Bermuda, 1834, Despatches, Offices and Individuals : Index; Memorandum; List; Address; Returns; Minutes; Financial document; Petition; Correspondence 1834.

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Colonial Caribbean: Module 2
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Despatches from Governor Major General Sir Stephen Chapman as well as letters from various government offices (departments) and individuals. Despatches are described at item level -- correspondence from offices and individuals is not. CO 37/95/1. Lists the despatches received from the Colonial Office which remained unanswered. Bermuda, No. 18, Folios 3-4. 01/01/1835. CO 37/95/2. Forwards a petition from John and Samuel Musson asking to be repaid £382 3s 7d which was paid by them in 1814 for quit rents and purchase money for a lot of land in Tuckers Town. Also encloses the colonial secretary's report on the subject. Bermuda, No. 19, Folios 5-22. 02/01/1835. CO 37/95/3. Reports that the military establishment is already too low to allow further reductions. In response to a circular despatch of 1 October. Bermuda, No. 20, Folios 24-25. 07/01/1835. CO 37/95/4. Reports transmitting a copy of the charge against Colonial Secretary Robert Kennedy concerning his administration of the Powder Fund. Notes that a reply had not yet been received. Bermuda, No. 21, Folios 26-27. 09/01/1835. CO 37/95/5. Reports on the case against Colonial Secretary Robert Kennedy concerning his administration of the Powder Fund. Encloses several documents concerning the matter. Bermuda, No. 22, Folios 28-171. 27/01/1835. CO 37/95/6. Explains why he, as governor, had not removed Colonial Secretary Robert Kennedy from his position. Bermuda, No. 23, Folios 172-173. 28/01/1835. CO 37/95/7. Forwards a copy of a letter from Colonial Secretary Robert Kennedy concerning the case against him. Bermuda, No. 24, Folios 174-189. 29/01/1835. CO 37/95/8. Acknowledges the receipt of a circular of 20 December announcing the appointment of the Earl of Aberdeen as Secretary of State. Bermuda, No. 1, Folios 190-191. 28/02/1835. CO 37/95/9. Reports the arrival of American merchant ship the Enterprize with 78 enslaved persons on board. Notes that the brig had stopped for repairs and food while on a trip from Alexandria, Virginia to Charleston, South Carolina. Encloses the reports of the Attorney General and Solicitor General and the minutes of the Privy Council on the case, with reference to the Abolition of Slavery Act. Explains that the enslaved persons were brought up by Habeas Corpus by which 72 claimed their freedom and six requested to return to the ship. Bermuda, No. 2, Folios 192-216. 28/02/1835. CO 37/95/10. Forwards a letter from the Attorney General complaining about reduction to £10 6s of the expenses for the prosecution of slaves who were condemned to the Crown after being imported into the colony in violation of the laws for the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Bermuda, No. 3, Folios 218-226. 02/03/1835. CO 37/95/11. Reports the departure for England of five convicts, under sentence of transportation, on board HMS Champion. The convicts are listed as Joe Bean, Sue, Abraham, John and Jim [no surnames given]. Bermuda, No. 4, Folios 227-228. 17/03/1835. CO 37/95/12. Reports that Captain Suttell is unknown in Bermuda. In response to Payne and Eddison's letter of 10 December. Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 229-232. 17/03/1835. CO 37/95/13. Quarterly report of officers in execution of their duties from 1 January to 31 March 1835. Bermuda, No. 5, Folio 233. 11/04/1835. CO 37/95/14. Forwards a letter from Colonial Secretary Robert Kennedy to Major Bogue requesting that, due to the governor's poor state of health, the despatches may be sent to him to be answered. Considers that, under the circumstances in which Kennedy is situated, his conduct is 'exceedingly indelicate'. Bermuda, No. 6, Folios 235-237. 18/04/1835. CO 37/95/15. Forwards correspondence with the colonial secretary concerning his objections to the compilation of the Blue Book. Bermuda, No. 7, Folios 241-256. 20/04/1835. CO 37/95/16. Forwards a medical certificate of the state of the governor's health. Notes the need to be removed from Bermuda. Also reports suspending Colonial Secretary Robert Kennedy from his seat in the Council due to a letter from the other members of Council stating they would resign their seats if Kennedy was made administrator of the government. Encloses the opinions of the Chief Justice and Attorney General concerning the measure. Bermuda, No. 8, Folios 257-265. 20/04/1835. CO 37/95/17. Refers to the preceding despatch. Encloses Robert Kennedy's letter on the subject of his suspension with the governor's reply. Bermuda, No. 9, Folios 267-273. 22/05/1835. CO 37/95/18. Forwards addresses received from both branches of the Legislature at the governor's departure. Bermuda, No. 10, Folios 275-285. 22/05/1835. CO 37/95/19. Refers to his despatch No 8 of 20 April. Reports his arrival in England. Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 289-291. 22/05/1835. CO 37/95/20. Reports the state of his health and the treatment he is under. Bermuda, Private, Folios 293-294. 31/05/1835. CO 37/95/21. Forwards a medical certificate of the state of his health. Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 295-296. 10/06/1835. CO 37/95/22. Forwards correspondence concerning Colonial Secretary Robert Kennedy's suspension. Includes detailed Colonial Office minutes on the case. Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 299-340. 22/07/1835. CO 37/95/23. Requests copies of various despatches and documents. Bermuda, unnumbered, Folio 341. 25/07/1835. CO 37/95/24. Governor's statement of the circumstances connected with the suspension of Robert Kennedy. Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 343-362. 30/08/1835. CO 37/95/25. Reports booking his passage from England to Bermuda. Bermuda, unnumbered, Folios 363-364. 16/10/1835. CO 37/95/26. Reports having set sail for Bermuda. Bermuda, unnumbered, Folio 365. 06/12/1835. Correspondents and subjects covered in offices and individuals are as follows Offices: Foreign Office (the non-recognition of Tudor Tucker as United States Consular Agent) -- Home Office (reception of convicts on board the hulks who arrived on the Sapphire ) -- Ordnance (Major General Sir Stephen Chapman's pay as Colonel of Engineers) -- Treasury (Chief Justice Esten's medical certificate and pension, expenses for prosecuting slaves, forms for making returns of imports and exports) -- War Office (explains that Governor Chapman is not on the staff). Individuals: Thomas Butterfield (applies for the Chief Justiceship) -- Cox and Co (Governor Chapman's salary certificate) -- James Christie Esten, Chief Justice (requests a retirement pension, sends a medical certificate, resigns his office, asks for his son to be appointed as attorney general) -- Mary Anne North (property left by her deceased brother James Andrew Donnellan which Attorney General Butterfield had taken possession) -- N W Oliver (forwards the memorial of Duncan Steward requesting to succeed Chief Justice Esten) -- Payne and Eddison (property left by the deceased Captain Suttell) -- Rev Anthony G Spencer (asks to be sent to another colony) -- Sir H Turner (explanation of expenses incurred on account of the public offices at Hamilton) -- J H Tucker (sends the proceedings of a Smith's Parish meeting) -- Joseph Todhunter (John Harvey Darrell's appointment as Attorney General) -- Jacob H Williams (rent of a property owned in Bermuda).
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