Eighteenth-Century English labouring-class poets, 1700-1800. Volume III, 1780-1800 / edited by Tim Burke.

Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2016.
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Poets of labouring class origin were published in Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries. Some were popular and important in their day but few are available today. This is a collection of some of those poems from the 18th century.
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  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Note on the Text
  • JOHN FREETH (1731-1808)
  • From The Political Songster (1790)
  • On the Petitions for the Abolition of the Slave Trade
  • From A Touch on the limes (1803)
  • The Year Ninety-Five ANONYMOUS ('AN UNLETTERED BARD') (ft 1781)
  • From Poems on Various Subjects, Chiefly Pastoral (1781)
  • VersesWrittenUnderaHill8
  • EDWARD RUSIITON (1756--1814)
  • [Rebellion tottering stands]
  • From The Dismemberd Empire (1782) [Preface]
  • Neglected Genius: Or, Tnbutarj Stanzas to the Memory of the UnJàrmnate Chanerton (1787)
  • From West-Indian Eclogues (1787)
  • Advertisement
  • Dedication
  • Eclogue the First
  • Eclogue the Fourth
  • From Poems (1806)
  • To a Redbreast in November, Written near one of the Docks of liverpool
  • On the Approach of the Gout
  • Mary Ic More
  • To the Memory of Robert Burns
  • The Swallow
  • A Caution to my Friend J. M.
  • From Poems and Other Writings (1824)
  • Song in Commemoration of the French Revolution, 1791
  • DAVID LOVE (1750--1827)
  • 'W W' ('A WEAVER') (fL 1770--2)
  • A Summer's Day
  • WILLIAM JOB (ft 1785)
  • From Poems, on Various Subjects (1785)
  • Preface
  • Eulogy, &c. On Isaac Elton, Esq.
  • [Lines, Occasioned by Seeing a Paragraph in one of the Bristol Journals, Relating to a Trial]
  • To Mr. T r, on Receiving a Gift of Two Volumes, Call'd 'The Art of English Poetry'
  • WILLIPuM NEWtON (ft. I 785--90)
  • Ftw,, Verses, Written by Miss Anna Seward, in the Blank Leaves of her own Poems, Presented by her to William Newton
  • Sonnet to Miss Seward
  • Sonnet: 'When will my weary aching head have rest?'
  • ANN YEARSLEY (1753--1806)
  • From Poems, on Several Occasions (1785)
  • A Prefatory Letter to Mrs. Montagu. By a Friend
  • Night. To StelIa
  • To the Same; on her Accusing the Author of Flattery, and of Ascribing to the Creature that Praise which is Due Only to the Creator
  • Soliloquy
  • To the Honourable H--e W--e, on Reading The Castle of Otranto. December, 1784
  • On Mrs. Montagu
  • Clifton Hill. Written in January 1785
  • From Poems, on Several Occasions (fourth edition, 1786)
  • [Mrs Yearsley's Narrative]
  • From Poems, on Various Subjects (1787)
  • [Dedication]
  • To Mr. an Unlettered Poet, On Genius Unimproved
  • On Jephthah's Vow, Taken in a Literal Sense
  • Elegy, on Mr. Charterton
  • From A Poem on the Inhumanity of the Slave-Trade (1788)
  • [Introduction; condemnation of avarice]
  • From The Rural Lyre (1796)
  • The Genius of England, on the Rock of Ages, Recommending Order, Commerce and Union to the Britons
  • ROBERT BURNS (1 759--96)
  • From Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect (1786)
  • From Verses bj John Frederick Bryant (1787) Wanton Betty
  • A Song, Written for a Club of Convivials
  • On a Piece of Unwrought Pipe-clay
  • The Author on his Own Situation
  • From Morning [Daybreak; God revealed in nature]
  • (The rich and poor of Clifton; Ann Yearsley; conclusion]
  • GEORGE CAMPBELL ( 1761-1 818)
  • GAVIN WILSON (ft 1788)
  • From The Wrongs of Almoona, or the AJican!c Revenge (1788)
  • [Almoona's sufferings]
  • [D'Oiley's tactics for the defeat of Alphonsol
  • [D'Oiley applauds Almoona's discipline; conclusion]
  • JOHN WALKER (ft 1789)
  • From A Descriptive Poem on the Erni and Trade of Liverpool (1789)
  • [Introduction; history of trade in Liverpool]
  • [The Stone Deif; urban expansion)
  • [Colonel Banastre Tarleton]
  • [Defence of the slave tradel
  • ELIZABETH HANDS (1746--1815)
  • From The Death of Amnon and Other Poetical Pieces (1789)
  • [Dedicadonl
  • From The Death of Amnon
  • From Canto the
  • [Amnon's desire for his sister] 1
  • From Canto the Third
  • [Amnon's remorse after the rape]
  • A Poem, on the Supposition of an Advertisement Appearing in a Morning Paper, of the Publication of a Volume of Poems, by a Servant Maid
  • A Poem, on the Supposition of the Book Having Been Published and Read
  • The Favourite Swain
  • Written While the Author Sat on a Cock of Hay
  • Friendship. An Ode
  • On Reading Pope's Eloiza to Abelard
  • Written, Originally Extempore, on Seeing a Mad Heifer Run through the Village Where the Author Lives
  • Critical Fragments, on Some of the English Poets
  • DAVID SILLAR (1760--1830)
  • From Poems (1789)
  • Epistle to R. Burns
  • JkMES WHEELER (c. 1718--88)
  • ALEXANDER WILSON (1766--1813)
  • From Poems (1790)
  • From [Preface]
  • From Uournali
  • Morning. Scene, A Barn
  • Day-Break. Scene, The Town
  • To the Famishing Bard, From a Brother Skeleton
  • From Lochwinnoch. A Descriptive Poem [Scottish industry]
  • IThe rustic poet of Lochwinnoch]
  • ELIZABETH BRNTLEY (1767-1 839)
  • From Genuine Poetical Compositions, on Various Subjects
  • On Reading Mr. Pope's Poems, 1786
  • On the Abolition of the African Slave-Trade. July, 1789
  • From Poems (1821)
  • To the Redbreast
  • The Prospect of Plenty
  • JOHN LEARMONT (ft 1791-1 818)
  • From Poems: PastoraI Satirical, TraRic, and Comic (1791)
  • An Address to the Plebelans
  • From The Petition of the Journeymen Gardeners of Scotland
  • [The gardeners' labours and grievances]
  • [The gardeners' impact upon the landscape]
  • WILLIAM LANE (b. 1744)
  • From Cliffden (c. 1791--2)
  • [The agriculture, architecture, and poetry of Berkshire]
  • From Poems on Various Subjects
  • On Monopoly
  • On Independence
  • From Poems
  • To a Lady, Who had Indulged the Author with a Perusal of Burns's Poems
  • To a Young Lady; Who had Lent the Author Cowper's Translation of Madame Guion's Poems
  • To Miss W -ms, Whose Late Father (T. W ms, Esq. M. P.) had Procured the Author a Donation from the Literary Fund
  • On Mr. B d's Indulging the Author with his Company
  • From A Few Clusters of the Seveny-fiflh Vintage (1819)
  • From Some Cursory Remarks On the Life and Character of Solomon (The author and Robert Bloomfield compared with ['nobler geniuses']
  • JANET LITTLE (1 759--1 813)
  • From The Poetical Works of Janet Utile, The Scotch Milkmaid (1792)
  • On a Visit to Mr. Burns
  • Given to a Lady Who Asked Me to Write a Poem
  • Epistle to Nell, Wrote from Loudoun Castle
  • Nell's Answer
  • Another Epistle to Nell
  • Epistle to a Lady. November 1789
  • On Reading Lady Mary Montague and Mrs. Rowe's Letters
  • An Epistle to Mr. Robert Burns
  • A Poem on Contentment. Inscribed To Janet Nicol, A
  • Poor Old Wandering Woman, Who Lives By The Wall AtLoudoun
  • From Alonzo to Delia
  • From Delia to Alonzo
  • From Delia to AJonzo. Who had Sent Her a Slighting Epistle
  • To a Lady, Who Sent the Author Some Paper with a Reading of Sillar's Poems
  • ELLEN TAYLOR (ft 1792)
  • From Poems by Ellen 'Taylor, the Irish Cottager (1792)
  • On Seeing the Print of a Female Figure in a Weeping Attitude, Leaning on an Urn
  • This Poem Address'd to a Gentleman, who had Lent her Some Books
  • Written by the Barrow Side, Where She was Sent to Wash Linen
  • SAMUEL THOMSON (1766--1816)
  • From Poems on Dz[fè rent Subjects, Partfy in the Scottish Dialed (1793)
  • From New Poems on a Variety of Different Subjects (1799)
  • Acrosric--ro Damon
  • From November
  • THOMAS SPENCE (1750--1814)
  • Edmund Burke's Address to the Swinish Multitude
  • The Downfall of Feudal Tyranny, Severely Felt by
  • Moderns, Under the System of Landlord and Tenant
  • From Poems, Lyric and Pastoral
  • To Laudanum
  • Love's Eloquence. A Song
  • Solitude
  • The Parting, A Lyric Pastoral
  • To Ivor the Liberal, On Being Presented by Him with a Pair of Gloves. From the Welsh of Dafydd ap Gwilym
  • A Song Written in 1785, for the Use of a Little Select Society of Journey-men Masons
  • Ode, on Converting a Sword into a Pruning Hook
  • Poetic Triades, or Triades of Song
  • [Introductory letter by 'Porkulus']
  • A Descant on the Approaching Fast, in a Dialogue Between the King's Herald and a Free-thinker
  • JOHN FORSTER (ft 1797)
  • From Poems, Chiefly on Re4gious Subjects
  • (Robert Storry's Preface to the first edition]
  • Gratitude for a Plentiful Harvest
  • ROBERT ANDERSON (1770--1833)
  • The Soldier, a Fragment
  • Epistle I. To Robert Burns, Written and Sent to that Celebrated Scotch Bard a Few Weeks before his Death
  • Epistle II. To a Youthful Friend, with a Copy of Gregory's Legacy
  • To John Home Tooke Esq.
  • To a Redbreast, Which Visited the Author Daily for Some Months
  • Song. Lucy Gray of Allendale
  • From Ballads in the (Number/and Dialect (1805)
  • The Lass Abuin Thirty
  • Canny Cummerlan
  • From The Poetical Works of Robert Anderson (1820)
  • Care! Fair
  • Louisa, a Ballad
  • To Mrs. Charlotte Smith
  • WILLIAM GIFFORD (1756--1826)
  • Epistle to Peter Pindar (1800)
  • Prologue to The Satires of Persius (1817)
  • Notes
  • Glossary of Dialect Words
  • Thematic Index
  • Index of First Lines
  • Index of Titles.
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