History of color in painting, with new principles of color expression.

Birren, Faber, 1900-1988 [Browse]
New York, Reinhold Pub. Corp. [1965]
372 pages illustrations, facsimiles, 32 color plates, portraits 31 cm


"Color chart of pigments and palettes": p. 106-107.
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Bibliography: p. 365-366.
  • pt. I. The practical methods. 1. The quest for method and order : Ancient viewpoints ; The contributions of da Vinci, Descartes, Boyle, Isaac Newton, Voltaire, Goethe, J.C. Le Blon, Moses Harris ; Color theory ; David Brewster, Ewald Hering
  • 2. Old palettes and techniques : The matter of grounds ; Oil as a medium ; Pigments and palettes ; Seventeenth and eighteenth century pigments and palettes ; Early American palettes
  • 3. Modern palettes and techniques : The classicists ; Eugène Delacroix ; Impressionism ; The end of the nineteenth century ; Into the twentieth century ; Scaled palettes ; The balanced palette
  • 4. The personality of the artist : Da Vinci ; Lairesse, Goethe, Delacroix, Seurat, van Gogh ; Kandinsky's analogies of colors and music
  • 5. Six paths to color expression : The vision of the artist ; Evidences of temperament ; The color triangle ; The color expression of Leonardo da Vinci, El Greco, Rembrandt, J.M.W. Turner, the impressionists, the modern painter ; Toward tomorrow ; The great names in the history of color expression in art
  • 6. The harmony of science and art : Color solids and systems ; Conventional color harmony ; Chevreul ; Harmonies of analogous colors ; Harmonies of contrasts ; Ostwald ; Empirical conclusions ; This illusory world ; Synchromism ; Structuralism
  • 7. The wonders of perception : The "psychology" of color ; Color induction ; The magic of color constancy ; Modes of appearance for color ; Illumination effects: the law of field size
  • 8. An art of color for the future : Controlling the color effect ; Color as personal expression.
  • pt. II. The historical references. 9. The old masters : The birth of modern art ; The invention of oil painting ; Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Giorgione, Titian, El Greco, Diego Valasquez, Rembrandt ; The French ; The English
  • 10. From classicism to romanticism to realism : Jacques Louis David, Jean Auguste Ingres, J.M.W. Turner ; Turner: an evaluation ; John Constable ; Eugène Delacroix ; Gustave Courbet ; The Barbizon School ; Johann Jongkind, Eugène Boudin ; Adolphe Monticelli ; James McNeill Whistler
  • 11. The flowering of impressionism : Michel Eugène Chevreul ; Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley ; Other impressionists ; Paul Cézanne
  • 12. Neo-impressionism and post-impressionism : The neo-impressionists ; Ogden Nicholas Rood, Helmholtz, Sutter, Henry ; Georges Seurat, Paul Signac ; An evaluation ; The post-impressionists ; Paul Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin ; The Nabis ; Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
  • 13. The artists of America : The colonial painters ; The outdoor American scene ; American standards for America ; The American impressionists ; The famous eight ; The famous armory show
  • 14. The road down from the mountain : Fauvism ; Color knowledge vs. color sense ; Expressionism, cubism, dadaism, surrealism, futurism, rayonism
  • 15. The camps in the forest : Suprematism, neo-plasticism ; Kandinsky, Klee, the Bauhaus ; Orphism ; Abstract expressionism ; Meanwhile back in America ; Fantasy and reality.
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Color in painting.
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