Bermuda, 1833, Despatches, Offices and Individuals : Index; Financial document; Petition; Minutes; Address; Legal document; Acts and Legislation; Newspaper clipping; Correspondence 1833.

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Colonial Caribbean: Module 2
Summary note
  • Despatches from Governor Sir Stephen Remnant Chapman as well as letters from various 'offices' (Government departments and other organisations) and individuals on matters related to Bermuda. Despatches are described at item level: CO 37/94/1. Forwards a report by the Collector of Customs concerning the payment of expenses incurred for the prosecution of slaves. Bermuda, No. 21, Folios 3-9. 22/01/1834. CO 37/94/2. Forwards correspondence had with Tudor Tucker concerning his assumed rights as American Consul of acting as a notary public. Explains that for the past century and a half all notarial business had been conducted in the Secretary's office and the fees formed part of the incomes of the Governor and Secretary. Bermuda, No. 22, Folios 11-18. 23/01/1834. CO 37/94/3. Forwards the governor's speech given at the opening of the Legislature on 9 January and an 'An Act for the Abolition of Slavery in these Islands, in consideration of Compensation' as well as 'An Act to repeal the Laws exclusively applicable to free black and free coloured Persons, and extend to them the Laws applicable to white Persons -- and to fix the qualification for Jurors, Voters and Electors and candidates for certain Offices and places of trust'. Bermuda, No. 23, Folios 19-29. 07/02/1834. CO 37/94/4. Forwards and comments on the Blue Book for 1833 [Blue Book not included in volume]. Bermuda, No. 24 , Folios 30-37. 14/03/1834. CO 37/94/5. Forwards the Revenue and Expenditure Returns for 1833 [not included in volume]. Bermuda, No. 25, Folios 38-39. 14/03/1834. CO 37/94/6. Gives the quarterly report of officers in execution of their duties from 1 October to 31 December 1833. Bermuda, No. 26, Folio 40. 14/03/1834. CO 37/94/7. Gives the quarterly report of officers in execution of their duties from 1 January to 31 March 1834. Bermuda, No. 27, Folio 42. 05/04/1834. CO 37/94/8. Acknowledges despatch No 13 with the new seal and returns the old seal. Bermuda, No. 28, Folio 44. 14/04/1834. CO 37/94/9. Forwards correspondence and reports concerning four convicts, John Scotland, Tom Fough, John Ashford and Toby [no surname given], sent from the Leeward Islands for confinement on board the hulks unaccompanied by the proper legal documents. Bermuda, No. 29, Folios 46-67. 16/04/1834. CO 37/94/10. Forwards a memorial from Colonial Secretary Robert Kennedy complaining of the Council's refusal to reimburse him for advances made in 1829 for repairs of public buildings. Also encloses correspondence on the question and the motives of the Council for their decision. Explains that Kennedy made the advances without proper authority from funds in his charge as Colonial Secretary. Adds that Kennedy should be removed from his office as a member of Council. Also asks for clarification of the governor's right to vote in Council. Bermuda, No. 30, Folios 68-122. 23/05/1834. CO 37/94/11. Forwards information concerning the property of the deceased James Andrew Donnellan [Donnallan]. Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 123-130. 23/05/1834. CO 37/94/12. Forwards copies of the quarantine laws presently in force. Bermuda, No. 31, Folios 131-142. 06/06/1834. CO 37/94/13. Reports that no trace exists of a marriage certificate requested by Mr Tesenmeyer. Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 143-146. 25/06/1834. CO 37/94/14. Gives the quarterly report of officers in execution of their duties from 1 April to 30 June 1834. Bermuda, No. 32, Folio 147. 30/06/1834. CO 37/94/15. Reports sending four slaves to England under sentence of transportation. Listed are John Barrows, Joseph Brown, Jim White, and Ben Masters. Bermuda, No. 33, Folios 149-150. 30/06/1834. CO 37/94/16. Acknowledges the receipt of various despatches received between 1 July and 31 December 1833. Bermuda, No. 34, Folio 151. 01/07/1834. CO 37/94/17. Acknowledges the receipt of a circular despatch of 5 June announcing the appointment of Thomas Spring Rice as Secretary of State. Bermuda, No. 1, Folio 153. 04/08/1834. CO 37/94/18. Forwards a copy of his letter to Tudor Tucker concerning his appointment as American Consul. Bermuda, No. 2, Folios 155-156. 04/08/1834. CO 37/94/19. Abolition of slavery: forwards a petition from the House of Assembly noting that the method of allocating the compensation money would be 'injurious' to Bermuda. Bermuda, No. 3, Folios 159-163. 06/08/1834. CO 37/94/20. Forwards an application from Duncan Stewart for the office of Chief Justice, in case of vacancy. Bermuda, No. 4, Folios 164-166. 06/08/1834. CO 37/94/21. Asks for a settlement of the dispute between the Colonial Secretary and the Officers of Customs concerning whose duty it was to compile the information for the Blue Book. Bermuda, No. 5 Folios 167-170. 19/08/1834. CO 37/94/22. Forwards applications from the attorney general and solicitor general for the office of chief justice. Bermuda, No. 6, Folios 171-179. 21/08/1834. CO 37/94/23. Forwards an request from the House of Assembly to be supplied with the Blue Book statistical returns. Bermuda, No. 7, Folios 181-182. 03/09/1834. CO 37/94/24. Gives the quarterly report of officers in execution of their duties from 1 July to 30 September 1834. Bermuda, No. 8, Folio 185. 30/09/1834. CO 37/94/25. Reports the number of individuals, 'whites' and 'blacks', qualified under the new act for the elective or representative franchise. Bermuda, No. 9, Folios 187-192. 07/10/1834. CO 37/94/26. Forwards copies of twenty acts passed in the last session of the Legislature [not included in volume] with the attorney general's observations. Copied for Parliament, August 1836. Included are: No 1 An Act for the Abolition of Slavery in these Islands, in consideration of Compensation -- No 2 An Act to repeal the laws applicable to free black and free coloured persons, and extend to them the laws applicable to white persons -- and to fix the qualification for jurors, voters, and the electors and candidates for certain offices and places of trust -- No 3 An Act in addition to the Act to simplify and amend the mode of proceeding in the Court of General Assize -- No 4 An Act for attaching the money, goods, chattels, and debts of absent debtors -- No 5 An Act in addition to the Act as well for the relief of the poor as for putting out apprentices, and setting idle persons to work -- No 6 An Act for the protection of landlords -- No 7 An Act to amend the Acts relating to conveyance of real estates by women under coverture -- No 8 An Act to restrain and punish vagrancy -- No 9 An Act for raising a public revenue -- No 10 An Act still further to prolong an Act entitled an Act relative to the conviction of offenders transported to these Islands from Great Britain and other parts of His Majesty's Dominions -- No 11 An Act to repeal the Act to prevent Parish charges by poor persons removing from one Tribe to another and to make other enactments instead thereof -- No 12 An Act relative to certain duties imposed by former Acts of supply and appropriation -- No 13 An Act for consolidating and amending the laws relative to larceny and other offences connected therewith, and malicious injuries to property -- No 14 An Act for the establishment of a civil watch in these islands and to provide for an occasional increase of the constabulary force therein -- No 15 An Act to establish certain regulations for the performance of quarantines No 16 An Act to authorize the application of a sun of £28 16s 10d being the value of a certain portion of the Glebe of Sandys' and Southampton Parishes, which has been taken up for the use of the public roads -- to the improvement of the parsonage house on such Glebe -- No 17 An Act for regulating the sale of garden or farm productions and the establishment of markets in the towns of Hamilton and St. George -- No 18 An Act to amend an Act for the more effectual prevention of damage from persons passing over any wall, ditch, hedge or other inclosure -- No 19 An Act for preserving and recording certain wills in the Secretary's Office -- No 20 An Act for the regulation of the public gaols within these Islands. Bermuda, No. 10, Folios 193-199. 08/10/1834. CO 37/94/27. Forwards the governor's speech given at the closure of the Legislature on 9 September. Bermuda, No. 11, Folios 200-202. 08/10/1834. CO 37/94/28. Forwards letters of thanks from Chief Justice Thomas Butterfield and Attorney General John Harvey Darrell for their promotions. Bermuda, No. 12, Folios 203-206. 09/10/1834. CO 37/94/29.
  • Forwards a copy of the minutes of the proceedings of the Legislative Council from 9 January to 9 September [not included in volume, sent to the Colonial Office Library]. Bermuda, No. 13, Folio 209. 25/10/1834. CO 37/94/30. Forwards a copy of a journal of the votes and proceedings of the House of Assembly for 9 January to 9 September [not included in volume, sent to the Colonial Office Library]. Bermuda, No. 14, Folio 211. 25/10/1834. CO 37/94/31. Forwards a return of notarial fees received for the decade ending 31 December 1883. Notes that the governor's portion is £2237 14s and the
  • Colonial Secretaries portion is £2907 8s 9d. Complains of the American Consul illegally assuming the right of acting as Notary and depriving the Governor and Secretary of their emoluments. Bermuda, No. 15, Folios 213-219. 16/11/1834. CO 37/94/32. Forwards a petition from Deputy Assistant Commissary General Charles Swain asking for the remission of £30 penalty incurred by him for the importation of a slave, 11 year old Susannah, in 1830. Explains that his request was rejected by the House of Assembly. Bermuda, No. 16, Folios 221-233. 24/12/1834. CO 37/94/33. Gives the quarterly report of officers in execution of their duties from 1 October to 31 December 1834. Bermuda, No. 17, Folio 234. 31/12/1834. Correspondents and subjects are as follows: Offices: Commander in Chief (Ralph Higginbotham's claims to military honours as American Consul for the Leeward Islands, barrack accommodation) -- Board of Trade (opinion on Act relative to the conviction of offenders transported from Great Britain) -- Foreign Office (recognition of the United States consul) -- Home Office (recommendation of Jonathan Jackson for a free pardon, transportation of convicts) -- Board of Ordnance (barrack returns) -- Treasury (escheated property of 'alien' J W Douglas). Individuals: James Ewing (stipend for the Presbyterian minister) -- James Christie Esten (leave of absence) -- John Fesenmeyer (requests marriage certificate of Muss Shaw in order to recover some property) -- [Mrs] Mary Anne Harth (enquiry regarding the property of the late James Andrew Donnellan) -- Duncan Stewart (appointment of attorney general and advocate general).
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