Eighteenth-century English labouring-class poets. Volume 2 / John Goodridge, Simon Kövesi, David Fairer, Tim Burke, William Christmas.

Goodridge, John, 1953- [Browse]
London : Routledge, 2019.
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Poets of labouring class origin were published in Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries. Some were popular and important in their day but few are available today. This is a collection of some of those poems from the 18th century.
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  • Of Volume II
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Note on the Text
  • HENRY JONES (1 721-1770)
  • The Bricklayer's Poem. Presented to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant. On his Arrival in this Kingdom (1745)
  • The Bricklayer's Poem, to the Countess of chesterfield, on her Ladyship's Saving the Soldiers from Being Shot (1745)
  • Philosophy. A Poem. Address'd to the Ladies Who Attend Mr Booth's Lectures (1746)
  • From Poems on Several Occasions (1749)
  • Advertisement
  • Lines to Lord Chief Justice Singleton
  • On Mr Pope's Death
  • To a Friend Who I-lad Writ Verses to Mr Pope, in the Person of Apollo, Occasioned by Hearing That Poet Abus'd
  • To the Reverend Dr Mann, Occasioned by the Author's Asking Him for a Subject to Write on, and his Saying He Could Think of None
  • On his Excellency the Earl of Chesterfield's Resigning the Government of Ireland
  • From Merit. A Poem: Inscribed to the Right Honourable Philip Earl of Chesterfield (1753)
  • [Introduction; Newton, Locke and Boyle] [Garrick's Genius]
  • From The Relief or, Day Thoughts: A Poem. Occasioned by the Complaint, or Night Thoughts (1754)
  • Introduction; Critique of Young's Style] [Critique of Graveyard School of Poetry}
  • On the Invention of Letters, and the Utility of the Press (1755)
  • From Clifton: A Poem, in Two Cantos, lnthldinR Bristol and A/I its Environs (1767)
  • Canto I
  • JAMES EYRE WEEKES (fl. 1743-53)
  • From Poems on Several Occasions (1743)
  • To his Serene Highness Prince Nobody
  • On a Pen
  • The Poet's Case
  • The Cobler's Poem, to a Certain Noble Peer. Occasioned by the Brick-Layer's Poem (1745)
  • THOMAS BLACKLOCK (1721-1791)
  • MARY LEAPOR (1722-1 746)
  • From Poems upon Several Occasions, Volume 1 (1748)
  • To the Reader
  • An Epistle to a Lady
  • The Head-Ach
  • To Grammaticus
  • On Mr Pope's Universal Prayer
  • Advice to Myrtillo
  • From Poems upon Several Occasions... The Second and Last Volume (1751)
  • To John * * * * *, Esq;
  • An Epistle to Artemesia. On Fame
  • The Epistle of Deborah Dough
  • JAMES MAXWELL. (1720-1800)
  • From Dii7ne Miscellanies, or, Sacred Poems (1756)
  • Mechanical Exercise Applied to Devotion and Piety; or the Weaver's Meditations. Meditation IV Contentment
  • From Animadversions on Some Poets and Poetasters of the Present Ate,
  • Especially, R-t B-s, and]-,, L-k. With a Contrast of Some of the 1-ormerAe (1788)
  • Animadversions &c.
  • On the Ayr-Shire Ploughman Poet, or Poetaster, R. B.
  • On the Prolongation of the Slave Trade. A Moral Essqy, Set Forth in the Following Dialqgue (1790?)
  • From A Brief Narrative; or, Some Remarks on the Life of James Maxwel Poet, in Pais1y. Written by Himself; at the Beginnings of his Entering the Seven fy-Sixtb Year of his Age (1795) Preface
  • A Brief Narrative, &c
  • [Employments; Family Life]
  • [Return to Scotland; Death of his Wife]
  • [Finding an Audience]
  • WILLIAM VERNON (b. 1734)
  • From Poems on Several Occasions (1758)
  • Epistle to a Friend
  • A Journey to Wales
  • The Poet New Cloathed
  • Horace Book 1. Ode XXII
  • Horace Book 11. Ode XIV
  • Iphis and Anaxerete
  • Horace Book IV. Ode IX. Imitated
  • WILLIAIvI FM.CONER (1732-1769)
  • From The Shipwreck (1762)
  • Argument
  • Poem
  • WILLIAM BRIMBLE (ft 1765)
  • From Poems, Attempted on Various Occasions (1765)
  • Preface
  • Addressed to an Afflicted Young Lady and her Female Friend, on their Preparing to Leave Bath
  • A Burial Hymn, Taken out of the 7" Chap. of Job
  • On a Visit to Marshfield
  • A Short Review of a Journey from the Country to Taunton Assizes
  • On Fortitude
  • The Song of Deborah and Barak,Judges 5", Paraphrased
  • On the Commencement of the Late Spanish War
  • JAMES WOODHOUSE (1735-1820)
  • From Poems On Several Occasions (l766)
  • The Author's Apology
  • Advertisement. To the First Edition (1764)
  • An E1eg To William Shenstone, Esq; of the Lessowes
  • Elegy 11. Written to William Shenstone, Esq; of the Lessowes
  • To William Shenstone, Esq; on his Indisposition in the Spring, 1762
  • Benevolence, An Ode. Inscribed to my Friends
  • The Lessowes. A Poem
  • Wrote at the Lessowcs, after Mr Shenstone's Death
  • Palemon and Colinet
  • To the Right Honorable Lord Lyttelton
  • To the Right Honorable Lord Lyttelton. An Epistle
  • Verses. Addressed to
  • Gratitude. A Poem
  • To the Right Honourable the Countess of
  • Ode to Apollo
  • From Poems on Several Occasions (1788)
  • Address
  • From The life and Lucubrations of Crispinus Soiblerus. A Novel, in Verse. Written in the L4st Century: With Annotations and Commentaries, by a Friend (1814)
  • From Chap. I. Introduction
  • [On Enclosure]
  • [The Rights of the Poor]
  • [Growth of the Poet's Mind]
  • CUTHBERT SHAW (1739-1771)
  • From The Race (1766)
  • Address to the Critics The Race
  • [Announcement of the Race]
  • [Reviewers]
  • [Dodsley]
  • [Johnson]
  • [Henry Jones]
  • [Stephen Duck]
  • [Unknown Hopefuls]
  • Monody to the Memory of a Young LadY Who Died in Child-Bed (1768)
  • N. EllioT (ft. 1767-1776)
  • The Vestry, a Poem (1767)
  • From The Atheist. A Poem (1770) [Introduction]
  • [Religion and Reason]
  • [His Poetry]
  • An Ode to Chaiiy (1770)
  • MICHAEL BRUCE (1746-1767)
  • SAMUEL LAW (fl. 1772)
  • From A Domestic Winter-Piece: Or, a Poem, bxhibiIing a Full View of the A uthor Dwelling Place in the Winter-Season (1772) The Preface
  • [Introduction]
  • [Description of a Storm]
  • JOHN BENNET fl 1774-1796)
  • From Poems on Several Occasions (1774)
  • To my Honourable Benefactors and Worthy Subscribers To the Rev Mr Warton, Curate of Woodstock, and Late Professor of Poetry in Oxford
  • To the Author, on his Book of Poems
  • Woodstock
  • The Manor Ruins
  • Sunday
  • Industry and Sloth. A Dialogue
  • To Mr T. D.
  • The Crafts in Distress
  • Sent to his Grace the D- of -, on Receiving a Bounty for his Poems
  • Bowley's Ale
  • The Tail
  • Prologue to Cato
  • Crispin. By Mr J. G.
  • THOMAS OLIVlRS (1725-1799)
  • A Hymn to the God of Abraham, In Three Parts (1775)
  • CHRiSTOPHER JONFS (fl. 1775-1782)
  • Sowton. A Village Conference: Occasioned by a Late Law Decision (1775)
  • Sowton &c
  • From The Miscellaneous Poetic Attempts of C. Jones, an Uneducated
  • Journeyman Wool. Comber (1782)
  • On a Book of Poems
  • Ode to Benevolence
  • The Invitation
  • Occasioned by a Dispute Respecting the Origins of War, Source of Happiness, &c
  • On Manning his Majesty's Fleet by the Irregular Mode of Pressing Indiscriminately
  • To the Hon. Members of the Committee for 'Ways and Means, 1779
  • Ode: Addressed to the Rev Mr Tasker, on Reading the Third Edition of his Popular Pindaric Ode, to the War-Like Genius of Great Britain
  • To an Injudicious Critic, Who Assumed the Name of Cato Censor
  • The Empty Jug
  • On Plotting
  • The Royal Oak: A Song
  • JOHN LUCAS (ft. 1776-1781)
  • From Miscellanies in Verse and Prose (1776)
  • A Dialogue, by Way of Apology
  • Philo's Garden, or, a Description of the Garden of the Soul. An Allegory
  • The Author to his Muse
  • Address to a Friend
  • The Cobler
  • From The Fall of Pharoab; And Philo's Apology. Two Poems (1781)
  • Philo's Apology: Or, the Cobler, and his Muse
  • THOMAS CHATERTON (1752-1770)
  • From Poems Supposed to Have Been Written at Bristol, by Thomas
  • Rowley, and Others, in the Fifteenth Century (1777)
  • An Excelente Balade of Charitie
  • The Stone of Wiliiam Canynge
  • ANNE WILSON (fl. 1778-1783)
  • From Teisa: A Descriptive Poem of the River Teese, its Towns and Antiquities (1778)
  • [Introduction: Source of the Tees]
  • [Mining Pastoral]
  • [Cheesemaking and Herb Gathering]
  • [Her Life]
  • [Barnard Weavers]
  • [Valediction; Pageant of Tributaries; Death of Chatham]
  • SUSANNAH HARRISON (1752-1784) From Songs in the Night (1780)
  • The Recommendation
  • LXXXIII. Longing for Public Worship
  • XC. Longing to Be Dissolved
  • XCII. 'How are my Powers all tun'd to mourn'
  • CXI. Renouncing the World
  • CXIX. To Young Women
  • Meditations in Blank Verse
  • VI. A Short Dialogue between Myself and my Soul
  • Notes
  • Thematic index
  • Index of First Lines
  • Index of Titles.
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