Bermuda, 1840, Despatches, Offices and Individuals : Correspondence; Legal document; Address; List; Proclamation; Acts and Legislation; Index 1840.

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Summary note
Despatches from Governor Lieutenant Colonel William Reid (August-December 1840) as well as letters from various offices [government departments and other organizations] and individuals which relate to matters in the governor's despatches in this volume and CO 37/103. Despatches are described at item level -- correspondence from offices and individuals is not. CO 37/104/1. Recommends sending out another company of sappers and miners to work on the fortifications. No. 44, folios 3-16. 09/08/1840. CO 37/104/2. Asks for the officer commanding the garrison to be given official instructions to assist with arms training for the dockyard civil workmen. No. 45, folios 16-23. 10/08/1840. CO 37/104/3. Forwards and recommends a petition from 46 merchants asking for Hamilton to be made a free port for bonding warehouses. No. 46, folios 24-31. 17/08/1840. CO 37/104/4. Forwards an address from the Assembly concerning petition of merchants for Hamilton to be made into a free port for bonding warehouses. No. 47, folios 32-39. 23/08/1840. CO 37/104/5. Forwards a requisition from the officer commanding the garrison for a decked garrison sailing boat. No. 48, folios 40-47. 24/08/1840. CO 37/104/6. Forwards a vote of the Assembly for the maintenance of the lighthouse. No. 49, folios 48-56. 31/08/1840. CO 37/104/7. Reports measures adopted for giving barrack accommodation to the 76th Regiment at Ireland Island. Explains that as Ireland Island was government property there were no privates houses available for officers to rent. No. 50, folios 57-62. 09/09/1840. CO 37/104/8. Forwards correspondence with the senior naval officer relative to placing sick soldiers in the naval hospital under the supervision of their own medical officers. No. 51, folios 63-69. 12/09/1840. CO 37/104/9. Requests a supply of silver coin. No. 52, folios 70-73. 25/09/1840. CO 37/104/10. Forwards a letter from Fitzroy Somerset, of the Horse Guards, relative to withdrawing troops from service in Jamaica. Refers to his various despatches suggesting the organization of a secondary means of defence within Bermuda. Explains that if his suggestions were carried out, regular troops might be spared for emergencies. No. 53, folios 74-85. 24/09/1840. CO 37/104/12. Governor's quarterly salary certificate. Unnumbered, folios 90-91. 01/10/1840. CO 37/104/13. Quarterly report of officers in execution of their duties. Listed are Governor Lieutenant Colonel William Reid, Chief Justice Thomas Butterfield, Colonial Secretary Robert Kennedy, and Attorney General J H Darrell. Unnumbered, folios 92-93. 01/10/1840. CO 37/104/14. Forwards a copy of the governor's speech given at the closing of the Legislature. Reports that 'perfect cordiality continues to exist between the different branches the Legislature'. No. 54, folios 94-100. 09/10/1840. CO 37/104/15. Suggests that convicts should be allowed to assist in public works, defrayed at the expense of the colony, to a limited extent and under certain restrictions. Explains that 20 of the 1015 convicts would be sufficient for deepening the entrance to the harbour of Hamilton. Adds that they could also be use to improve other harbours. No. 55, folios 101-108. 08/10/1840. CO 37/104/16. Sends £4 14s 6d in payment of three volumes of reports on appeal cases. Unnumbered, folios 109-111. 14/10/1840. CO 37/104/17. Forwards correspondence with the admiral concerning his refusal to allow military medical officers to attend to their sick soldiers in the naval hospital. No. 56, folios 114-129. 27/10/1840. CO 37/104/18. Reports the need to reform the way the Assembly's composition was limited by the qualification of members. Explains that there were nine parishes each sending four members whose qualifying property had to be in the particular parish they represented. Adds that according to the 1839 census the population was under 9000 which sometimes made it difficult to find properly qualified members. No. 57, folios 130-139. 09/11/1840. CO 37/104/19. Retired allowance return for the year ending 1 November (nil). Unnumbered, folios 140-141. 10/11/1840. CO 37/104/20. Return of officers absent on leave during the year ending 1 November. Listed is Senior Customs Searcher Rose D Fraser, on leave since 9 April. Unnumbered, folios 142-143. 10/11/1840. CO 37/104/21. Return of stipendiary magistrates. Lists Police magistrates Thomas Hall and John Fisher. Unnumbered, folios 144-145. 10/11/1840. CO 37/104/22. Forwards the journals of the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly, minutes of the Privy Council and thirteen acts of the Legislature passed during the last session [not included in volume]. Encloses the attorney general's report on the Acts. Acts include: No. 562 Public Gaols Act -- No. 563 Revenue Act -- No. 564 Poor Law -- No. 565 For Making Wills -- No. 566 Samuel Cobb's Annuity -- No. 567 Vaccination Act -- No. 568 Retail of Liquors Act -- No. 569 Police Act -- No. 570 Repeal of Powder Duties Act -- No. 571 Pilots Act -- No. 572 Valuation of Lands for Ordnance -- No. 573 Purchase of Land for a Public Building -- No. 574 Draining Marshes Act. No. 58, folios 146-161. 12/11/1840. CO 37/104/23. Forwards the attorney general's opinion on the disposal of the remainder of Wirtemberg native Thomas Hanser's estate (£112 7s 3d) which was being held in the Court of Chancery. No. 59, folios 162-170. 21/11/1840. CO 37/104/24. Forwards a schedule of despatches sent during the half year ending 31 December. Unnumbered, folios 171-174. 31/12/1840. Offices: Admiralty (property of Thomas Hanser, training dockyard workmen, gunboats, inability to find a boy from Greenwich hospital school to become the naval teacher in Bermuda, disapproval of the naval storekeepers conduct, organization of a boat flotilla) -- Commander in Chief (stationing of the 76th regiment in Bermuda and Nova Scotia, objections to proposed temporary discharge of local troops, hospital at Ireland Island, attendance of sick soldiers in the naval hospital by their own medical officers, arms training for dockyard workmen, barrack accommodation, proposed volunteer flotilla) -- Council (value of certain foreign coins, Hamilton as a free warehousing port) -- Board of Trade (Revenue Act approved, Pilot Law amendment) -- Foreign Office (mail for the governor) -- Home Office (inspection of invalided convicts before being returned to England, convict expenses, use of convict labour for public works) -- Law Office (Act 558 Larceny unobjectionable, Act 560 Lights and Eaves objectionable) -- Ordnance (barracks, military defence, military gardens, schoolmaster for militia school, instruction to local militia officers, signal post not disturbed by Ordnance, construction of military bells, arms training of dockyard workmen, clothing for local soldiers, proposed transfer of government house in St Georges to Ordnance, military hospital for Ireland Island, additional company of sappers and miners, increase of the garrison, bomb proof hospital accommodation) -- Treasury (supply of Commons journals, Mr Fraser's leave of absence, Act 561 Customs House approval, expense of the Customs establishment, proposed abolishment of shipping dues, requests plan and estimate for lighthouse construction, duties of Customs Department clerk and locker, Halifax and Bermuda mail contract, duties to be collected at sterling rate, value of foreign coin, provisions for sappers and miners, £300 worth of small coins to be sent from Jamaica, sailing boat for Ireland Island) -- War Office (clothing of military convicts, local recruits, money for recruits, height of local troops). Individuals: James Carroll (petition for the recovery of Mrs O'Bryan's property) -- Cox and Co (requests governor's service certificate) -- Joseph Ellender (claim for delivering despatches) -- Lord Foley (Rev William Murray's eligibility for a benefice, Rev Murray's petition) -- Joseph Liveday (fate of convict William Tibbet) -- Lieutenant Colonel McDonald (formation of a settlement of highlanders) [letter not included] -- S Spurr (remarks on Bermuda's affairs, amelioration of local pilots) -- Henry Tucker (grant of a free port) -- James Taylor (denial of justice to him due to a lack of jurors).
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