Oeceanography : invited lectures presented at the International Oceanographic Congress held in New York, 31 August-12 September 1959 / edited by Mary Sears.

International Oceanographic Congress. 1st, New York, 1959 [Browse]
Washington, D.C. : American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1961.
xi, 654 pages : illustrations, charts, maps 24 cm.


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  • Publication (American Association for the Advancement of Science) ; no. 67. [More in this series]
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science. Publication no. 67
Bibliographic references
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Shape and structure of ocean basins / Maurice Ewing and Mark Landisman
  • Forces and processes at work in ocean basins / E.C. Bullard
  • Stratigraphy of the deep-sea floor / Edwin L. Hamilton
  • The biologist poses some problems / G.E. Hutchinson
  • Origin of life on the shores of the ocean : physical and chemical conditions determining first appearance of biological processes / J.D. Bernal
  • Origin of life in the oceans / A.I. Oparin
  • Geological record on the ocean floor / Gustaf Arrhenius
  • Paleobiogeography of the marine realm / Preston E. Cloud, Jr.
  • Biogeographical boundaries : the shapes of distributions / R.S. Glover
  • Evolution in the deep seas / G.S. Carter
  • The role of ethology in oceanography / H.O. Bull
  • Physiological significance of light in marine ecosystems / Hermann Friedrich
  • Cultivation of marine organisms as a means of understanding environmental influences on populations / Trygve Braarud
  • Geochemistry and physics of ocean circulation / W.S. Broecker [and others]
  • Certain quantitative characteristics of the pelagic and bottom life of the ocean / L.A. Zenkevitch
  • Turbulent transport / W.V.R. Malkus
  • Pelagic sediments / M.N. Bramlette
  • Geochemistry of radioactive elements in the ocean and the chronology of deep-sea sediments / Edgard E. Picciotto
  • Abyssal benthic organisms : nature, origin, distribution, and influence on sedimentation / Anton F. Bruun and Torben Wolff
  • Coupling between sea and air / Pierre Welander
  • The exchange of matter between atmosphere and sea / Erik Eriksson
  • An estuarine model of the sub-Arctic Pacific Ocean / J.P. Tully and F.G. Barber
  • Length of pelagic life in marine bottom invertebrates as related to larval transport by ocean currents / Gunnar Thorson
  • Problems of epicontinental sedimentation / P.H. Kuenen
  • Interrelationships between aquatic organisms mediated by external metabolites / C.E. Lucas
  • Primary production / John H. Steele
  • The balance between living and dead matter in the oceans / Johannes Krey
  • The physical chemistry of sea water / Lars Gunnar Sillén
  • Chemistry in the oceans / Edward D. Goldberg
  • Vertical and horizontal movements in the ocean / L.H.N. Cooper.
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