The Earth's crust and upper mantle; structure, dynamic processes, and their relation to deep-seated geological phenomena. Pembroke J. Hart, editor.

Washington, D.C., American Geophysical Union, 1969.
xiii, 735 pages illustrations, charts, maps 25 cm.


  • Geophysical monograph ; 13. [More in this series]
  • International upper mantle project. Scientific report ; 21. [More in this series]
  • Publication (National Research Council (U.S.)) ; no. 1708. [More in this series]
  • American Geophysical Union. Geophysical monograph, 13
  • Upper mantle project: scientific report, 21
  • National Academy of Sciences--National Research Council. Publication, 1708
  • Upper mantle project: scientific report, 21.
  • National Academy of Sciences--National Research Council Publication, 1708.
  • "Prepared under the auspices of the International Upper Mantle Committee by...V.V. Beloussov [and others]"
  • COMPOSITION: Composition and evolution of the upper mantle / A.E. Ringwood
  • Density and composition of the upper mantle: first approximation as an olivine layer / Francis Birch
  • Chemical composition of the Earth's crust / A.B. Ronov and A.A. Yaroshevsky
  • Isotope geochemistry of crust-mantle processes / Stanley R. Hart --
  • HEAT FLOW: Thermal history of the earth / E.A. Lubimova
  • Heat flow in North America / Gene Simmons and Robert F. Roy
  • Heat flow map of Eurasia / E.A. Lubimova and B.G. Polyak
  • Heat flow in oceanic regions / R.P. von Herzen and W.H.K. Lee
  • Terrestrial heat flow in volcanic areas / Ki-Iti Horai and Seiya Uyeda
  • SEISMOLOGY: Seismology and upper mantle investigations / A.R. Ritsema
  • Seismicity of the Earth / Setumi Miyamura
  • Tectonic activity in North America as indicated by earthquakes / George P. Woollard
  • Seismicity of continental asia and the region of the Sea of Okhotsk, 1953-1965 / E.F. Savarensky and N.V. Golubeva
  • Seismicity of the European Area / Vit Karnik
  • Seismicity of southeast Australia / J.C. Jaeger and Lesley Read
  • Seismicity of the mid-oceanic ridge system / Lynn R. Sykes
  • Worldwide earthquake mechanism / Anne E. Stevens
  • Mechanism of earthquakes in and near Japan and related problems / Masaji Ichikawa
  • The field of elastic stresses associated with earthquakes / L.M. Balakina et al.
  • Zero frequency seismology / Frank Press
  • Prediction of earthquakes / Takahiro Hagiwara
  • Explosion seismology: introduction / I.P. Kosminskaya
  • Explosion seismic studies in Western Europe / H. Closs
  • Seismic crustal studies in Southeastern Europe / V.B. Sollogub
  • Explosion seismology in the USSR / I.P. Kosminskaya, N.A. Belyaevsky, and I.S. Volvovsky
  • Explosion seismic studies in North America / John H. Healy and David H. Warren
  • Seismic model of the atlantic ocean / John Ewing
  • Explosion seismic refraction studies of the crust and upper mantle in the Pacific and Indian Oceans / George G. Shor, JR., and Russell W. Raitt
  • Surface waves and crustal structure / James N. Brune
  • Regional variations of p-wave velocity in the upper mantle beneath North America / Eugene Herrin
  • Upper mantle structure and velocity distribution in Eurasia / Jiri Vanek
  • Anisotropy of the upper mantle / Russell W. Raitt
  • Seismic surface-wave data on the upper mantle / James Dorman
  • higher-mode surface waves / Z. Alterman
  • Attenuation of seismic waves in the mantle / Leon Knopoff
  • A seismic models of the upper mantle / Jiri Vanek
  • Earthquakes and tectonics / B.A. Petrushevsky --
  • GRAVITY: Standardization of gravity measurements George P. Woollard
  • Figure of the earth and mass anomalies defined by satellite orbital perturbations / M.A. Khan
  • Gravity anomalies as a .function of elevation: some results in Western Europe / S. Coron
  • The relation between the Earth's crust, surface relief, and gravity field in the USSR / R.M. Demenitskaya and N.A. Belyaevsky
  • Regional variations in gravity / George P. Woollard
  • Gravity field over the Atlantic Ocean / Manik Talwani and Xavier Le Pichon
  • Gravity and its relation to topography and geology in the Pacific ocean / Peter Dehlinger
  • Gravity anomalies over volcanic regions / Alexander Malahoff
  • Recent movements of the Earth's crust and isostatic compensation / E.V. Artyushkov and YU. A. Mescherikov
  • MAGNETISM: Reduction of geomagnetic data and interpretation of anomalies / Takesi Nagata
  • The relation of magnetic anomalies to topography and geologic features in Europe / A. Hahn and A. Zitzmann
  • Aeromagnetic investigations of the earth's crust in the United States / Isidore Zietz
  • Relation of magnetic anomalies to topography and geology in the USSR / Tatiana Simonenko
  • Magnetic intensity field in the Pacific / Victor Vacquier
  • Geomagnetic studies in the Atlantic Ocean / J.R. Heirtzler
  • Magnetic studies over volcanoes / Alexander Malahoff
  • The paleomagnetic vector field / S.K. Runcorn
  • Magnetic anomalies and crustal structure / Ned A. Ostenso
  • Conductivity anomaly of the upper mantle / Tsuneji Rikitake
  • Magnetotelluric studies of the electrical conductivity structure of the crust and upper mantle / T.R. Madden and C.M. Swift, Jr. --
  • MAGMATISM AND METAMORPHISM: The ultramafic belts / Peter J. Wyllie
  • Batholiths and their orogenic setting / Ahti Simonen
  • The origin of basalt magmas / D.H. Green and A.E. Ringwood
  • Plateau basalts / Hisashi Kuno
  • Andesitic and rhyolitic volcanism of orogenic belts / Alexander R. McBirney
  • Mafic and ultramafic inclusions in basaltic rocks and the nature of the upper mantle / Hisashi Kuno
  • Petrology of the precambrian basement complex / K.R. Mehnert
  • Age relationships of the precambrian basement rock complex / Hisashi Kuno
  • Metamorphism and its relation to depth / Akiho Miyashiro
  • TECTONICS: Crustal movements and tectonic structure of continents / V.E. Krain and M.V. Muratov
  • Continental rifts / V.V. Beloussov
  • Wrench (transcurrent) fault systems / H.W. Wellman
  • Continental margins / Charles L. Drake
  • The crust and upper mantle beneath the sea / Peter R. Vogt, Eric D. Schneider, and G. Leonard Johnson --
  • EXPERIMENTAL AND THEORETICAL GEOPHYSICS: The electrical conductivity of the mantle / D.C. Tozer
  • Heat conductivity in the mantle / Sydney P. Clark, Jr.
  • Magnetic properties of rocks / John Verhoogen
  • Phase equilibrium studies relevant to upper mantle petrology / M.J. O'Hara
  • Phase transitions / A.E. Ringwood and D.H. Green
  • Equation of state at high pressure / V.N. Zharkov and V.A. Kalinin
  • The mohorovicic discontinuity / D.P. McKenzie
  • Low-velocity layers in the upper mantle / V.A. Magnitsky and V.N. Zharkov
  • The transitional layer in the mantle / V.A. Magnitsky
  • SPECIAL PROBLEMS: Continental drift and convection / Leon Knopoff
  • Problem of convection in the Earth's mantle / E.N. Lyustikh
  • Convection in the mantle / S.K. Runcorn
  • Interrelations between the Earth's crust and upper mantle / V.V. Beloussov.
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