?] diuisa p[er] me Ioh[ann]em obersdorffer tu[n]c t[em]p[or]is Cappella[nus] hospi[talis] in bruneyk p[ro] xxvi flor[e?] s4.
  • ExI copy has later inscription on recto of front free endpaper: An[n]o d[omi]ni mcccclxxxiii hono[ra]bilis d[omi]nus Ioha[n]nes obersdorffer capellan[us] hospitalis in brauneyk uita comite co[n]tulit hanc part[em] su[m]me cu[m] ceteris partibus bibliothece fratru[m] minorum apud sorores sancte clare ordi[ni]s brixine [m?]oru[n]tiu[m].
  • Goff A-871.
  • BM 15th cent., II, p. 416 (IC. 7178).
  • GW 2186.
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