Mechanisms of hard tissue destruction : a symposium presented at the Philadelphia meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, December 29 and 30, 1962 / Reidar F. Sognnaes, editor.

Washington, AAAS, 1963.
xiv, 764 pages illustrations (some color), diagrams, tables 24 cm


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  • Publication (American Association for the Advancement of Science) ; no. 75. [More in this series]
  • Publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, no. 75
Organized by the Section on Dentistry of the AAAS; cosponsored by 3 sections of the AAAS, and others.
Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographies.
  • 1. Rock-boring organisms / by C.M. Yonge
  • 2. Boring sponges as controlling factors in the formation and maintenance of coral reefs / by Thomas F. Goreau and Willard D. Hartman
  • 3. Demineralization mechanism of boring gastropods / by Melbourne R. Carriker, David B. Scott, and Garland N. Martin, Jr.
  • 4. Dental hard tissue destruction with special reference to idiopathic erosions / by Reidar F. Sognnaes
  • 5. Attrition of the hypsodont (sheep's) tooth / by C.R. Barnicoat
  • 6. Microstructural changes in early dental caries / by Arthur I. Darling
  • 7. Ultrastructural and chemical observations on dental caries / by Erling Johansen
  • 8. Physical chemistry of enamel dissolution / by John A. Gray and Marion D. Francis
  • 9. Factors influencing the initiation, transmission, and inhibition of dental caries / by Paul H. Keyes and Harold V. Jordan
  • 10. Effect of hibernation on tooth structure and dental caries / by William V. Mayer and Sol Bernick
  • 11. Dento-alveolar resorption in periodontal disorders / by Ingjald Reichborn-Kjennerud
  • 12. Bone remodeling during dental eruption and shedding / by Surindar N. Bhaskar
  • 13. The deciduous nature of deer antlers / by Richard J. Goss
  • 14. Internal remodeling of compact bone / by Franklin C. McLean and Robert E. Rowland
  • 15. Rarefying disease of the skeleton: observations dealing with aged and dead bone in patients with osteoporosis / by Marshall R. Urist, Norman S. MacDonald, Milton J. Moss, and William A. Skoog
  • 16. Microradiography of bone resorption / by Jenifer Jowsey
  • 17. Histophysical studies on bone cells and bone resorption / by Richard W. Young
  • 18. Structure-function relationships in the osteoclast / by Norman M. Hancox and Brian Boothroyd
  • 19. Bone destruction by multinucleated giant cells / by James T. Irving and Chester S. Handelman
  • 20. Resorption without osteoclasts (osteolysis) / by Leonard F. Belanger, Jacques Robichon, B.B. Migicovsky, D. Harold Copp, and Jacques Vincent
  • 21. In vitro studies of bone resorptive mechanisms / by George Nichols, jr.
  • 22. In vitro carbohydrate metabolism of bone: effect of treatment of intact animal with parathyroid extract / by Bernard K. Forscher and David V. Cohn
  • 23. Metabolic action of parathyroid hormone on rat calvaria / by C.M. Dowse, M.W. Neuman, K. Lane, and W.F. Neuman
  • 24. Some chemical factors influencing bone resorption in tissue culture / by Paul Goldhaber
  • 25. The possible role of chelation in decalcification of biological systems / by G. Neil Jenkins and C. Dawes
  • 26. Animal collagenase and collagen metabolism / by Charles M. Lapiere and Jerome Gross
  • Indexes.
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