Eighteenth-century English labouring-class poets. Volume I, 1700-1740 / edited by William Christmas.

London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016.
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Poets of labouring class origin were published in Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries. Some were popular and important in their day but few are available today. This is a collection of some of those poems from the 18th century.
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  • Contents of Volume I
  • Acknowledgements
  • General Editor's introduction
  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Note on the Text
  • EDWARD WARD (1667--1731)
  • From A Journej to He/k or, a Visit paid to the Devil. A Poem (1700)
  • The Preface
  • Part I. Canto I [The Poet Visits Hades]
  • Part I. Canto VI [The Physicians in Hades]
  • Part 11. Canto VI [The Poets in Hades]
  • Part IL Canto VII [The Printers and the Booksellers in
  • Hades]
  • From A Collection of Historical and State Poems, Sayrs, Songs, and Epigrams (1717)
  • The Character of a certain rattling Whig
  • The Tobacco Sot. An Epigram
  • Truth without Dissembling: or, A Merry Ballad on the Times
  • From The Delights of the Bottle: or, The Comp leaf Vintner (1720)
  • Canto II: The Compleat Vintner
  • Canto III: The Description of a Tavern
  • JANE HOLT (ft 1682?-1717)
  • A Fairj Tale Insøib'd, to the Honourable Mn. W___With other Poems (1717)
  • [A Fairy Tale] Sent with a pair of China Basons
  • To the Ilonourable Mrs. Egcrton on her Marriage, February the 16th, 1717
  • To Colin from a Masquerade
  • In the Habit of a Gipsy to the Right Honourable the LadyD--
  • To a Lady from the Country in 1709
  • On a Bird
  • To the Honourable Mrs. Skipwith from the Isle of Ely
  • A Letter to a Lady
  • To Mr. Wren my Valentine Six Year Old
  • HENRY NELSON (fl. 1725-29)
  • A Poem, In the Honour of the Antient and Loyal Socitey of the Journy-Men-Taylors, who are to Dine at the King's-Inns, on Monday the 25th Inst, Juy, 1726
  • Poem on the Procession of Journeymen Taylors, July the 28th, 1729
  • EDWARD CHICKEN (1698-1747)
  • The Collier's Wedding. A Poem [c1729]
  • ROBERT DODSLEY (1703-1764)
  • Servitude [1729]
  • Servitude
  • From A Muse in Livery: or, the Footman's Miscellany (1732)
  • [Dedication]
  • Effigies Authoris: or, the Mind of the Frontispiece
  • Ode
  • An Epistle to Stephen Duck
  • The Wish
  • The Footman. An Epistle to my Friend Mr. Wright
  • The Petition
  • An Epistle to my Friend J. B.
  • Religion. A Simile
  • Upon finding the two following lines transcrib'd by a Lady
  • The Guardian Angel
  • The Advice
  • An Epistle to my Friend Mr. H
  • An Epistle to Mr. Pope, Occasion d by his Essay on Man (1734)
  • ANONYMOUS (c. 1730)
  • Poem desptive of the Manners of the Clothiers, wiitten about the jear 1730
  • STEPHEN DUCK (1705?-56)
  • From Poems on Several Subjects, seventh edition (1730) Some Account of the Author's life
  • Poems on Several Subjects, first edition (1730)
  • The Shunamite
  • The Thresher's Labour
  • On Poverty
  • [Untitled Epistle]
  • From Poems on Several Occasions (1736) On Richmond Park, and Royal Gardens Occasion'd by a Dispute with a Lady
  • A Description of a Journey to Marlborough, Bath, Portsmouth, &c.
  • An Epigram
  • The Vision (1737)
  • Evey Man in his Own Way (1741)
  • JOHN BANCKS (1709-51)
  • From The Weaver's Miscellany: or, Poems On Several Subjects (1730)
  • The Introduction
  • To Mr. D. G. An Essay
  • Lycon. A Pastoral
  • The Happy Man. Made at a Friend's Desire
  • Damon. A Tale
  • A Resolution
  • To Delia, upon Thyrsis's leaving her
  • Taffy and Shonny. A Tale
  • To Delia, offended at his calling a Kiss no Favour
  • To Mr. John Winship at Greenwich, Excuse for not coming to see him
  • From Poems on Several Occasions: Consisting of Tales, Epistles, Songs,
  • Odes, Epigrams, and other Miscellaneous Pieces, upon subjects of
  • Humour, and Gallantry [1733]
  • Poetical Knighthood. An Epistle
  • A Caution to Critics
  • The Diurnal, An Epistle to Mr. B. G.
  • Fragment of an Ode to Boreas, made while the Author sold Books in an Alley
  • From Miscellaneous Works, in Verse and Prose (1738)
  • The Progress of Petitioning; in Three Epistles to Mr. Pope. To which is added, a Fourth Epistle, containing the Author's Picture
  • JOHN FRIZZLE (ft 1733)
  • An Irish Miller, to Mr. Stephen Duck
  • MARY MASTERS (1694?-1771)
  • From Poems on Several Occasion5 (1733)
  • To a Gentleman who questioned my being the Author of the foregoing Verses
  • On Beauty
  • Maria, in Affliction
  • A Journey from Otley to Wakefield
  • To Clemene, on her Birth-day
  • To my Self
  • The Vanity of Human Life
  • From Familiar L4ter.c and Poems on Several Occasions (1755)
  • Preface
  • On the Nativity of our Blessed Saviour
  • On Friendship
  • My Love describ'd to Camilla
  • The various Pursuits of Mankind. Hot B. i. Ode I. To Maecaenas
  • An Extempore Thought
  • On the Peace
  • To the Author of the Epistle to Mrs Masters and her Readers
  • Short Ejaculations
  • [Untitled I], from Letter XVIII, To [Untitled II], from Letter XVIII, To
  • PETER ARAM (1667-1735)
  • Studley-Park. A Poem (1733)
  • [Preface]
  • Studley-Park
  • ROBERT TATERSAL (fl. 1734-5)
  • From The Bricklajerr Miscellany: or, Poems on Several Subjects (1734) [Dedication]
  • To the New Year, 1733
  • On a Bee. Wrote Extempore, at the Request of some Scholars of Baleol College, Oxford
  • On Cambridge, A Panegyrick
  • That we should not regret our Misfortunes, but bear them with a calm and even Temper
  • To Death, 1733
  • To a Young Lady
  • To Stephen Duck, The famous Threshing Poet
  • The Bricklayers Labours
  • The Author's Wish
  • The BrickJayer Miscellany. The Second Part. Containing Poems on Several Subjects (1735)
  • The Introduction, to Mr. Stephen Duck To Mr. George Ba--bee, on the Death of his Paramour, Mrs. Jane He_I)?
  • Temperance
  • The Folly and Danger of immoderate Love
  • Fortune, as it is represented in the Fable of Cebes
  • To Mrs. M. S k, on her faithless Inconstancy
  • The Way of the World
  • The Humours of the Club of Bacchus
  • Elegy on a Bricklayer; written by himself
  • A Paraphrase on the 104th Psalm
  • MARY COLLIER (1688?-1762)
  • The Woman r Labour: An Epistle to Mr. Stephen Duck, in answer to his late Poem, called The Tbresher's Labour. To whith are added, The Three Wise Sentences, taken from The First Book of Esdras, Cb. iii. and IV(1739)
  • Advertisement
  • The Woman's Labour: To Mr. Stephen Duck The Three Wise Sentences, From the First Book of Esdras, Chap. III. and TV
  • From Poems, on Several Occasions (1762)
  • Some Remarks of the Author's Life drawn by herself An EpistoLary Answer To an Exciseman, Who doubted her being the Author of the Washerwoman's Labour
  • The Happy Husband, and the Old Batchelor. A Dialogue A Gentleman's Request to the Author on Reading The Happy Husband and the Old Batchelor
  • The First and Second Chapters of the First Book of Samuel Versified
  • An Elegy Upon Stephen Duck
  • An Elegy, on the much lamented Death of Norton Powlett Esq; Who departed this life at Petersfield June the 4th 1741
  • Spectator Vol. the Fifth. Numb. 375--Versified On the Marriage of George the Third. Wrote in the Seventy-Second Year of her Age
  • Notes
  • Thematic Index
  • Index of First Lines
  • Index of Titles.
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